Belated Easter Greetings

I know, I know....Two posts, two days in a row. It's a miracle! Just kiddin'.

I figured since Easter came early this year, I would just post our Easter pics late to balance it all out. Fair enough, right?

My mom made the girls cute little dresses and I decided since it was so nice outside I would try to take some 'nature shots'. Well, as you can see, it didn't go as planned....But I got some pretty cute pictures anyway.




I took some inside later.

Then later that night the girls tried on the bunny ears they got as presents. They didn't really love those either, but we got a couple cute blurry shots of them. I think they're cute, anyway.

Here is our second attempt at a family photo. The first one was so bad... I don't even want to think about it. (Note to myself and everyone reading: Photos taken at an up angle are NOT flattering. On ANYONE. Just watch ANTM. Tyra tells us that every week! We did not listen.) So here is our next attempt. Trust me, it was the best one of the bunch. That's not saying much.

Is everyone happy?? I finally posted pictures!!! There. I'm good for a while now :)


April said…
lol SO CUTE... adn I totally understand the natural shots :) Thind is, when I tell me son to smile now he give me a HUGE FAKE grin.....ugh
Katie said…
Such a cute family! You are one hot mama!
Eagar Fam said…
Yes, Tyra would be telling you, "to study your faces in the mirror, and know your angles. An upward shot is never good." But you guys look so cute!

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