WE'RE ONE!!!! Phew!

We made it!

What a crazy couple of days it has been. And we are just beginning. The next few years (and for eternity!) are only going to be worse---but they will be even more fun, too!

The girls first Christmas was a success! They really enjoyed their gifts...er...actually the tissue paper, but that was expected. They didn't quite understand the "rip the paper to get the present" part. :) I'm sure they thought they'd get in trouble because I take away their books or magazines when they tear the pages. They are so smart! Tony's parents came over and we had dinner and opened presents. The girls had a great day. Happy First Christmas girls!

The next day my mom and oldest sister, Shaunie, flew into town. They had an interesting trip, to say the least. Their (20 minute delayed) flight left a snowy Idaho around 1:30PM, arrived with 10 minutes to spare before their already boarding connector in Utah. But when they got to the gate (5 minutes early) the flight attendant at the gate couldn't find a way to call the pilot to let them know to hold the plane and not take the walk-way thingy off...this took 10 minutes and she STILL couldn't figure it out! So they, and 7 other people from the previous flight, stood their helplessly while they watched their plane pull out and take off without them! So, they had to be put on standby for the next flight 2 hours later. When they complained about the dense F.A., their boss just defended her and said 'sorry'. That's all! Can you believe it? Well, the bad snow warning had gone into effect and all of the flights were delayed. They didn't get on the next flight but they got on the nearly 2 hour delayed plane that left at 10:50PM! What a horribly long and boring day in the airport. So they ended up getting here 9 hours later than schedueld. Unfortunately, they girlies decided they wanted give them a warm welcome...until 4AM....we were all a little tired the next day, as you can imagine. :S

So the next day was their first birthday! And I had so much left to do. However, we all woke up at 11AM--- so we got a really late start. Avery didn't wake up until 1PM. I still had to go to the store for dinner and cake ingredients, make them, clean the house, get the girls bathed and dressed and all by 6:30! Luckily Tony's mom went to the store for me (twice) and my mom and sister watched the girls and got them ready. Plus they helped me bake the cakes and Tony made dinner while we decorated them. Of course I had to do something elaborate...granted in the world of cakes it is very simple. And, yes, they could have just split one cake, but I wanted them to have their own, especially for their first one. I decided a vegan cake and frosting would be best since they technically won't be a year old until February. So I needed all of these specialty ingredients, which of course the store didn't have one of the things I needed, so I had to change my plans at the last second. I truly tried for weeks to get all the stuff and planned to have the cakes made the night before, but with all that was going on, I just didn't get to it. So, I ended up making them each a mini vegan cake with a round bottom layer frosted in a lilac color and the top layer was a smaller heart shape that was frosted pink. I made some white sugar paste and wrapped the cakes up like a gift with a bow and candle on top. It was different than what I had in mind, but turned out pretty cute. They each took about two or three tiny bites and were done. So they will be eating a tiny bit of cake every night for weeks! :) Or until it dries out, which they may already be. The got lots of fun gifts from everyone! It was a fun day and I can't believe it's all over! You just blink and times passes.

Thanks too all who thought of us on Christmas and their birthday! We love you G&G Schow, N&P LaPlaca, Reinhold Clan, Romero Posse, Aunt Shaunie, The Schow Duo, Gram and Gramps Great, Grammy V, Auntie Ti-Ti, Extended LaPlaca and Locatelli Fams and everyone else! We've had such a fabulous year. I can't wait for the next one! :)

Here are some pics:

Christmas card!!

The Cakes!

Ashleigh's first taste!

Avery is lovin it! (but she eats everything!)

Jordyn cautiously partaking...

All three looking to the eldest for the OK:

More fun...

My poor attempt at using up the leftover frosting on a cake for the adults. :(


Merry Almost to ALL!

Sorry I haven't updated in a while. Life has been crazy...as usual. That, and I didn't know what to post. :S

I swear I was gone just about every night for the past two weeks with church meetings, events, planning for the events, Christmas parties...etc. etc. But now we have a *slight* breather until Christmas---then it's the girls' first birthday! ('slight' meaning I am only busy half the week---on top of cleaning and decorating the house.) :)

I said I wasn't going to do a tree for our home this year after spending hundreds of hours on the Festival tree (which by the way went for approx. $450 to a local music big whig), but I couldn't NOT have a tree for the girls' first Christmas. SO---with our tight funds I bought a 4.5 ft. silver tinsel tree for around $20. I already had a bunch of decorations, so I didn't have to spend any extra money to decorate it, luckily! I finished that up today. I put it on the dining room table and wrapped the big tree skirt I already had around it. Our living room is fenced (for obvious reasons) so I didn't need to put the tree up high, but I did anyway to make the tiny tree seem taller than it actually is. :) I have to say---It turned out absolutely gorgeous! It looks like it's just dripping with diamonds and sparkle. I LOVE IT! It's a new tradition in our family. I hope it will be with us long after the girls are grown!

Speaking of new traditions, we have something special under our tree this year. I made it at a church enrichment night (activity just for women). It's a glass block with lights inside and a ribbon tied around it to look like a gift. It will always be under the tree in the center because it represents Jesus and the gift He was to us and that He is the 'Reason for the Season'. (I stole that idea from my friend Katy--I just fell in love with it!) It's so easy to get wrapped up in all the "extra-curriculars" this time of year and forget why we celebrate in the first place. So, now, everytime we look at the special glass present, we will be reminded of our Savior who was born, lived and died for us. Fabulous, right? :)

I hope everyone has an awesome Christmas! We have gotten to know so many friends, both old and new, and we have had such a great year. I can't wait for everyone to get to know the girls better after RSV season is over. I hate that we have to keep them sequestered for so long, even though I know it is for their own good. The next time people see them they will be so big. Most people haven't even seen them walk yet. But they are so cute and big and I just love every minute (ok, NEARLY every minute) I have with them. :)

Here are the pics of the tree and The Gift underneath.

Do you have any cool traditions? PLEASE tell me! I love to hear what other people do to celebrate. Maybe I'll steal one or two of them, if you let me :D


Festival of Trees

So this isn't triplet related, but I wanted to post some pictures of what I've been involved with for the past couple months. I was in charge of decorating a tree donated by my church for the Festival of Trees. If you don't know what that is, let me explain. Individuals, organizations, groups, businesses donated fully decorated trees to be auctioned off for charity. The charity this year is for helping homeless people get off the streets and get jobs and begin anew. So it's a really great cause. Anyway, I received donations for the ornaments and I bought them and put the tree together. I've pretty muched worked on it any free minute for the past two months and nobody is happier that I'm done than my husband. He's been extremely supportive and I couldn't have done it without him--but I know he's glad to have me back. :) I couldn't have completed this project without the help of some more wonderful people, either! Thank you to the Suggs ladies, Helen, Michele, Katy, Spring, Doris, Jennifer, my mom, my sisters, Barbara, Lynn Dee, Sandra, Linda, everyone who volunteered and members of the Sac 1st and 2nd wards. THANK YOU!!!!

