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Be My Valentine

For Valentine's Day (weekend) we had the chance to see Disney On Ice "Worlds of Fantasy" with some friends who were kind enough to share their tickets with us. They had a suite to use and it was soooo awesome! I can't imagine trying to keep the girls in regular seats that long. They were able to roam around and they ate their weight in popcorn! It was a fantastic treat!

Then later Saturday night, Tony surprised me with a dinner out. It was a new place neither of us had been called "Pearl". It's situated on the river and you can see the downtown skyline in the distance. So pretty. The food was fantastic and the dessert was spectacular!! It was a heart shaped chocolate cake with a thick chocolate mousse layer all covered with chocolate ganache and then accompanied by strawberries and whipped cream. Yummmmmy.

It was a lovely day. I had a great time with all four of my Valentines. I hope you had a special day filled with love (and chocolate)!

The Litt…

Bree's Birthday Fun!

The girls' friend Brianna had her fourth birthday party at Fairytale Town a couple weeks ago and it was so cute and so fun. We had never actually been there before so I didn't exactly know what to expect but I knew they would love it. They had snacks and cake and ice cream inside the "princess castle" then everyone was free to run around the park all day. We sure had a great time and the girls did not want to go home for naps! Thanks for inviting us Bree and Fam! We will miss you!
Sitting on the big throne bench inside the castle:
Ashleigh was being photogenic that day: Too bright for pictures....Avery riding the rabbit:
Jordy joined her:
Then Ash had to get in on the fun! (nice "cheese" face, jord.)
How often can you say you've climbed on a turtle's shell? I will add more pictures as I get them. Somehow I missed getting some of the birthday girl!