Oh My--They're THREEEEE!

We've had a whirlwind few days---and I have a feeling it's only going to get crazier as the girls get older....oy! Who's idea was it to have triplets two days after Christmas??? Oh yeah...AVERY! Little stink. ;)

I had a day break between our insane Christmas Day and the girl's birthdays to prepare. I asked them several weeks ago what kind of cake they wanted and they said, "Ummmmm......SNOWFLAKE!" (Yeah, I don't know what that means either.) So a snowflake cake it was! It took a lot of thinking and researching as there were several different ways to go about it, but I decided that I wanted to do a genoise cake and roll it (basically a jelly roll---minus the jelly) with white frosting and 3D snowflakes all around. Then a couple of days before the big day, I asked the girls if they wanted the cake to be chocolate or white (I thought that chocolate cake and white frosting would be a pretty contrast, but I wanted them to be involved a little more. I regret that now....) Then Jordyn said "I wan bwu sate!" Translated= "I want BLUE cake". Then she said "Ashy wan rey-ed". Translated="red". So I quickly agreed to blue since red would definitely not look attractive.

Hmm. Blue cake? OK I can do that. Pale blue. Just a *hint* of blue.

So as I made the cake, I notice that because of the eggs and two extra yolks, the cake is a pale yellow. OK elementary kids----what do you get when you mix yellow and blue???? That's right! GREEN!!

And apparently the color intensifies as it's baked. What we ended up with was a great St. Patricks Day cake!!

To make matters worse, it tasted disgusting. Holy heck it was gross. I decide to do a bright white Swiss Meringue frosting. I used, in both the cake and the frosting, the SmartBalance 50/50 butter cubes----50% butter 50% SmartBalance spread (canola I think) instead of 100% butter. I thought it would work. Nope. No, it didn't. Because the cubes were, I'm sure, artificially colored yellow, the frosting ended up sort of cream colored. And because of the non-buttery consistency of the "butter", the frosting became thin and deflated. And did I mention gross??? The cake tasted funny as a result and wasn't as light and airy as a genoise cake should be. Let that be a lesson to all you bakers out there. It's not worth it to try and cut the fat. Just use butter.

But at least the meringue snowflakes turned out OK---until they sat for a while and became soft and limp....I had to keep propping the snowflake points up so I could take pictures.

Oh well. Here are some pictures of the big day! Just be glad you only have to LOOK at the cake....hrumph.

The girls got quiet books from Gramma and Grampa, pj's from Nana and Papa and a set of princess plates, silverware and cups from Mommy and Daddy. We are saving the gifts from Aunts and Uncles for another day. We learned our 'presents' lesson the hard way on Christmas. Sometimes even a little is still too much. But how happy will they be when we whip out more birthday presents in a couple days?? I would be! Thanks to everyone for your generosity. We love our three little miracles!! HAPPY THIRD BIRTHDAY GIRLIES!!!

YES, two of them are not wearing pants...pretty much normal around here.


It's Christmas!!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful, joyful and marvelous Christmas. I hope we all remember "the reason for the Season", the birth of our Savior. I hope we all got more than we wanted or deserved! I know I did!

We had a great day, albeit a little over-stimulating for the girls---mostly Avery. We started out the Holiday and Nana and Papas on Christmas Eve where we opened one gift each and ate dinner. We delivered some treats to people and looked at some pretty Christmas lights on our way home. I wanted to start the tradition of going on an actual walk to see the lights, but Tony is sick (great timing, right?) and by the time we headed home it was pretty late and time for me--I mean, the girls, to go to bed. I stayed up until around 3AM getting things ready for breakfast in the morning and trying to set up presents and all that jazz. The girls woke up at 7:15 (a mite earlier than usual, of course) and I kept them out of the family room until 9:15-ish with the help of Micky's Christmas movie and daddy and eventually Nana and Papa. I think this will be the first and last year I will be able to get away with that long of a pause. But we always waited for family when I was little so I plan on continuing that tradition with my own family. And when they get older, I will instate the "you must give mom a good back massage before you can see any presents" rule when they get older. My dad had a pretty good idea and I think I will try and keep that tradition alive, too! :) After we opened our loot, we ate breakfast of Potato and Basil Frittata, Mini Dutch Babies with cinnamon sauce, mixed fruit and your choice of hot cocoa, spiced cider, herbal tea and/or orange juice. I wanted to get the bacon wrapped smokies done, but I wasn't able to get to it. I made them after the girls went down for naps and Tony and I munched on a few for a nutritious lunch. :) After the girls woke up, we went to Nana and Papa's for MORE presents and a Prime Rib dinner. Avery was pretty much catatonic at this point, so we left to go home early and *hoped* for an early bedtime. Needless to say I wasn't able to leave their room until 10:30. Oh well. There's always tomorrow! :) Here are a couple videos and pictures of our fun day! Love you all and Merry Christmas!!