The theme is "Let Music and Love Fill the Air"

I think it turned out really great..I am pleased!! Thanks again to everyone who contributed!!


Post Turkey Day AND 11 months tomorrow!

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving! We did! We are beyond grateful for our millions (and counting!) of blessings.

Jordyn and Avery had their first thanksgiving feast! They had turkey, sweet potatoes and apple sauce! I pureed the turkey myself! :) I was going to do the potatoes too, but I never got a chance to go to the store to get them. Oh well, it still worked. Jordyn LOVED it, which is good, because she is the pickier eater of the two. She loves veggies but doesn't really eat more than 2 bites of the fruits. Avery liked the taste of it, but she didn't like the texture and gagged a little on it. She kept wanting more, but once she had a bite she would make this horrible face. It was so funny. We are still working on getting Ashleigh to not gag and throw up when she eats pureed veggies or cereal. We are making some progress, though.

However, yesterday, Ashleigh said "mama"! To me! On command! It was so great. She is the first to say it on command, referring to me specifically. They are so smart. They "talk" to each other now a lot, too. And by talking, I mean screaming. If they hear one on the monitor, or when they first see each other after naps, they scream as if to say "oh hi!!" or "yay! my sister!". It is so awesome to see. They chase each other and giggle. And sometimes they push each other and beat each other up, but I'm sure they are curious and just want to play. :) It's truly amazing. Jordyn is becoming an independent walker. Avery is too, but really more of a runner. She walks just like she crawls---super fast! Her feet get ahead of her and she eats it HARD. But once she gets it, she will be outta here.

I am so proud of my girls and I'm proud of how Tony and I are doing. I think that we are pretty darn good parents. And we love our kids more than life. What more could a person ask for?

Ashleigh in her 'Sgiving outfit

Jordyn bein' a Turkey

(my camera battery died so no picture of Avery but she's on video)


One small step for man....

....and FIVE for Jordyn!!!

She took five steps all on her own this evening! That is the most EVER! Yay for Jordy! She is so walking within a month. She waves like a pro too. Now if we could only get her (and the other girls) to understand the word NO. Then we'd be set.

Poor Ashy. She is having a rough night. She has a bad cough, runny nose and I think her teeth are bothering her. She's been crying all night. It is now 1:30 AM and she's just fallen asleep
**i hope**. The big problem is that Jordyn has been awake the entire time too. And now that we are so far past bedtime, there is no tiredness in sight. For her anyway. Fun night and tomorrow for the mommy and daddy. Tony has to take his parents to the airport early tomorrow---of course, right? At least Avery went to bed at 8 and has stayed asleep--so far.

So yeah. No sleep. Again. I am seriously tired.


Teeth, Teeth and more Teeth!

Jordyn has one bottom tooth and one more coming. Avery has two bottom and a top one poking through. Ashleigh's first tooth popped through yesterday and her top two eye teeth are coming in. Weird.

Ash's cough has gotten worse so I took her to the doctor today. He listened to her breathe and she was wheezing and having a "reactive airway" as he put it. So, long and the short of it, asthma. He didn't say if it was permanent or something she'll outgrow. We have to get a little breathing apparatus for her. Shouldn't be too bad. I hope anyway.

The girls turned 9 months adjusted on the 5th which was Monday. I am so happy that they all crawled by then and all pull themselves up. That was kind of a little "marker" I set for the girls. I wanted them to be able to do certain things by then, and by golly! They did! They are so smart and beautiful and getting so big. I just marvel at them and the fact that I was chosen to be their mommy. Even though it seems surreal that I even have kids. I know they are mine, but it's almost like I'm babysitting for someone else. Albeit, 24/7!! :) But it's fun. And they truly are so good. Crazy... but good.


Three Peas

Here are a couple pictures of our first Halloween!

(and their gypsy mama)


Our Punkin'butt Ashleigh

Jordyn loves her MUMMY :)

Avery is our Lil' Devil--or is it vampire??

(notice the two tiny teeth)

Happy Birthday Grandpa Kenny!! We love you!



Wow. They're already 10 months old TODAY. It has gone so fast and yet been so long at the same time.

We went to the doctor for a check-up and all is well! Jordyn is 21lbs.10oz. and 28 1/4 inches, Ashleigh is 19lbs.2oz. and 26 1/2 inches, and Avery is bringing up the rear at 17lbs.5oz. and 26 3/4 inches long. They got their flue shots and did very well with that.

Jordyn and Avery are starting to test their limits--in every way imaginable!! Jordyn is starting to understand the word 'no' and Avery just smiles at you while doing exactly what she's not supposed to. They are both trying to stand and take steps on their own which is so fun and scary at the same time. Ashleigh has taken her first crawling steps and we are so proud of her advancements.

My parents came into town last wednesday and we went to a little place called Apple Hill. It's a bunch of apple orchards all in one big area. There were little craft booths, a pumpkin patch, an animal farm and every apple food imaginable. I had some apple strawberry rhubard pie and it was goooood. I bought some apple raspberry syrup and my mom made me some waffles with fresh raspberries and the syrup this morning and holy moly! so good.

I took some pictures this week---the first in a while so here is one:

go steelers!

I will try to get some more soon.

Halloween pictures to come too!


We've Been Overrun!

Oh Boy.

They've taken over. I knew it would happen...eventually...

Avery and Jordyn, who are expert crawlers now, have discovered there is more to the house than the living room. There's a kitchen, a bathroom, mommy and daddy's room and MANY MANY other bad things to play with. And they couldn't be happier about it. So now, we have a myriad of obstacles blocking off the living room from, well, the rest of the house (two full suitcases, a laundry basket, a big couch cushion, another basket and the single stroller to hold a couple of them in place.) Although, yesterday Avery and Jordyn pulled up on the laundry basket and after drumming on it for a while, worked together to push it, making enough space to escape. Luckily I got that on video. :) So. We ordered a large "play yard" as they call them these days (play pen, previously) and it will be here by the end of next week or earlier. It will be nice to be able to leave them for a moment to, oh, I dunno, go to the bathroom?! LOL It has been a hard couple of weeks with them wanting to move and go places, now that they actually can. And it was cute when I would be in the kitchen and I would look down to see my two little shadows trying to climb up my legs. Once Ashleigh can get it figured out, she will be worse than the other two combined at getting into things, I think. She is getting up on all fours and rocking in place. She puts her hands out to move and falls onto her tummy. It will happen so soon and I am a little scared. Adding one more baby makes a huge difference, believe it or not. But I am so excited for her to make those leaps and advancements.

