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FALL 2008



Or, more correctly, Because I Love HER!!

My husband is so amazing. He took me out for a once in a lifetime, wonderful night--- including a fabulous fancy dinner and, yes, I am almost not believing it, he took me to see CELINE!!!

I have waited since...well...forever for that. In fact, I didn't believe I would EVER be able to see her in concert. I wanted to see her in Las Vegas so badly, but the timing was just bad and when her show ended there, I thought for sure that I had missed my chance.

Last Christmas my husband put a surprise in my stocking. I could see it poking out for weeks, but he WOULD NOT let me open it. He wouldn't really even give me clues as to what it was! But when I opened it, I didn't believe what I saw! It was the receipt for tickets to see Celine Dion! And she was coming here to town!---albeit it was in October of '08! He had purchased them as soon as he heard she was coming and planned my surprise for weeks and weeks. The near-year waiting for the conc…