Do YOU Believe??

We took the girls on our first, and *hopefully* annual, ride on "The Polar Express" train earlier this month. It was so awesome to see the excitement and wonder on their faces. I know that sounds cliche', but it's SO TRUE! This Christmas truly seems magical. You know the song "Christmas Through Your Eyes"? That's how I feel! I'm looking at Christmas through my children's eyes for the first time! And it's so exciting to me!

This is the first year that the girls are actually starting to 'get' Christmas. We've started to introduce Santa, and they are excited to see him! I wanted to get a Santa picture this year, but we decided not to push our luck. They still like him at this point and I want to keep it that way! :) We put up the Nativity and I explained to them what each piece was and that Christmas is when we celebrate the baby Jesus' birthday. Then I said that we give presents to each other instead of to Jesus, because that makes Him happy. Then we threw in the Santa part. (which, for the record, I'm not totally comfortable with. I really don't want to disappoint them when the "truth" comes out---I hate lying to them. But I suppose it's fun to take advantage of their innocence...just kidding!) It's part of growing up and I don't want them to miss out on the purity of Christmas during their childhood years.

So, in preparation for the train ride, we watched the Polar Express movie together. We decided they were just a little too young to really enjoy the show, but they saw the train and Santa and the whole jingle bell thing and it did it's job. We talked it up for about a week before we went. We did a little 'countdown' to the "Polar Express" ride and I even got them new coats to wear (which we needed anyway, but it helps to provide props).

The day finally arrived! We got all ready to go, coats and all, hopped in the car and----we waited in line FOR-EVEEERRRRR! Has anyone ever waited in line with three, 3-year olds?? Wow, not fun at all. Avery was sitting on the dirty ground, Jordyn kept trying to get kidnapped by wandering off and Ashleigh was actually really cute saying "Hi" to all the people around her and winning their hearts (as usual). That is, until two stupid elves came over and she clung to Tony's leg in fear. Thanks, juggling elves. Thanks. But soon after, the line started moving and we got to our train car. When I purchased the tickets online, they were about 15 tickets away from selling out the entire season. When I clicked on the only day left with more than one ticket (there were three), before I had a chance to check out, there were only two left. And, on the website, I swear that kids under 3 were free and just had to ride on an adults lap. I knew it would be difficult, but two could ride on Tony's lap and one on mine. So I bought Tony and I a ticket each and selected 3 under three tickets. When I received the tickets in the mail, the information said UNDER TWO were free. I was panicking that we'd get there and then they'd turn us away because they were too old to ride on our laps. We thought we would just get on "stand by" for as many additional seats as we could, but when we asked, they said they were "over-booked". Not sure how that's possible or why they would do something like that (other than to make a Ba-jillion dollars, which for sure they did) but when we gave them our tickets to exchange for boarding passes, they didn't say anything. Obstacle one, passed! Phew. Now on to obstacle two. I don't normally care what other people think, but I was really concerned that we would be packed like sardines next to some other families on the ride and they would be looking at us holding our three "obviously older than TWO children" on our laps (taking up every ounce of extra space) and think we were big cheater-cheater-pumpkin-eaters. I had visions of the girls crying and screaming to get off the train (after it was already moving, of course) and just having everyone glare at us, wanting to throw us out the windows. Positive thinking, I know! But I have to mentally prepare for the worst so I can come up with possible solutions to any problem in advance. Having triplets has improved my problem solving skills in many different ways, preparedness is one.

We boarded our train car and looked for seats, preferably away from everyone else. We saw that the seats were in groups of four, with two seats on each side facing each other. We picked a section that was all empty. We sat down, got situated and noticed that no one was choosing to sit in our section. No surprise. I probably wouldn't either. Then I noticed the guy coming around clicking the tickets (like in the movie) and I started to panic. He was, for sure, going to tell us to get off. That would be embarrassing. He came, I can't find the tickets, I found them, he clicked them and then says to me, in a sympathetic tone, "Once we start moving, you can move them to these seats," pointing to the ones across from us. He moved on to the next section and Tony and I looked at each other, puzzlingly. Then the train started moving and I had a sudden realization that we have all FOUR seats to ourselves! I literally started tearing up. How was this possible??They were "over-booked"!! It was truly an answer to my prayers. I was so concerned over my innocent mistake and I didn't want to punish the girls for it. I could finally relax and enjoy the ride. I wanted to etch every moment of this experience in my mind, not only so I could remember it, but so I could re-tell the story to the girls when they got older of their "first ride on the Polar Express"!!!