Speaking of advancements....Jordyn spent the night at Grandma LaPlaca's house Sunday night (while that IS noteworthy, that's not the one I mean) and Avery found it necessary to replace her in our bed. As you know, Ave has done magnificently in the crib since we put her in there a few months ago. Well, she has been really naughty the last week and just screams when we put her in there. Normally she will fuss for a few seconds, then she is out until morning. Lately, we will put her to bed at 8pm or so and she will wake up at 10 and be up until 2 then wake up at 4, then 6 and that makes for a tired mommy and daddy. I just didn't know what her deal was, so when Jordy was gone, she wouldn't leave my side and had to sleep in my bed with me. Then, last night, she went to bed at 8 woke up at 9:30PM went back to bed at 10:30 and slept until 10:45 AM straight. And she has taken two 2-3hour naps today, like normal. Well, tonight, Tony was holding her after her nap and he said, "wait a second...hey! She has a TOOTH!!"

Our little tiny girl has a tooth!!! YAY for Avery!

No wonder she was so upset! She was cutting her first tooth, poor baby! It is just barely above the surface on the bottom left side. I tried taking a picture but they kept turning out blurry. She is also not the most steady subject, to put it mildly. But she seems to feel so much better. I can only assume that Ashy and Jordy are super close, too, because they have been very cranky lately.

Right now I am going to make some rice cereal for Ashleigh's first taste of solid food. Technically, second. We went out to eat at this great Italian place in town with Tony's Aunt and Uncle last week and the sweet owner lady gave the girls a huge bowl of cut up spaghetti noodles. They pretty much just put them in their mouths and spit them back out, but that counts! So now that Ash can sit up unassisted for long periods of time, I think she is ready. I am also giving the other two at least one meal of cereal and a veggie a day, so life is about to get even crazier---not to mention the three extra baths a day (at least)!! Oh boy.
So, as of this moment, that's our news.
Wish me luck!

Congrats to Buff and Rita :) What a beautiful wedding!

Thanks again to Uncle Frank and Aunt Betty for the dolls, dinner and a fun visit! Hope to see you again soon!


What An Amazing Couple Of Days...

Two days ago, JORDYN CRAWLED!!!! And there's no stopping her. We got it on video and once I figure out how to get it on my computer (without it crashing) I will post! :) She also found out she can pull herself up...on the couch, on my leg, the pillow...just about everything! And that's ALL she wants to do. It's so fun!

Then, yesterday, Avery was fussing in the crib after her nap and when I walked in the room, she was STANDING and holding on to the rail. 'Oh crap' I said. Then I ran and grabbed my camera. :) She got on her tummy, reached over to the bumper pad, pulled herself to her knees, reached up to the railing on the crib with one hand, then with the other, and POP! She is up. We are going to need a tent over the top or Avery will go 'splat'. We don't want that.

So, the cribs we ordered back in August won't be here until the end of October!! The END of OCTOBER????!!!! Jeepers. I needed at least one more crib, like, yesterday! I called a few weeks after I ordered them and they said they were on the delivery truck, but that the truck makes a lot of stops and takes a long time, and there was no way of knowing when they'd be here until the driver calls and says "i'm here." Wha?? So I called again yesterday and he told me the october thing. What I don't understand is why in the three times I called previously did they say they had NO idea when they would be here, but all of the sudden we have a time? He told me "yeah, we said it would be 6-10 weeks." Uh, ok...whatever. So we have to borrow a crib for a month so at least Ash or Jordy can get trained in one. Fun times.

Tomorrow is a big day in our house! The girls will be 9 months old (holy cow, really??) and Tony will be turning the big 3-0! How exciting! He is a little depressed about it, but I think it's a marvelous age. He's still a spring chicken!:) So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Tony and to my Babies!

We are headed to Tahoe on friday for a friend's wedding. It's going to be interesting...I don't know how the sleeping arrangment is going to work, but we'll figure it out :) It will be fun, though. Then when we get back Sunday, one of Tony's uncles and his wife will be in town and are coming over for a barbeque. Now I just have to figure out how to get all of us packed and then get the house ready for company in two days...that's including today. Yikes. And I am holding a sleeping baby. Tony is gone on business all day, so I'm not sure how I'm going to do it. Oh well. I guess if the house doesn't look great, it doesn't. What's important is family and spending time together. So I'm trying not to stress. I've got enough of that to deal with as it is! :P

Quick congratulations to a great friend with wonderful news! I am so excited for you!


Wow..Where'd September go?

It's almost half over for cryin' out loud!! Holy molys. The babies will be 9 months old in 2 weeks. I actually have to start thinking about their first birthdays. So crazy.
We celebrated our 4th anniversary yesterday and it feels like longer--But in a good way :) We are going to dinner and a show "jersey boys" next week and Tony is surprising me with some trip or something in the coming months, but he won't tell me when or where. Should be fun...I'm hard to surprise and so far, he has done a good job!

Avery is rocking on all fours so she should be full on crawling any moment. She does this thing where she sneaks over to the wicker garbage can, tips it over and crawls in, and proceeds to empty the entire contents onto the floor. Then she pulls up onto the bottom of the side table where Tony leaves the paper he's already read before putting it in the recycle bin and she pulls the papers off. We say her name several times for her to stop and she ignores the first couple, then will look at us and smile, pretend she is going in the opposite direction until she thinks we've forgotten, and climbs back up. She just laughs every time we tell her no, then we laugh and she thinks it's a game. Oh she is going to be trouble. Ashleigh has picked up on the garbage can game now, too. She is even sneakier. She so stealth about everything-- One minute she will be on the other side of the room playing with her toys and in a blink she is in the garbage can. She is complete mischief. Jordyn has learned how to push herself backwards from her tummy into the splits and pushes her body up with her arms to sit up. So funny. She can also balance on all fours for a moment then falls over, but if we put a magazine or some other forbidden paper object she would probably crawl. LOL. I would not be surprised if she pops a tooth at any moment. This teething thing seems to last FOREVER. Where are the teeth, already!? Jeepers. Avery's favorite thing to say is "DA-DA-DA-DA". It's so cute and she sounds like a toddler when she talks. She makes all sorts of cute grown up sounds. It's scary and sad at the same time too. She is still a great crib sleeper, even after the sickness setbacks. Speaking of which, the two more cribs we ordered should be here this or next week. I don't know where I'm going to put them, but it's time. Ashleigh needs to sleep through the night and Jordy needs a safe place to sleep. Our bed just isn't cutting it. She fell out the other day and it was just horrible. She recovered ok without any real damage (hopefully we can say the same thing in 10 years) but I may not recover if it happens again.

