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Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you!

My blog is a year old!! I can't believe it! I've had such a fun time blogging, even though I am not that great at doing it regularly... :S

I know I've mentioned it before, but I'm working on a new background/layout for the blog and it's coming along. I just want to do a couple more things and tweak in here and there before publishing it.

I am going to do some 'retro' posts in the coming weeks so keep checking for some fun new things!

Update on my Mother In Law and Etc....

Thanks for all of the well wishes and support and prayers for Tony's mother. She was sent home from the hospital last week and she continues to re-gain her strength every day. We are so blessed to have caught everything so quickly that permanent damages will be very minimal. We've missed having her around for the last few weeks. But we are so glad she is doing so well! (In case you missed the scoop, you can read my previous blog post to find out).

Today we moved Ashleigh and Avery into the same bedroom. Yikes. They were really not happy. They spent the better part of 2 hours crying. No, make that SCREAMING. Avery managed to sleep about 40-45 minutes through Ash's constant protesting. We are pretty sure they called their lawyers. So...we are not their favorite people right now, and I can understand why. Avery has been alone nearly a year so having a new roommate kinda throws a wrench into things. Ashleigh has never liked change, so we knew for sure she would hate it. We just…

15 Month Docs Appointment

We went to the doctor today to get one of the last immunizations this year (one more to come). Nothing special to report, but they recognized where we were the second we walked in... and cried. They refused to get measured and weighed so we had to do something horrible---I had to get on the scale with them!! The horror! Just Kiddin. The number on the scale doesn't really scare me...I might not like it, but it's alright. Here are the stats:

Ashleigh Noelle: 23.5 lbs. and 30.5 inches, her head circumference/growth is normal this time(thank heavens!!)

Jordyn Alessa: 26 lbs. and 33 inches

Avery Bella: 20.5 lbs. and 29 inches

We had a bad night last night. Just like old times, I guess. It's been a steady build up the past few nights, but it culminated in a 2AM bedtime last night and we had an early doctors appointment, of course! They have been sleepy and a little grumpy today, so I'm sure it's a combo of the shot and the sleepies.

Our friend Rachel came with Tony and I to t…

Veni, Vidi, Vici!

I came, I saw, I conquered!

Well, I'm working on the conquering part.

We all need to toot our own horns occasionally, so I am going to take a brief moment to do so.

I know that whenever I get anything done, it makes me motivated to something else. Do you feel that way too? It's like the momentum takes over and you just start rolling! I usually roll right into a brick wall (i.e. children, etc.) And we, as parents, don't get the praise we should sometimes because it's just expected we do 'stuff'. Well, I have pretty much just made sure no one died in the past 15.5 months and the effects on my house are very evident. I like to be neat and organized. I hate clutter. Well, I've been living in massive amounts of clutter and it's just overwhelming and depressing, but it's not like I'm ignoring it on purpose. I make a small dent and it gets covered up 2 seconds later. Can I tell you how sick I am of filling the toy bin to just have the girls think I did it…

Belated Easter Greetings

I know, I know....Two posts, two days in a row. It's a miracle! Just kiddin'.

I figured since Easter came early this year, I would just post our Easter pics late to balance it all out. Fair enough, right?

My mom made the girls cute little dresses and I decided since it was so nice outside I would try to take some 'nature shots'. Well, as you can see, it didn't go as planned....But I got some pretty cute pictures anyway.

Jordyn Avery

I took some inside later.

Then later that night the girls tried on the bunny ears they got as presents. They didn't really love those either, but we got a couple cute blurry shots of them. I think they're cute, anyway.

Here is our second attempt at a family photo. The first one was so bad... I don't even want to think about it. (Note to myself and everyone reading: Photos taken at an up angle are NOT flattering. On…

New Tricks

So Avery woke up from her nap one day and I could hear her on the moniter playing and giggling as usual. I never run and get them when they wake up because I want them to be comfortable in their crib and enjoy having their alone time. That doesn't happen very often around here. :) So I hear her start to cry a little and went in to get her. When I reach to pick her up, I feel that she is SOAKED! I mean head-to-toe-soaked. I looked down at the mattress while holding her far away from me and notice the sheet is completely drenched. I am thinking to myself, "She never wets this much, especially after just a nap....weird". So I hurry her to the front room and start to change her. As I un-snap her pj's and notice only one side of her diaper is still attached!! She must have somehow reached through the gaps in the snaps of her pajamas and un-stuck one side of her diaper. Who knows how long it had been like this. Apparently a while, since she had wet everything in sight, fre…