Here are some photos of our exciting day:

Waiting Anxiously in Line:


Finally in our seats!!

Yummy! Cookies! (the hot chocolate was a little too hot)
watching the world go by out the window.......
Ash looking at Santa for first time in person:

"I can hear the bell! I believe!"
Bye bye, Polar Express!



PawPaw and MawMaw Visit!

I'm a little behind in my posts (yeah, I know. what's new, eh?)

My parents came to visit the first week of November and we had such a fabulous time with them. The girls had been preparing for weeks for their visit. We would count down the days by asking them, "Guess who's coming in (x amount) days?" and they would say "ummmmm.....PawPaw and MawMaw!!!!!!!" (Or as Jordy says, "Sampa and Sammaw" She's getting better...) We did this for probably two weeks until they FINALLY got here! :)

We had LOTS of projects to work on, like making the girls dresses for a friend's cowboy themed birthday party, building our pantry and just making sure we spent tons of time together having fun. On Thursday we went up to Apple Hill for the second time. We went with them two years ago for the first time and just loved it. I hope we can make it a yearly tradition!!

We are so happy whenever our PawPaw and MawMaw get to visit. We hope to see you guys again, soon! Here are some fun pictures of our week together:
(sorry some of them are squishy. don't know what happened)



This blog post is dedicated to my girls, all the doctors and nurses who helped them arrive in this world safely and continue to thrive and to all the other little babies who have been born too soon.

I've already mentioned that today is the "National Prematurity Awareness Day" and the March of Dimes "Fight for Preemies" blog post day in this post.

Here are several photos of my babies when they were in the hospital. I couldn't help but cry as I looked through these photos. Such a happy, sad and scary time. And we were some of the 'lucky' ones....
D-DAY 34 weeks and 2 days
(I've had several people ask, so here it is)

Together for the first time since the womb. Avery and Jordyn came home that day, but Ashleigh took a turn for the worse and was in critical condition for two more weeks. Such a bittersweet day.
We are doing well now and have "caught up" in virtually every area.
We are so blessed to have been given the best medical care that helped my babies
live and THRIVE!
We are so grateful for The March of Dimes for all the research they have funded and education provided to help save preemies and untimately prevent premature birth.


Halloween '09-- "PURRRRRR!"

Yes, we were kittens this year. Mostly because I had been stewing over costumes for months without any inspiration. My mother in law bought the girls these cute halloween stripey pants and shirts with two black kitty cats on them and I decided to take the easy way out and paint some whiskers on the girls and call them "kittens". I made some dorky ears out of paper and stuck them to some headbands (of which only one broke that night, surprizingly. And AFTER trick or treating! miracles!) I pinned some black knee-highs (that I bought when the girls were tiny to make headbands---and never did) on their bums for tails.

This is what I consider their first "real" Halloween because before, they were totally oblivious to the costume and didn't really get the whole Halloween thing. This year, they were excited to be kitty cats and say 'trick or treat' and hold out the bags for candy. They get the concept---even if they do call their costumes their "Halloweens". Whenever they see their outfits they say, "Mommy! My Halloweens!!" So funny.

Jordyn LOVED the make-up. Which makes sense because she is ALLLLL girl. Ashleigh wanted the make-up, but everytime I would go to draw on her, she would move her head and say "No!". So that is why it looks as if she got into a fight with the eyeliner because, essentially, she did. Avery was good for one cheek, then decided halfway through the other, she was done and wanted NOTHING to do with whiskers, noses or anything else. So she is only half-whiskered. Oh well. It was dark anyway.

We headed out to do some trick or treating in Tony's parents neighborhood. The girls had some cute pumpkin lanterns because they really hate the dark. "it dark out siiiide", they said. We convinced them 'guide us' through the neighborhood with their lanters and they felt brave and proud to do so! We hit about 5 houses. They would go up to the door, all excited to say "Trick or Treat!", but then the door would open and they would run and hide behind us all....UNTIL Jordyn realized that she could get chocolate and she got real brave, real quick. Several times, the homeowner would put one or two in her bag and she would look down at it, then look back up and say "More!" like the person was an idiot to only give her one or two, when clearly he had a whole bowl full of candy in front of her face. Embarassing. But cute. We worked on our Thank-You's even if they were said while running down the driveway to the next house. Oh well. If they will even look at 'strangers', it's an improvement.