All is going great so far. I've got a tired and grumpy jordy on my lap so I'd better feed her and put her down for a nap (even if it's just her usual 30 minutes---it will help)


And so the cycle continues...

Just when things were going so smoothly, we get another set-back.

The girls are sick...again. Do all kids get sick this often, or is it just mine?? I took Ash to the doc yesterday and he said she just has a cold. Ave is starting to sneeze and get a runny nose and she had a low grade fever yesterday. Jordy is teething --making her just grumpy and restless all the time so if she gets it, it's not going to be fun.
We invited two couples over to watch a game today and both of them have babies (one of them is just under two months old) so I had to call them a let them know that the girls were sick. I would only want someone to do the same for us. Their husbands may still come, but they may not. bummer. It's in their best interest, though--we've gone to see people with sick children
(but were unaware until too late) and regretted not leaving because we were selfish or didn't want to offend people by saying "bye bye". Then the girls got sick and things are never good when that happens.

Hopefully this will pass quickly. It doesn't seem too bad {knock on wood}.

Avery is *this* close to crawling. She gets up on all fours, then collapses. She has, however, learned the 'military-style' tummy crawl. It's so cute. The other two will probably figure it out any day now.

Our house is getting smaller..LOL

Have a safe and happy Labor Day everyone!!


This about sums it up

This one's for Shannon and Shaunie. Love you!


I hate cookies

No, not the delicious edible kind, i LOVE those--perhaps too much....I'm talking about the stupid "virtual" kind. I am having cookie issues that prevent me from logging in here to post...it's driving me nuts. Actually, it's probably my computer. Nothing I can do about it. But I am working on pictures slowly but surely.

A few noteworthy events:

Ashleigh can now roll from her back to her tummy. I forced her to do it a few times through the crying on thursday the 23rd and later that day---she became a rolling machine and loves being on her tummy! Go figure.

Avery loves the crib. She has taken all of her naps in the crib and has slept every night in it too. She logs an average of 11+ hours a night----STRAIGHT!!! {{{doing the dance of joy}}}

Ashleigh has started sleeping for about 7hours and then back to sleep for about 2 or 3 more.

Jordyn decided it would be fun to go after Avery and grabbed her by the diaper, pulling for all she's worth, until she was fully exposing Avery's bum. I took a picture of it for documentation. :)

Tonight we had a record. All the babies were asleep, on their own, hopefully for the entire night, by 11:05PM. AND the bottles were washed. AND the garbage was out.

Whoopie for us! We are so super awesome, even if I do say so myself. :)
**tooting our own horn**


Hi Everyone

We are all doing so great here. Hope you are well!

Ashleigh slept ALL NIGHT last night!! Yippee!! She went to bed at 11PM and woke up for a bottle at 8:50AM. I am so proud of her! She is so addicted to her bottle I never thought she would make it an entire night without one--but she did it! I hope this is a start of a new trend!

We have been training Avery to sleep in the crib and she is doing amazingly well! We can put her in there once we notice her starting to get tired, and she falls asleep on her own. I give her a pacifier and a book or some toy and stand there for a bit then I sneak away once she starts being unable to keep her head up. It's great! We did, however, have to buy one of those little sensor mats for the crib because she likes to sleep on her face...and I mean FLAT on her face. Tony and I couldn't sleep at night with the fear that she wouldn't be able to breathe...so for our peace of mind the mat will sound an alarm if it doesn't detect the slightest movement for 20 seconds. It's working great so far! She is also getting really good at her sitting. She also slept from 10PM to 7AM last night. Yay for Avery!

Jordyn is doing so well with her sitting. She can sit for as long as she wants to and even longer than she wants to sometimes, LOL (laugh-out-loud). She will just start to cry and won't just lay down (i.e. fall over). She is still pretty stubborn about rolling. She is able to do it, but only when she wants to. Also, I put my hand under her belly and she got up on all fours, moved forward a little bit then pushed up onto her toes and tried to walk that way. It was really cute. So hopefully she will decide she wants to put the effort into crawling. She can be a bit lazy when it comes to 'working'. :) She'd much rather eat--all day and night if she could.

Tony and I are doing great, too. We are going out tomorrow night for our weekly 'dinner and a show' date. I so look forward to it. We are seeing 'Jekyll and Hyde'. I've never seen it, but I've heard some of the music from it (thanks to Donny) and it is so pretty. We have standing reservation at a restaurant near the theater so it makes it fun and easy.

Overall, it's been an awesome day! Now I'm off to make one of my favorite dinners---stuffed bell peppers. Yummy!


Update on the appointment

Things went great yesterday at the hospital. They all passed! woooohoooo!

I will fill you in on more of the details when I get the whole report next week sometime, but I think overall, they all scored within the normal range for their gestational age AND their chronological age! YAY!

Big relief. Ashleigh will need a little physical therapy for her low muscle tone, but that wasn't unexpected. Of course they were chatty kathy's ALL morning until we got to the hospital. They were nearly silent (except for crying spells from Jordy and Ash---I had to nurse Jordyn 2ce in the four hours we were there to calm her down). Go figure. We even talked to them all week about saving up for the appointment. I guess they've already started to ignore us. :)

Oh well. I couldn't be happier right now.


My computer is driving me CRAAAZZZYYYY!!!

I don't want to make excuses, but yeah. I guess I'm gonna. Let me explain.

