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**Beach Babies**

We took the girls to the beach for the first time a couple of weeks ago. A long overdue trip! We are so close but it's *just* far enough to not be convenient. Does that make sense? And the water is chilly so you can't really swim...unless you are super brave. (steph? tj?) :) Not to mention the thought of one of the girls eating sand gave me the willies. But now they are old enough to enjoy it and I don't have to worry about sand-poisoning. (or something like that....) ;)

Tony had to go down to the Bay Area for an brief appointment one Saturday so I asked him if we could tag along to have a picnic on the beach. We had to be back in town by 2pm so it was just a quick down and back, but as you can see, we had SO much fun!! Waiting for the first wave on the toes....brrrr!!

In order of bravery: Ashleigh, bravest. Avery, sort of brave. Jordyn....chicken liver.
"BYE BYE, OCEAN!!" (Bay, technically)

Overdue Update

Oh my. I know it's been a looooooong time since I've 'officially' written in the blog. It's just been a looooooooong year. I know everything is supposed to make us stronger, but when you are going through it, you feel more like mush than steel. Oh well. I guess that just makes you appreciate the transition more, right??
rrrright... Well, here are a few things that have happened.... Probably most notably, Tony was on a business trip out of state and had appendicitis. He thought he just had food poisoning at first, but after he passed out in his hotel bathroom because of the pain, he figured it might be something more serious. He had to call 911 to get to the hospital, and after many hours and tests later, they sent him home because "everything looked normal". Well, after the pain meds wore off around 4AM, back to the hospital he went and a few short hours later he was on in the O.R. getting his appendix out. Thanks to the generosity of his "work family&…


Almost there....just gotta adjust the font colors, etc...

Man this is fun. And I'm being serious!

under construction

I forgot how to do a custom background. I keep coming up with ones that aren't wide enough.

More studying needed.

I wish I would just be able to remember what I've done in the past instead of trying to figure it out from scratch every time. grrrrz.