We proceeded to go back to Nana and Papas house and the girls plopped down just inside the entry way to scope out their loot and gorged themselves on EVERY SINGLE piece of candy in their bags. It was their first real taste of candy, and they especially loved the suckers. SUCKERS! They are the worst thing for kids under the age of maybe, 6. I think even some adults should be banned. Seriously there was sticky from here to Timbuktu. Lovely. But they enjoyed it. And I was happy to let them finish it all in one night rather than drag it out for weeks. They didn't have too much, so I was OK with it. Maybe I'm a bad mom. lol.

Here are some photos of our first "real" Halloween! BOO!


Blog for Preemies

We, like many of you, are big advocates for the March of Dimes and prevention of premature births. Before it actually happened to us, I thought that being born a few weeks (or more) early was "no big deal. That's what the NICU and doctors are for, right?" But until you actually experience the NICU and crying over the scariness of having a baby who's lungs don't function (amongst other things) or seeing the other babies who have it much worse than yours, you can never understand. It's true that medical advancements have increased the chances of saving the lives of many preemies, like our girls (Ashleigh in particular), but prematurity isn't something that should be taken lightly. Even though, on the surface, things my seem OK, you just never know what impairments each premature child might face in the future.
That is why I am posting the following article for you all to read so we can all be cognisant and aware of this prevalent #1 killer of newborns in the US.
Fight For Preemies
November 17, 2009
Objective:Every year, 20 million babies are born too soon, too small and very sick ― half a million of them in the United States. November 17 is when we fight.

Do you know a baby that was born too soon, too small, unable to suck, unable to breathe on his own?
Premature birth is a health crisis that jeopardizes the lives and health of nearly half-million babies each year. It is the #1 killer of newborns and can lead to lifelong disabilities.

Worse: the number has increased 31 percent since 1981. It can happen without warning and for no known reason. Until we have more answers, anyone’s baby, could be born too soon.

Medical advances give even the tiniest babies a chance of survival, yet for many babies premature birth is still a life or death condition. It’s the #1 cause of death during the first month of life. And babies who survive face serious health challenges and risk lifelong disabilities.

The rate of premature birth has never been higher. In half the cases, we simply don’t understand what went wrong. We need to fight for answers. And, ultimately, preventions.

November 17 is dedicated to raising awareness of the crisis of premature birth.

The March of Dimes invites bloggers like you to get involved.

• Learn about premature birth at marchofdimes.com/fightforpreemies

• Put a badge on your blog during November, Prematurity Awareness Month®

• On November 17, blog for a baby you love and to help others

We need to fight - because babies shouldn't have to.


Move over, I'm crowded....

After an hour of naps today (and JUST as I was laying down to close my eyes) I heard someone crying "Mommy, Mommy!" This is not unusual since we've moved. The girls have become ultra dependent upon me, especially when it comes to nap and night times. I have to sit on the floor in their room, usually holding someone's hand (Avery) or holding a body (Jordyn, grr) and retrieve falling paci's (ashleigh and avery---another bad habit), until everyone is asleep. I throw in an extra 5 minutes after the last twitch of movement just for good measure. Learned that the hard way.

So, there I was, laying on the couch about to take a snooze, which I knew would be short because by the time I finished the dishes and eating my lunch, they had already been sleeping for an hour. Here's my confession. When I heard the "mommy-ing" I ducked down behind the couch cushions so whomever it was (Avery) wouldn't see me. Horrible, I know. But you can't run to them every time they make a peep. I'm trying to teach them to soothe themselves...again....

Well, I heard the pocket door slowly slide open a little, little footsteps coming, pausing, then retreating closing the pocket door again. I waited a while, fully expecting to hear toys being dumped out of the toy box and bickering over who stole what from whom, but there was just silence. Worrisome silence. Then I remembered that I needed to hurry and make sure they went on the potty, if they hadn't already gone elsewhere. So I slowly opened up the pocket door and peered through a crack...and nothing! So I thought maybe they were playing in their room, getting out shoes and things as they have been known to often do. I crept down the hall, avoiding the creaky floorboards (yes, brand new, and creaky. grr) and peeked into their room. I can see Ashleigh's and Avery's bed from the doorway and they are empty!! But I don't hear any noise...I turn back around and look in the playroom again and all is quiet. I panic and check the front door thinking they've escaped---but no! Still locked!