I have a "hand-me-down" laptop that I "re-built" with XP pro. I also installed some additional memory and everything was great. Then one day I woke up and when I went to turn it on, I noticed the power cord looked severed. Great. How the crap did that happen...and I didn't notice it until then?...hmmm. So I ordered a new cord from ebay (probably my first mistake--or maybe second behind even attempting to do any of it myself) and it was working fine until a few days later the cord kept coming unplugged whenever it was moved or bumped...which was fine, I would just work off battery then plug it in when I was done to recharge. Well NOW the battery won't hold a charge and every time the plug comes out, my computer shuts off, usually in mid-sentence. So I haven't been able to reply to emails or update my blog or work on pictures because every time I try to type or move (with trips you move a lot...needless to say) my computer comes unplugged. I just get frustrated and usually my window to do those things has closed, so I give up. It has caused me more stress than the girls have. Although, Avery's feet jabbing me in the ribs right now aren't helping any. She's now in my lap and I have to do my FAVORITE thing...one-handed typing. I am so not patient when it comes to blogging...I just want to get it done FAST and when I have to do it with one hand it takes three times longer...at least. So---here's the latest: (well, since the last post, anyway...)

Some friends of ours, the Silcocks, came out from Idaho to visit a couple weeks ago. We took the girls and met them for dinner at Sizzler. It was good, but I'm glad it was noisy. The girls are getting harder to take out because they are getting more vocal and more mobile so they just was to be out and they want to eat your food instead of watching you eat it and they let you know their feelings. But they weren't too bad. Then I was able to go shopping on Saturday with Julie. Justin watched their kids (Shaeley Colby and Cal) and Tony and his mom watched Avery and Ashleigh and we took Jordyn with us. It was so much fun! I haven't gone shopping with one of my friends for seriously years!! I made her try on some fun and sometimes crazy things (well not THAT crazy---) She tried on a ruffly zebra striped silky blouse under a tan jacket...it was cute but just not her style---which is totally fine. I just wanted to see what it looked like. Clothes look so much better on someone her size. Anyhoo, she got some super cute things and more importantly I had a great time with her. So thanks Julie!

Then, that evening we had the opportunity to attend the wedding of our friends Scott and Stacy. It was a unique and very appropriate event--so beautiful and fun. Plus, it served two purposes-- we were able to celebrate their day with them and a few other friends AND we got a night out together. :) Thank you for including us! We wish you a lifetime of love and laughter!
The next day, my parents came into town. I feel like we hardly saw them, but we got to spend some great times together. We took them to the capitol building and on the grounds one day then we drove down to Santa Cruz and played on the boardwalk another. The girls loved their first trip to the beach! Thanks grandpa and grandma!

I think I mentioned that Jordyn had her first solids a couple weeks ago. A week later, Avery tried her hand at it. She LOVED it and wanted to do it herself (typical of her). She wasn't quite a natural at it as Jordyn was, but she is getting the hang of it. They have both tried rice cereal and green beans and love them. I have to make Jordyn's cereal with breast milk AND juice or else she gags on it. Avery isn't as picky. Most of it ends up dribbled out of her mouth and practically everywhere else...so it really isn't all that crucial to her. LOL! Ashleigh will probably try it this week sometime, but I just don't know if she is quite ready yet. She's a little tiny bit behind the other two, developmentally. But ya never know. She surprises us all the time.

We go back to the hospital on Wednesday to meet with the physical therapists. I can't believe the appointment is already here. We made it before the girls were even out of the hospital and now they are 6 months and 6 days past their due date. Crazy. But they'll check out their progress so far and just see if their are any deficiencies we need to address. I am pretty nervous actually. I just feel like I haven't done enough or pushed them to do enough...especially Ashleigh. But I am concerned about all of them. There are so many things to worry about with preemies and triplets...I just hope they will 'pass' all the tests :) Wish us luck! I will let you know how things go.

I know I have promised pictures for a while now...but I am going to try and do some tonight---if my computer doesn't shut off again.... ;) Just be patient with me! I'm trying!


Finally Posting :S

Sorry I'm behind. Story of our lives :)

For some reason my computer is wiggin' and on top of that I couldn't sign in to the blogger and the girls didn't allow me extra time to figure it out. I think I've got it working for the time being...

Okay, so: Last week on the 17th the girls had their 6 month check-ups and shots. Woo hoo. I LOVE when they get their shots. Soooo NOT. We get there, have to wait forever to get into the exam room and then the doc sends in two med students to do the entire exam (one taking notes) and then, an hour and a half later, the doc comes in and does HIS exam and THEN they finally got their shots. I'm sure you can imagine how happy they were at that point. (not to mention how happy I was). We got home from our 10AM appointment after noon and, of course, it takes days for them to recover from the shot's after-effects. Fevers, gas, canky's and all sorts of not fun stuff. Just two days ago Jordyn started feeling better. She's still not all that great. She is soooo restless at night and just cries and wants to eat constantly. So for that reason we have started SOLIDS!

Yes, that's right! Jordyn, our chunker baby, has started eating real food. Well, as real as runny rice mush can be. :) We gave it to her for the first time last night. She absolutely loved it and didn't want to stop. And is was smeared all over her face. (i will post the picture soon..i haven't had a chanc to download it). I wanted to wait until they were 6 months old from their due date (which was feb 5th---because their little systems are younger than their current age) but she just seemed ready. The doctor told us to start feeding them if we wanted, but, get this....he says "Oh yes, you can start feeding them breakfast, lunch, dinner, juice and 2 snacks a day, on top of the milk you are already giving them". Oh really, can I?? You want to come help me do it? Jeepers. I am just going to take it slowly and do things when I think they are ready. For instance, Jordyn is just eating rice cereal for dinner and sometimes, like today, she will have it for lunch too. I will probably start the other two on it next week. Then maybe the following week I will add some veggies and juice. I plan on making my own food so I guess I'd better get going on that! Don't misunderstand, I am way excited that they can eat, but I am a little hesitant about the extra work it will be for me. Selfish I know. But I am excited and it will be fun. Well, I've got a tired and hungry Jordyn in my arms so we're off to bed now.


A few things

Today has been really good and not so good.

Avery is rolling all over the place. Instead of crawling, rolling is her main form of transportation. It's so funny. I love to see it. She also just wants to stand instead of sit. They can all roll from tummy to back and have for a while now. Ashleigh can get up on her knees really well and can almost roll over---- but only when no one's watching. The minute we look at her she stops and has this 'guilty' look on her face, like, 'uh oh--they saw me!'. She is the 'undercover developer' (as we call her). One day she will just do something out of the blue. We fully expect to one day say something to her and she will spout out full sentences or something. haha. Jordyn just wants to lay, but she is the longest sitter. She has no interest in walking yet. She is only just 'thinking' about crawling right now.

That was the good part of the day.

