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Take a flying leap....

'Cause it's leap day! ha!

My first as a mother, making it my children's first, too! (obviously)
I wanted to do something fun for it, but I couldn't figure out anything appropriate. The closest thing was Avery jumping off the couch--head first, of course. I caught her within millimeters of hitting and said to her "I know it's leap day and all, but that's getting a bit rediculous!". And, as if she understood, laughed---as her crazy self always does when she does something crazy. Granted, it's only a foot to fall and it's not like she hasn't done it before! I think she was just a few months old the first time, haha. I'm such a great mother. Oh well...that's life for me.

Speaking of my life, my girls are sick again. We've been so fortunate to make it all winter without illness (sort'll understand if you've read any previous posts). I am currently wrestling Jordyn, who was sound asleep until she coughed and cried hersel…