I decide to peek around the corner towards Jordyn's bed and the closet, thinking maybe they are inside the closet (which is also not uncommon). I beheld the cutest, most beautiful sight (so of course I ran and got my camera)

Jordyn had some bed-crashers! That's her in the blue pushed to the back of the bed.

I'm absolutely amazed that they went back to sleep after already sleeping an hour! Not sure what possessed them to climb into Jordyn's bed, or how in the world they fell asleep this way, but it was great! I went and laid down, thinking I would have 10 or 15 minutes....but then I am awoken by three happy faces 45 minutes later! Hallelujah!

And to top it all off-----They were still dry! Yippee!!!!



There are some pics of the new house on the other blog. Check 'em out if you'd like!

End of Day 3

So, yesterday ended rather well. There was only one accident the ENTIRE day, and of course it was a messy #2. I can't blame her...those sneak up on adults too. Sorry, TMI. I'm trying to be as clinical as possible all while documenting this for posterity. :)


We all woke up wet this morning.

Oh well.

I guess I need to reward them for waking up dry. Hopefully that will work.


Day 2 (And 1/2 of day 3)

Well, I see marked improvement!!

Yesterday (day two!) all of the girls woke up dry both in the morning and after naps. I had to do a song and dance (figuratively...AND literally, unfortunately) to get them to sit on their potties after waking, since I KNEW they hadn't gone since before falling asleep. It took a bit, but finally they ALL sat down at different points and went! Success!! Ashleigh is pretty much trained at this point. She got it the first day and doesn't even need reminders to go. She even went #2 without me asking. Jordy also did a #2 yesterday. Apparently Avery needs more fiber in her diet... She is the hardest of all of them to get to sit at all. But, she figured it out yesterday and kept her big girl undies dry from nap-time until this morning. Yay!

Day three.

Ashleigh and Avery woke up dry. Jordyn did not. Not sure what happened, because she's usually pretty good. She must have been awake and silent in her room for a while and just forgot about the potty. But, she went later on and no one has had an accident since. No one would go before naps, so I'm a little worried about what might happen in the next hour or so until wake up time. I will just need to make sure and hurry in there at any signs of life. Wish me luck!

I'm not sure when they are considered officially "potty trained", though. I can't imagine being at the point when they will sit on the "BIG" potty and just go when they need to. I still feel like I have to ask them 8 THOUSAND times an hour if they need to go....I guess I'll 'just know', right???

I'm hoping..... :S


First Day of Potty Training

OH Joy.

Can you hear the excitement in my tone?

We are going with the cold turkey method. No diapers or pull-ups in the house. Just the 33 pairs of big girl underwear I purchased and 3 little IKEA potties. We won't be leaving the house for 3 days. Hopefully 3 will be the magic number!!!
We have a "Potty Time" dry erase board with each of their names written across the top. Everytime the go Number One they get ONE star and TWO chocolate chips. If they go Number Two, they get TWO stars and FOUR chocolate chips. It's cheap and I had it all on hand.

We've reached the close of our first day and each girl has five "#1" stars, we've gone through about 10 pairs of underwear and only about 5 accidents (with three kids, I expected tons more).
We shall see what the night brings....I think I may need to buy some more sheets.....


**I {{HEART}} Fall**

It's always been my favorite
time of year.

Every year, I look for new Fall photo opportunities. Everything is so full of vivid color. I love seeing the leaves on the ground and crushing them with my feet when I walk. I love the hint of crispness in the air and the smell reminds me a bit of home---you know, the smell of burning fields? haha! But it's totally true! I just feel so happy and alive! Which is slightly ironic because, in essence, everything is in preparation for winter hibernation. Go figure.

The girls and I went for our first neighborhood walk yesterday. It was in the upper 70's and there was a cool breeze. Perfect for walking! We rolled over some crunchy leaves and it just felt so fall-ish. I love our new neighborhood. Everywhere you look there are tall, mature trees. It just 'feels' nice. Don't get me wrong, our old neighborhood was fantastic and totally quiet! But there weren't many trees and there weren't any parks within walking distance. Here, there is one just a couple of blocks away. We are very excited and I can't wait to take some new fall photos outside. We have a gloriously tall tree in front and a really cool fence next door that has a large tree stump and cool river rocks in front---totally picture perfect! All we need are some pretty fall-en leaves and VOILA! We are just a few weeks away, I think! Fall was the inspiration for the new pictures I took for the Blog header. Do you not just LOVE the header?? OK, I'm biased, but it's my favorite, to date. I can't believe how GROWN-UP and all SUPERMODEL-Y the girls look. Totally gorgeous. I love them (I mean the girls this time...but I love the pictures, too!)