So, I have wanted to cook this specific meal since I saw it on Rachel Ray a few months back (i watch the food network at night because it's the only thing NOT showing infomercials after midnight). I have been collecting the ingredients for a while now and finally got all of them today (well, Tony got them). I started the pasta boiling and I started to heat the pan with the EVOO (nod to rachel) for the ground beef. In the meantime I was looking for one specific ingredient and couldn't find it. It turns out that they didn't put it into the bag at the store. Oh well...no biggie. It was just allspice. We can do without. SO I went to put the hamburger in the pan and HOLY MOLY. I guess it got overheated and when I put the beef in, it splattered everywhere, but mostly on my hands and a little on my shin. I instantly started to blister on my knuckles. I am so dumb. But OWWWWWWW it hurt (and still does). This is the first real meal I've cooked since before the girls were born and I was so excited to finally do it. Guess I'm out of practice. I've kept ice on it for most of the night but when I went to pick Avery up of the couch, I rubbed the skin right of one of the big blisters. Crimenies...that hurt. So now I'm all gauzed and taped and every time I go to use my hands, it really hurts.

So that was my day. Fun huh? Tony has the girls all laughing. So at least it's a good ending :)


Doing Better

The girls are starting to feel better...thank heavens!!! They are still cranky and have low grade fevers, but miles better than it was. However, Tony caught some sort of bug---flu or some strain of the 'HFM' thing. He has had a high fever and chills and has just felt crummy for days. Poor guy. It's no fun having FOUR sick babies to take care of :) ...but it's got to be worse for them, so, I guess for that, I am grateful.

I am still working on getting 'the 4th' pictures ready. I will post them when I get a second :)

Thanks for all of the positive thoughts and messages! We are getting through it! Have a great day!


I've jinxed us....

Why did I have to say it??

We spent 4 hours last night in the ER with Avery----the only one I said HADN'T made a trip back to the hospital since the girls were born. Well, now all three have done it. I guess she felt left out or something....you know, 'the other two had mommy and daddy time'---so why shouldn't she? sheesh.

She started having this weird crying/grunting/breathing thing, a fever and had a whole bunch of mucous in her nose, mouth and she threw up a huge amount. There was so much that she wouldn't eat or anything. She was doing this inconsolably for about 45 minutes. Sunday she was ok, just a fever (along with the other two). Then, yesterday she had two big spells so we called the doctor to see what we should do. By the time we heard back, it was after office hours. He scheduled an appointment for this morning, but said that if she did it again to take her to the ER. Well, she did and we went. They took x-rays and they were clear, but she had rapid breathing (about 75 breaths per minute--normal is 40-50). They gave her a breathing treatment with albuterol (spell?) and it cleared her airway but she was still breathing rapidly. They didn't seem too concerned, though. Then when we were ready to leave, she spit up more mucous and I noticed there were some tiny streaks of blood in it. I showed the doc and he swabbed it to see if there was blood in it (I totally see CSI and wonder if the swab will turn purple when dripped with that chemical). He came back and said it didn't change colors but to keep an eye open for more. Huh...ok...thanks. They sent us home with a home nebulizer (spell?) in case she had any more spells and said it was just a respiratory virus. (The same thing they told us about Ashleigh when we took her 11 days ago and also the baby that was behind the curtain next to us---hmmm. suspect).

Well, we took her in to the appointment at the docs office this morning anyway. We took Jordyn too because she still had a fever. (Higher than what normally comes along with teething). He looked at both and said "They have 'hand, foot and mouth'." Oh great. I guess it's a common childhood illness that causes a fever, a rash and lesions on the throat that you usually only get once in your life. How did the ER doctor NOT see the sores on Avery's throat? Whatever. Our doc said that Ashleigh probably had it too and that they were all going to get worse before getting better. The only thing we can do it medicate them for fever and pain and make sure they get liquids. This is on top of teething. Joy of all joys. Why does everything have to happen all at once?? Oh well...hopefully it will be gone by next Monday like the doc said. That would be nice. I'm just glad Tony's mom retired on Friday so she can be here to help with my extra-needy babies. I haven't slept more than a couple hours a night in about a week. I'm so tired. Actually, fatigued is the word. Thankfully, I was able to lay down with Jordyn once and Avery once today for a total of about an hour and a half. It has made a huge difference. Now I hope I can just get a shower in..haha. funny.

On a brighter note, I am working on getting their 4th of July photos taken...however, getting three babies to smile and be cute and happy when they have fevers and sore throats is not an easy task. But, I have the rest of today to try...wish me luck!!



I am sitting here in absolute amazement. Where did the time go? Seriously....WHERE DID IT GO??? I really can't believe that it's been a half a year already. So much has happened and yet it feels like time stood still. Will the next six months go just as fast? Man...it's crazy but wonderful. I just look at my girls and wonder...where did my tiny babies go? We were so focused on them just gaining weight that I almost couldn't enjoy the miracle of their "little-ness". I was pulled in so many directions from getting them home from the hospital to providing food for them to keeping up with everything else that goes along with being a first time mother (or just a mother in general) that I couldn't enjoy the "now". I missed out on a lot of things--- a lot of "could-a', would-a', should-a's". I had so much help, but there are just some things you can't have help with. But, I did what I could and what was best for my girls at the time. I have totally enjoyed every minute and just savor everything and every second I have with them.

Jordyn sat by herself for about 30 seconds today. I almost cried. It was so cute. She kind of wobbled around in a circle and rested a little on her hands, but she did it. Granted she was on the changing table cushion, so it was probably a little easier, but it was the longest she's done it, yet. It's so fun but it's so hard to stop yourself from thinking "I can't wait until they (crawl, walk, talk) etc." It's wonderful and necessary to push them to do new things and develop new skills, but I have to remember to enjoy the stage they are in. SO that's my goal (at least one of them, ha ha).
Speaking of stages....we are teething! Whoopie. Jordyn and I have spent many of the last few nights awake and on the couch in the front room. Poor little honey. She has been so uncomfortable and restless. She chews on just about everything she can get her gums on, drools incessantly and she has been having a lot of tummy issues. Avery is grumpy, running a slight fever and refuses to sleep until she finally passes out and sleeps for five hours (she'd probably sleep longer if Jordyn's yelps didn't wake her up). Ashleigh hasn't yet developed many symptoms except extra drooling and chewing. It will be nice to have them do it in shifts instead of all at once. :)

We weighed the girls yesterday and Jordyn is 16lbs., Avery is 13lbs. and Ashleigh is 12lbs12oz. They are all gaining equally packing on a half a pound each since the last weigh in. Avery has more than quadrupled her birth weight and Jordyn is very close! Ashleigh is getting there fast since she has gained an amazing 4.5+ lbs in about 5 weeks or so. That's an entire Jordyn at her birth! It's just amazing. Tony and I commented yesterday that our little babies are starting to look like little girls! It's exciting and sad at the same time. But it's all good! Here's the proof:


So two out of three....

