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Father's Day Continued.....

((Apparently you have to click on 'view full screen' to see the Father's Day thing I did for Tony. Sorry. Don't know what happened.))

I also wanted to pay tribute to my own father. He and my mom were recently here for three weeks or so to help us on the house. Words can't express my gratitude to both of them for their manual labor (yes, watching the girls is manual labor, me...)

We were able to do SOOO much thanks to my parents. We would have been lost had they not come to help us get the house ready and watch the kids. Every time I go to the "new house" to work, they say "help sampa (grandpa) clean?"---they still think Grandpa is over there, haha. too cute. I just say yes, because they don't get that 'Idaho' is a LOT further away...oh well. When we take them over there for the first time, we might have some explaining to We love you guys and can't wait for you to come back soon!

Here is a really cute video of…

Happy Father's Day, Tony!!

Such Bad Little Girls....



Why do my children have to be SO NAUGHTY??? Is it because there are three of them vying for the same attention? Do they feel that have to out-naughty the other two sisters?? I'm completely convinced that multiples get into more mischief than singletons. Maybe this is an exaggeration, but seriously, people with multiples, is this what you have found too???

Everyday, they are getting into something they shouldn't. I mean, they ARE two years old, and we always hear about "the terrible two's"...but really?? It's not just messing up things---which they do plenty of---it's destroying things. Or getting into things that could literally kill them. The other day, Ashleigh had climbed up the cabinets, got a butcher knife out of the open drawer and had it in her hand when I walked in the room! The latch went on the next day.

We can't have nice books with any sort of pop up or texture or even paper pages---they are gone in two seconds. They eve…

"Is that....paint?!?"

"Why, yes! Yes, that IS paint!"
(A gallon of paint, to be exact. And, yes, that is my car. The driver's seat, actually.)

That was my response to the nosey man, with a 6 year old child in tow, who was in line ahead of me at the car detailer. It's as if NO ONE has ever seen a little paint spilled before....
It's just paint people, keep walkin'! :)

As you can imagine, I drew a crowd.

It all started when I was on my way back to Lowe's (with offending paint can on the floor behind my seat) to buy a few more supplies, including a small tube of blue paint to be used to tint the paint that was currently still in it's can. I only had an hour until the girls got up from their naps and had to relieve my mother-in-law from her kid-watching-post, so I knew I had to be super duper fast. I was just about to the off-ramp when four cars in front of me all slammed on their breaks, of course causing me to slam on my brakes. It was enough to lay some rubber down, I can tell …

The 2nd Phase

See a couple post-demolition shots here!

I know--post overload!

Just wanted to let you all know that I've posted "The Before's" on the other blog.


10,000 VISITORS?!?!

WOW! Thanks everyone for all the visits! I feel sad I missed my actual 10,000th visit, but blogger was being dumb...again....

Thanks again, one and all!!!

::Two Kinds of STRESS::

I've decided that there are two kinds of stress in life:

1. The "WORRY" stress. This is the 'life and death' kind of stress. The kind that truly scares you.
My pregnancy/kids' births/infancy(toddlerhood, etc etc etc) falls under this category. I can say that that was the most stressful "worry-stress" moment of my life; and I have a feeling that will never go away.


2. The "PRESSURE" stress. This is the stress you feel when needing to complete a certain task or accomplish any kind of goal or something like that.

This is the kind of stress I'm going through now.

I have never had more "pressure-stress" than I have right at this moment.

I came upon this theory in the shower today (I so needed a moment to take a break from everything. The girls were finally asleep. I took about a 20 minute nap and then a long 40 minute, much needed, shower.) I thought for a moment "This is the most stressful moment of my life." Then I …

Blogger Bugs

Sometimes I hate blogger---- it randomly doesn't let me sign in!!

I've been trying for over a week to do a post, and it wouldn't let me! It would just process and process then say "this page cannot be displayed..blah blah". Grr!

But it's working today, finally! I am working on a few posts so check back on both blogs soon for updates with the girls and on the house.

Thanks for everyone who voted in the poll! I think I will post both since that's what the majority suggested. So, thanks again!

Have a great Monday!!