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**I {{HEART}} Fall**

It's always been my favorite
time of year. Every year, I look for new Fall photo opportunities. Everything is so full of vivid color. I love seeing the leaves on the ground and crushing them with my feet when I walk. I love the hint of crispness in the air and the smell reminds me a bit of home---you know, the smell of burning fields? haha! But it's totally true! I just feel so happy and alive! Which is slightly ironic because, in essence, everything is in preparation for winter hibernation. Go figure. The girls and I went for our first neighborhood walk yesterday. It was in the upper 70's and there was a cool breeze. Perfect for walking! We rolled over some crunchy leaves and it just felt so fall-ish. I love our new neighborhood. Everywhere you look there are tall, mature trees. It just 'feels' nice. Don't get me wrong, our old neighborhood was fantastic and totally quiet! But there weren't many trees and there weren't any parks within walking distance. …

Lost in the shuffle.....

No, I'm not talking about my lack of blogging....wait....maybe I am.....yeah, I guess technically I am...

I have failed to mention that Tony and I celebrated our 6th Wedding Anniversary on the 12th this month and our 5th Eternal Anniversary on the 11th. We weren't able to go out (YET! Unless you count going to the grocery store with the girls...which sadly, is a fun 'outing' for us) but Tony did bring home some lovely things for me and our new house (and most were on clearance! I LOVE that he saved some money, too!!!!)

-a clothes steamer with attachments for cleaning! Awesome!
-a toaster
-a couple silicone trivets and kitchen towels by MARTHA
-a couple sauce pans
-'The Princess Bride' movie on BluRay-which he hates but knows I love.
("Anybody wanna peanut??")
-some gorgeous red roses

-And a TO DIE FOR chocolate cake---I think it was called "Chocolate Kiss". It had layers of chocolate cake filled with strawberry glaze, strawberry cream frosting, topp…

Seriously? A MONTH???

I honestly do not believe that it's been an entire month since we've moved in. Yet, it feels like a millennia (mostly at night). I don't want to jinx it, but just in the last week, the girls have been sleeping through the night, even with colds! They REALLY have had a hard time adjusting to their new house and beds and room. I'm sure it's so scary to have nearly everything you find familiar taken from you. Poor babies. But I figured the '21 day habit' rule would apply, and it's pretty much held true! It's been so nice to get a solid 7 hours of sleep each night. Although, I've been sick too so I have been waking up stuffy and coughing a little, but I'll take it over lying on the hard floor in their room just praying that their eyes will close and they won't pop their little heads up to make sure I haven't left the room!!! :/

But the girls have been overjoyed to have their own space to stretch out in and explore. I can already see growt…