....have made trips back to the hospital...this month!! We came back from our Utah trip (sick, if you recall,) and we took Ashleigh for a doc's check-up the next day. She wasn't gaining weight so we had to start giving her a high calorie formula to supplement the breastmilk. Anyway, she had gained a pound in two weeks so that was good. Well, the next day we had to take Jordy in because she had been having a fever off and on for several days and just didn't seem like herself. The doc looked at her and said she had a double ear infection and possible strep throat. Poor baby. He gave us some antibiotic and we went home. Later that night Jordyn started wheezing, turning pale and getting sort of lethargic. It really scared me so we called the on call doc and he said to take her to the ER. So we hurried over. She had a really high fever but her breathing had returned to normal (of course). Don't get me wrong, that's a good thing. But it's like when your car makes a funny noise so you take it in to get checked, then it doesn't make the funny noise again, and they look at you like you made it up. That's how I felt. They wanted us to get x-rays of her chest anyway, just in case. I was the designated holder since Tony held Ashleigh when she had pneumonia back in March. Drat. I watched that one and it didn't look fun. So instead of sitting on the bike seat in a tube and holding her arms over her head like Ashleigh, I had to hold her flat on a table with her arms over her head in one hand and her thighs in the other. She is screaming and wriggling and I have small hands as it is. If she moves, they have to do it again. So I'm sure I'm bruising her, but I just want to get it over with. We did it in one try and it turned out that she had "possible pneumonia" in one corner of her lung. Add that to the list of other things she had already, poor little girl. She took her AB for 10 days and seemed to heal pretty quickly, luckily.
This past week, Ashleigh's cough (that she has had since the past pneumonia) seemed to be getting worse and she has been really congested. Then on Thursday she messed her diaper and I had to give her a bath (again) but I noticed she was really working on getting air. Her ribcage was concaving and her lips were a little purple. So, again, we called the doc and he said to take her to the ER. We had the same doc and nurse too, so they got to see another one of the triplets. Once again, she was fine when we got there. . .They even took x-rays and they turned out normal. (Tony got to hold her this time--back in the tube thing). The doc said it may be a viral respiratory infection. She seems to be doing fine, thankfully. Unfortunately, she will always be extra sensitive to lung issues since she was on the respirator in the NICU.

Today we all seem to be doing relatively well---thank heavens!!!

We hope the ER doesn't get to meet Avery or see any of us again. :)


It's amazing what you can do with one hand...

Seriously, my life for the past 5 and a half months (5 1/2???? I can't believe it!) has been lived with some sort of dexterous limitation. I type with one hand, I eat with one hand, I feed babies with one hand (usually two at the same time if giving bottles) I even use the restroom while holding, and usually nursing a baby! I'm sorry, but neither the baby nor my bladder can wait. Most of the time, since I'm right handed, I am using my left hand. Have you ever tried eating with your opposite hand? It's difficult...especially salad...but I'm actually getting relatively good at it. I can't even think of all the things I've done, but every time I am forced to do something I'm not used to, I think how amazing it is. But you just do it...you have to! I would never get anything done if I waited for the "easy way". For example, right now I am nursing a baby, eating a sandwich AND typing. There are even times when both hands are occupied and I have to use my toes to get things---burp cloths, pacifiers (man, those things can roll!), etc. I hope that doesn't sound too gross, but as a parent you have to do all sorts of things you never wanted to do.

When you are "forced" (I don't mean that in the negative sense) into a situation, like being a new mother, you get the opportunity to expand in ways you never thought possible. But I am grateful for those times because that's when growth occurs. I don't want to toot my own horn, but I think I've done rather well adjusting to this new and crazy and wonderful life. Yes, I have had a lot of help. But who's to say that's a sign of weakness? For me personally, accepting help is a very hard thing. I've had to take it with a smile when I did not want. But it was helpful and I grew from each experience. I KNOW I can't do this all by myself. I have been seriously blessed to have had so much help. Thank you to everyone for your help--from dinner to babysitting to prayers or even a positive word or thought. I couldn't have done it without you and I wouldn't be the person I am now and will continue to become.

Well, I'm off to multi-task...again! :)


Been a bit....

Sorry it's been a while since I last posted. We went out of town for 10 days and I haven't been able to get back into the swing of things--we are still pretty much packed...and it's been a week since we got home. Horrible--I know! But there just hasn't been enough time to get it all done and ALL 5 of us picked up colds---so that didn't help. There was even a pile of laundry on the bed in the babies' room to be put away when we left---so I started out in the hole. Ick. I hate unpacking and I hate putting away laundry. I'm a little obsessive about it too, unfortunately. So it takes me even longer to do it...and I procrastinate even more. See, I like everything to be separated by size. Not weird at all, right? Well, then I like them in order of the rainbow, starting with white, then white with patterns then into pink then red and so on---ROY G. BIV. It's crazy, I understand that. (I even do it in my own closet---except instead of order in size, it's long sleeves then 3/4 sleeves then short and so on--but always in rainbow order.) I like the babies to coordinate so I want them all in the same or coordinating outfits. It truly makes it so much easier when I'm looking for, say, the purple onseies. And if they are all together---viola! You are done! You have to remember, with multiples, you often have 3 (or more) of the same item, so it only makes sense to have them all together... Doesn't it?? I could be crazy, but I need some sense of order in this hectic life where everything is unpredictable. But for now I am buried. And it's a horrible feeling. Seriously, like I'm drowning. My house is in a bit of a mess and I just can't keep up. My husband does a wonderful job helping--especially with the dishes and the laundry. He keeps me somewhat sane--- so thank heavens for him! Someday I will have a clean house. People are always saying, "let me know if I can come help...maybe I can vacuum or dust for you". That is SOOOO nice of them to offer, but I just CANNOT let people dust my house for me. Especially people I know!! Too weird. Plus, that means that I would have to clean everything off so they could even GET to the dust! haha. I just have to accept the fact that for now, I am going to have to live in chaos. At least until the girls can take care of themselves...... :)


Mother's Day

I can't tell you how wonderful it was to experience my first mother's day.

