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Finally Posting :S

Sorry I'm behind. Story of our lives :)

For some reason my computer is wiggin' and on top of that I couldn't sign in to the blogger and the girls didn't allow me extra time to figure it out. I think I've got it working for the time being...

Okay, so: Last week on the 17th the girls had their 6 month check-ups and shots. Woo hoo. I LOVE when they get their shots. Soooo NOT. We get there, have to wait forever to get into the exam room and then the doc sends in two med students to do the entire exam (one taking notes) and then, an hour and a half later, the doc comes in and does HIS exam and THEN they finally got their shots. I'm sure you can imagine how happy they were at that point. (not to mention how happy I was). We got home from our 10AM appointment after noon and, of course, it takes days for them to recover from the shot's after-effects. Fevers, gas, canky's and all sorts of not fun stuff. Just two days ago Jordyn started feeling better. She's st…

A few things

Today has been really good and not so good.

Avery is rolling all over the place. Instead of crawling, rolling is her main form of transportation. It's so funny. I love to see it. She also just wants to stand instead of sit. They can all roll from tummy to back and have for a while now. Ashleigh can get up on her knees really well and can almost roll over---- but only when no one's watching. The minute we look at her she stops and has this 'guilty' look on her face, like, 'uh oh--they saw me!'. She is the 'undercover developer' (as we call her). One day she will just do something out of the blue. We fully expect to one day say something to her and she will spout out full sentences or something. haha. Jordyn just wants to lay, but she is the longest sitter. She has no interest in walking yet. She is only just 'thinking' about crawling right now.

That was the good part of the day.

So, I have wanted to cook this specific meal since I saw it on Rachel R…

Doing Better

The girls are starting to feel better...thank heavens!!! They are still cranky and have low grade fevers, but miles better than it was. However, Tony caught some sort of bug---flu or some strain of the 'HFM' thing. He has had a high fever and chills and has just felt crummy for days. Poor guy. It's no fun having FOUR sick babies to take care of :) ...but it's got to be worse for them, so, I guess for that, I am grateful.

I am still working on getting 'the 4th' pictures ready. I will post them when I get a second :)

Thanks for all of the positive thoughts and messages! We are getting through it! Have a great day!

I've jinxed us....

Why did I have to say it??

We spent 4 hours last night in the ER with Avery----the only one I said HADN'T made a trip back to the hospital since the girls were born. Well, now all three have done it. I guess she felt left out or know, 'the other two had mommy and daddy time'---so why shouldn't she? sheesh.

She started having this weird crying/grunting/breathing thing, a fever and had a whole bunch of mucous in her nose, mouth and she threw up a huge amount. There was so much that she wouldn't eat or anything. She was doing this inconsolably for about 45 minutes. Sunday she was ok, just a fever (along with the other two). Then, yesterday she had two big spells so we called the doctor to see what we should do. By the time we heard back, it was after office hours. He scheduled an appointment for this morning, but said that if she did it again to take her to the ER. Well, she did and we went. They took x-rays and they were clear, but she had rapid breath…