Also, Fall brings our wedding anniversary (September was picked for a reason!) and Tony's birthday. I already did a post about the anniversary but Tony's birthday was Sunday. His family came over and we celebrated with a BBQ, football watching and cupcakes. They were a new creation for me and Tony said they were "one of my best efforts" (which is his highest compliment). They were banana-chocolate chip with a brown butter frosting. If you've never had brown butter frosting, you are totally missing out. It is perfectly Fall-ish to me. So good on everything, but really good on pumpkin things and anything spicey (like cinnamon, not pepper, lol). Try it. You will be in love. Back to the birthday---too bad the Steelers lost. There's always next week. We really need Troy back. Like, REALLY. I hope he heals faster than they expect. The rest of the evening was capped off with a viewing of Footloose the movie. An oldie, but a classic. We sang the songs for the remainder of the day.

I also love Fall fashion. I love the colors, I love sweaters and I love boots. Did I mention I love boots?? Love. I wish they weren't so danged expensive. Someday. Oh and hats. I need to expand my Fall hat collection. Again, someday. I know that is superficial, but it's how I feel!

So get out there and enjoy your Fall weather (and food and fashion). :)


Lost in the shuffle.....

No, I'm not talking about my lack of blogging....wait....maybe I am.....yeah, I guess technically I am...

I have failed to mention that Tony and I celebrated our 6th Wedding Anniversary on the 12th this month and our 5th Eternal Anniversary on the 11th. We weren't able to go out (YET! Unless you count going to the grocery store with the girls...which sadly, is a fun 'outing' for us) but Tony did bring home some lovely things for me and our new house (and most were on clearance! I LOVE that he saved some money, too!!!!)

-a clothes steamer with attachments for cleaning! Awesome!

-a toaster

-a couple silicone trivets and kitchen towels by MARTHA

-a couple sauce pans

-'The Princess Bride' movie on BluRay-which he hates but knows I love.
("Anybody wanna peanut??")

-some gorgeous red roses

-And a TO DIE FOR chocolate cake---I think it was called "Chocolate Kiss". It had layers of chocolate cake filled with strawberry glaze, strawberry cream frosting, topped with chocolate ganache and chocolate covered strawberries. Oh-MAH-Gosh. SOOO delish. It could be a new tradition! :D

Thank you HONEY for being a very supportive and hardworking husband and father. I don't deserve you!
I love you.

Seriously? A MONTH???

I honestly do not believe that it's been an entire month since we've moved in. Yet, it feels like a millennia (mostly at night). I don't want to jinx it, but just in the last week, the girls have been sleeping through the night, even with colds! They REALLY have had a hard time adjusting to their new house and beds and room. I'm sure it's so scary to have nearly everything you find familiar taken from you. Poor babies. But I figured the '21 day habit' rule would apply, and it's pretty much held true! It's been so nice to get a solid 7 hours of sleep each night. Although, I've been sick too so I have been waking up stuffy and coughing a little, but I'll take it over lying on the hard floor in their room just praying that their eyes will close and they won't pop their little heads up to make sure I haven't left the room!!! :/

But the girls have been overjoyed to have their own space to stretch out in and explore. I can already see growth in their motor skills and even their interactions have improved. We have also tried potty training for a couple weeks now and they are hot and cold. Some days we have 8 or 9 'stars' per child on the 'Potty Time' chart, and then there are days when there are none. Sometimes I can't get them to sit on it no matter WHAT I try. But I'm not going to force it because I don't want it to become a punishment. We had ONE good morning in 'big girl underwear' until one of them decided to NOT use the potty---which was 5 feet away. They immediately went back into diapers. Probably not the smartest idea, but I just couldn't handle it that day. I will try again in a couple days when I can just commit to doing just that (ha ha, right?) No really, we are just going to stay home for three days and I will be following them around 24/7. Sounds fun, right??? I wish I had the money to just hire someone to do it for me!! (I sound like one of those 'Real Housewives' people now....shame on me!) Ugh. I dread. But it's necessary. We already bough 30 pairs of underwear (we can discuss the usage of the word 'pair' when referring to underwear and pants another day----makes NO sense to me AT ALL....)

