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Happy 2nd b-day, BLOGGY!

I forget that we have the same birthday, my little blog!

I am sorry I neglect you...often....but I will try to be better! I promise!

We've shared laughter, tears and we've even had a fight or two.

But, I LOVE YA, BLOG! Even if I don't always show it....

It's Official!!!

WE'RE MOVING!!!!!!!!

Woohoooo! It's been something we've been working on for six months now, but we are now getting to the point where it's a reality and we can share our secret with everyone! It's been killing me to keep quiet until we were really sure it was happening. :)

We are remodeling a three bedroom house in the same area we are currently living. Actually, it is Tony's childhood home. It will be fun to breath new life into this home and make it 'ours'. Tony will have his own enclosed office, the girls will have a large playroom, I will have my own small craft/sewing area, lots of little perks like a walk-in pantry and most importantly---a backyard for the girls!!!

I've been dreaming of decorating or building a house since I was a little girl. I will say that it is a lot more stressful than I ever expected it to be. I don't want that to sound ungrateful or snotty, because I am so so soooo appreciative for this opportunity. But there is so m…


I'm having a rough one today.

My throat hurts from screaming at my children.

Yes, screaming. Judge away, if you must. I don't care.

I'm sure most of you have more control than I do, but I've reached my breaking point.

I repeatedly told my children to stay away from the blinds and the curtains but they just won't listen. Apparently while I was out of the room trying to get something accomplished, they found a marker under the couch and proceded to draw on the blinds, window, couch, lamp shade, pillows, couch again, their outfits, hands and finally their faces.

I was too enraged to take pictures, and I'm sure I'll regret that.

So much to do and I can't do anything. I'm so frustrated and sick of all of it. I love my children, but I'm going insane.

An honest post from me.

SO out of the loop.....

I've been unable to be on the blog for almost two months and I feel so disconnected from everyone and the world around me! Sadly, this is how I communicate with a lot of people and it's killing me! Not to mention it's probably going to take hours to back-read everyone's blogs! (IF YOU ARE NOT ON MY BLOGROLL TO THE RIGHT---PLEEEEEEAAAAAASE GIVE ME YOUR BLOG ADDRESS!! I AM MISSING A LOT OF BLOGS AND I MISS YOU!!)

Life has been unbelievably crazy and it is only the beginning of the craziness. You probably won't hear from me again for a while, but I'm going to try and post some pics of our recent trip to Utah. (We just got back last night, so give me some time to get reorganized and my pics downloaded) :)
It was so great to see family and friends. Thanks to everyone for helping out and spending time with us. We loved every minute!!