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Mother's Day

I can't tell you how wonderful it was to experience my first mother's day.

It's been something I've looked forward to for years and always felt some degree of sadness over in the past, not having children yet. But finally, this year I am a mother. I have children!! Plural!! THREE babies! I still can't believe it and yet, it seems like it's been this way forever. It's crazy to think that it's nearly been a year since we found out we were expecting---and thinking how blessed we were to finally be pregnant (with, presumably, only ONE baby. LOL!) And now here we are at 5:3o AM. I just finished feeding Avery and Jordyn and am about to feed Ashleigh as soon as she wakes up. Avery now has the hiccups and both she and Jordyn have spit up all over themselves... and the couch.... and me. Of course, I was unprepared and without a burp cloth (I am typing this with one hand and one eye open, I'm sure you can understand) so I've been dabbing at both of their m…

She finally got it out!

Two days ago, when I was changing her, Jordyn finally let out a real giggle!

They've all had moments where you go, "I think that was a laugh!", but they are so brief that you have to kind of convince yourself that's what it was. For example, when we were giving Ashleigh a bath the other day, she made a sound like a nervous laugh, but she wasn't really smiling. It was really cute, though.

Anyways, I went to pull the shirt over Jordyn's head and she just let out this giggle with a big gummy grin! I called Tony in to hear and I pretended to pull the shirt over her head again and she did it again! Yay! A new trick! We did this repeatedly until she no longer did it. :) It was so cute and so exciting to get real laughs, finally! Up until this point they all have been trying so hard to get their laughs out that they get hiccups EVERY time! I feel so bad for them. They are in cute moods and are so close to laughing then they get hiccups and get all mad. So now we will …

they're ALL asleep!!

At the same time!!

Just wanted to note this.

Now I'm going to lay down too. :} It's been a long couple of days---wooo.

Target Trip

We had a good time at the 'ol target. We loaded up the car with our three car seats and threw the stroller in the back. It barely fits. Here's a pic of the girls in it on our first walk.

Just imagine circus music playing in the background---doot doot do-di-do-do doot doot doo dum---- 'cause that's what we are: a sideshow. Everyone feels the need to gawk and stoop down and touch. Ick. I just want to yell 'don't touch!!' but I restrain myself. I will never get why complete strangers think it's ok to touch you or your babies. It's the same when you are pregnant. People you don't even know come up to you and touch your stomach like it's public property. I feel like reaching over and slapping their hand away! But again, I don't. However, I do feel I have every right to. :) So, as you can see, we found really cute pink and black car seats. I just love them! Anyways, the sideshow rolled on through Target, of course having to stop every two secon…