We are no where near being unpacked. As we speak, Tony is still packing boxes and boxes of 'stuff' that we still have at the other house. We have to get everything out by tomorrow because it is being painted and then next Tuesday there is new carpet coming in. I just am so overwhelmed because we can't find time to get it all done. It's so daunting. I'm not good at balancing all the demands I have---kids, husband, two houses, church callings and other volunteer positions....when will I ever figure it out??? We just barely brought things like dishes, measuring cups/spoons, and mixing bowls over last week (Thanks to my mom and sister, Shaunie! A post to come about their visit coming soon!) Our poor garbage man with our over-flowing cans of paper products!! Good thing we also have recycling pick-up here!
I've really tried to get into the habit of having the girls help clean up their playroom before naps and nighttime every day. We've done well so far, but the past couple of days I just can't seem to get it together. I'm letting the stress of it all get to me again. But I will gather myself up and start again tomorrow. At least that's my goal, anyway!

One thing I've learned is that hard surface floors are a lot more work than carpet. Not only do you have to remove the debris by sweeping or vacuuming, but then you have to mop it. And our floor has a matte finish to it so every droplet or toe-print is visible! Annoying! Not only do I, first, vacuum it, but next, I steam mop it to sanitize and THEN I have to mop it with a special 'polish' cleaner. Just to do the main living areas takes me an hour! Uh, yeah...I have that kind of time...NOT! Needless to say I went from doing that everyday to every other day (or, to be more honest, I have decided to lower my standards a bit and live with the never-ending foot prints and droplets. I can only stand so much 'driving-me-crazy-ness' that I have to let some things go. shh. don't tell...)

But all in all, it's so wonderful. And someday it will be all put together and decorated.

I dream of that day.

Just don't ask when that might be..........



Don't want to mention it again...

But there are a couple of updated house pics on the other blog. I am hoping that maybe I won't need to link to it in the future...I hate to do these silly posts...as if anyone is really interested, hahaaa!


::House Update:: (And my 100th POST!! YAY!)

Check out the 'other' blog for the latest set of photos! Thanks everyone!


Father's Day Continued.....

((Apparently you have to click on 'view full screen' to see the Father's Day thing I did for Tony. Sorry. Don't know what happened.))

I also wanted to pay tribute to my own father. He and my mom were recently here for three weeks or so to help us on the house. Words can't express my gratitude to both of them for their manual labor (yes, watching the girls is manual labor, too...trust me...)

We were able to do SOOO much thanks to my parents. We would have been lost had they not come to help us get the house ready and watch the kids. Every time I go to the "new house" to work, they say "help sampa (grandpa) clean?"---they still think Grandpa is over there, haha. too cute. I just say yes, because they don't get that 'Idaho' is a LOT further away...oh well. When we take them over there for the first time, we might have some explaining to do....lol. We love you guys and can't wait for you to come back soon!

Here is a really cute video of my dad giving the girls "horsey rides". I don't know if anyone else knows what these are, but usually it's done ONE child at a time! It's pretty short. And very cute. (However, the "horsey" will be filing for worker's comp---he nearly didn't make it! hahaaaaa)

Belated Father's Day wishes to my Father in Law as well. We are so grateful for the support you give to Tony and I and for making all of our dreams a reality. We can't thank you enough for all you do for us and the girls---They love their PaPa!

I want to express my gratitude to all of the other "fathers" in my life--my Gramps, uncles, extended family members and friends. You are all such great people and role models. I appreciate everything you have shared with me throughout the years.


HAPPY FATHER'S DAY (a little late) :)


Such Bad Little Girls....



Why do my children have to be SO NAUGHTY??? Is it because there are three of them vying for the same attention? Do they feel that have to out-naughty the other two sisters?? I'm completely convinced that multiples get into more mischief than singletons. Maybe this is an exaggeration, but seriously, people with multiples, is this what you have found too???

Everyday, they are getting into something they shouldn't. I mean, they ARE two years old, and we always hear about "the terrible two's"...but really?? It's not just messing up things---which they do plenty of---it's destroying things. Or getting into things that could literally kill them. The other day, Ashleigh had climbed up the cabinets, got a butcher knife out of the open drawer and had it in her hand when I walked in the room! The latch went on the next day.