It's been something I've looked forward to for years and always felt some degree of sadness over in the past, not having children yet. But finally, this year I am a mother. I have children!! Plural!! THREE babies! I still can't believe it and yet, it seems like it's been this way forever. It's crazy to think that it's nearly been a year since we found out we were expecting---and thinking how blessed we were to finally be pregnant (with, presumably, only ONE baby. LOL!) And now here we are at 5:3o AM. I just finished feeding Avery and Jordyn and am about to feed Ashleigh as soon as she wakes up. Avery now has the hiccups and both she and Jordyn have spit up all over themselves... and the couch.... and me. Of course, I was unprepared and without a burp cloth (I am typing this with one hand and one eye open, I'm sure you can understand) so I've been dabbing at both of their mouths with the only nearby item I could find---a teeny, tiny baby sock tucked inbetween the couch cushions that had been kicked off by one of them at some point yesterday. Let me just inform you, for future reference, that wiping up baby spitz with a baby sock is not really all that effective, but you probably already guessed that. Now both babies are crying and we all three smell like spit-up....

But I'm a mother and there's no greater calling or blessing on this earth. I am so grateful for my three tiny miracles.

Oh, and Avery finally giggled last night. It was a great ending to a long day. They got their 4 month shots the day before and all woke up with high fevers and were just cranky as could be---but who could blame them? The poor dears. So it was nice to see one of them smile for a change!


She finally got it out!

Two days ago, when I was changing her, Jordyn finally let out a real giggle!

They've all had moments where you go, "I think that was a laugh!", but they are so brief that you have to kind of convince yourself that's what it was. For example, when we were giving Ashleigh a bath the other day, she made a sound like a nervous laugh, but she wasn't really smiling. It was really cute, though.

Anyways, I went to pull the shirt over Jordyn's head and she just let out this giggle with a big gummy grin! I called Tony in to hear and I pretended to pull the shirt over her head again and she did it again! Yay! A new trick! We did this repeatedly until she no longer did it. :) It was so cute and so exciting to get real laughs, finally! Up until this point they all have been trying so hard to get their laughs out that they get hiccups EVERY time! I feel so bad for them. They are in cute moods and are so close to laughing then they get hiccups and get all mad. So now we will wait for the others to do a "real" laugh. I can't wait!

Jordyn learned another new trick this week! She rolled from her tummy to her back! They've all done it before, but they were on soft surfaces that were slighting angled so gravity would kind of do most of the work. But this time she was on a perfectly flat surface! I checked on her and she was on her tummy, then I went back in a few minutes later and she was on her back! Good job Jordyn!

I love all of the new little things they do each day. When we put them together, they interact more and more. It's so fun and rewarding to see them smile, talk and laugh with each other. What a fun job being a mom!

(smiley pictures from top are Jordyn then Ashleigh -with her first pony tail- then Avery)


they're ALL asleep!!

At the same time!!

Just wanted to note this.

Now I'm going to lay down too. :} It's been a long couple of days---wooo.


Target Trip

We had a good time at the 'ol target. We loaded up the car with our three car seats and threw the stroller in the back. It barely fits. Here's a pic of the girls in it on our first walk.

Just imagine circus music playing in the background---doot doot do-di-do-do doot doot doo dum---- 'cause that's what we are: a sideshow. Everyone feels the need to gawk and stoop down and touch. Ick. I just want to yell 'don't touch!!' but I restrain myself. I will never get why complete strangers think it's ok to touch you or your babies. It's the same when you are pregnant. People you don't even know come up to you and touch your stomach like it's public property. I feel like reaching over and slapping their hand away! But again, I don't. However, I do feel I have every right to. :) So, as you can see, we found really cute pink and black car seats. I just love them! Anyways, the sideshow rolled on through Target, of course having to stop every two seconds to say "yes...triplets!!" One girl even came over and looked inside each car seat and counted "One, two...three! Three babies!" No kiddin'??! Did she think we were just pushing around this huge stroller with empty car seats? I do not get it. And I kid you not, every other person asks, "boys or girls?"


Are you kidding? Yes, I dress my boys in pink and put them in pink car seats. Hello?!?!? One Target employee even said, as positive as could be, "Oh! All Boys!!" At least another employee elbowed her and said "no, they're girls ". I just smile and nod. Oh well. I guess I just have to get used to it--- 'cause it's never going to change.

But, truth be told, I wouldn't have it any other way. I love my girls!!


Aren't they gorgeous???

Ashleigh Noelle

Jordyn Alessa

Avery Bella

And it's a good thing they are, especially on days like these....

I feel like I've been feeding them all day long! Avery refuses to sleep and just cries because she's so tired. We finally get her to shut her eyes- and then 15 minutes later, she's wide awake. But you look at her and she will smile---then it's back to crying this pathetic, pitiful and adorable cry. Grrr. The other two have been pretty good, but when one acts up, it feels like they are all rebelling.

I planned to shower and take a nap today, but once again, that didn't happen. Actually, I did get an hour nap while I was feeding Jordyn earlier this evening, so that helped a little bit. Why is it always night time they pick to be stinkers? Hopefully we will all be able to sleep tonight, even if it has to be in the same bed! :)


We'll see how this works! :-}

Background: December 27th, 2006 I gave birth to triplet girls---Ashleigh Noelle-4lbs1oz, Jordyn Alessa-4lbs13oz and Avery Bella-3lbs5oz. Someday I will post a "catch-up" blog on how my pregnancy, the delivery and the first few months went, but for now I will just mention a little something wonderful that happened yesterday.

Up until yesterday, the girls have refused to acknowledge each other face to face. Of course, they hear each other, so once one cries, the others join in--but that's it as far as knowing the others even exist-if you can call it that. So yesterday after feeding the babies, Jordyn was propped up on the couch and Ashleigh was on my lap---both being very smiley and cute. I decided to turn Ash towards Jordyn just to see what would happen. I said to Jordyn, "This is your sister, Ashleigh." Jordyn looked at her and Ashleigh just stared back. Then Jordy busted out this huge smile and Ashleigh half grinned back! I was so excited! I called over to my husband, Tony, and we watched two of our three angels communicate for the first time. Jordyn continued to smile and then, to our astonishment, started to 'talk' to Ashleigh. Jordyn has started to talk in a series of sweet gurgles, oohs and ahhs. She was just jabbering on and on and Ash was just looking at her. Then Jordyn looked at me as if she were saying, "What's wrong with that girl? She won't talk to me!" Then she looked back at her and smiled again. It was the sweetest, most amazing moment. I cried because I just knew that they recognized each other and it marked the moment they truly became sisters and best friends for life. I can't wait for more moments like these to come.