We can't have nice books with any sort of pop up or texture or even paper pages---they are gone in two seconds. They even peel apart the cardboard books. Ashleigh even tears apart her fruit snack wrappers--have you ever peeled the foil from the paper on a gum wrapper? Well that's what she does with the fruit snacks.

They pick apart the seams in the toes of their footie pajamas, ripped out a zipper from a mattress cover, and the other day (same day as the paint incident, by the way...) they got into a box of my MK make-up and squirted face cream all over the carpet in their bedroom AND later on, got a box of mini cereal boxes off the counter, proceeded to open EVERY little box and spill the entire contents onto the kitchen floor:

Just a few days before, they did something so bad and dangerous, what else could I do, but video it! haha

That's an entire Costco size box of garbage bags. We've had a battle with them for a while, but they usually only get one or two out...not 150 and make SNOW ANGELS in them....can you hear the absolute delight in their mischief?? Beside the mess it makes (have you ever tried to re-pack one of those boxes once the bags have been unrolled? IM-POSS-IBLE!), I worry about them suffocating, as I've seen them try to climb in those bags. Ugh.

A lock promptly went on that cupboard too.

Ahh, the joys of two year old triplets.

At least they are cute....


"Is that....paint?!?"

"Why, yes! Yes, that IS paint!"

(A gallon of paint, to be exact. And, yes, that is my car. The driver's seat, actually.)

That was my response to the nosey man, with a 6 year old child in tow, who was in line ahead of me at the car detailer. It's as if NO ONE has ever seen a little paint spilled before....

It's just paint people, keep walkin'! :)

As you can imagine, I drew a crowd.

It all started when I was on my way back to Lowe's (with offending paint can on the floor behind my seat) to buy a few more supplies, including a small tube of blue paint to be used to tint the paint that was currently still in it's can. I only had an hour until the girls got up from their naps and had to relieve my mother-in-law from her kid-watching-post, so I knew I had to be super duper fast. I was just about to the off-ramp when four cars in front of me all slammed on their breaks, of course causing me to slam on my brakes. It was enough to lay some rubber down, I can tell you that much. So traffic picks back up soon after, and I went on my way.

About 50 yards later, I smelled something faint. I thought, "man, the car in front of me smells funny...slamming on their breaks must have done something to their car..."

The smell started to get stronger....and stronger....

I thought, "that smells like............OH CRAAAAAP! PAINT!!"

So, I'm sitting at the stop-light (of course it's red) freaking out. I mean really freaking out. I decide I need to put the car in park and just turn around to peek at the damage---hoping that maybe just the lid popped open or a trickle of paint had come out. So I peered around my seat onto the floor and all I see is the pale green 'I-wish-it-were-blue-er' paint oozing out of the now empty paint can. I turned around, put the car in drive and as the light turned green, pulled into the nearest parking lot, which had a nail salon, wireless cellphone place and a 'taqueria' (whatever that is... prob didn't spell that right). I opened my door to survey the scene.....and the paint just flows -like freakin' Niagra Falls- out my door and onto the pavement.


I call Tony and he tells me to go to the Chevron, which is just down the road. I take a picture (of course!) then leap over the dripping paint (thinking, 'why did i wear jeans today') and ironically notice a sign next door that said "psychic readings". Great. Why couldn't they have told me this was going to happen?? I pondered running over there to see what the outcome of this lovely catastrophe might be but, but knew time was of the essence, so off to the Chev I went.

I pulled in and noticed a .75 water/air machine along the side wall. I looked in my purse for quarters and, as luck would have it, all I had was three. Perfect! Of course there was a broken down car parked on the side that would reach my driver's side easiest. So, just as I was getting back in my car (after seeing if the cord *just might* reach around, which it of course did not) a truck with two guys pulls up next to me. They get out, don't notice right away, then the driver says to me, "Is that paint?". "Yes." I say. Then he proceeds to come closer, crouches down and touches it (as if not believing me that it is, indeed, paint) calls his friend over who also crouches down to touch it, and says "oh boy!".

Gee, thanks, misters.

They want to stand there with me and disccuss it at length, while I'm freaking out and just wanting to get in my car, back it up next to the hose and pressure wash some of the paint off before it dries! So I, politely as possible, say "I gotta back the car in to reach the hose". Then jumped in and did just so. I hurridly put my quarters in (cursing the broken down car on the other side of the hose for making a horrible situation just that much harder) and pull out the hose where it says water. I pull the lever and there is just air coming out. Stupidly, I waste my time thinking, "maybe it just takes a bit for the water to come out" which of course, it didn't. So I grabbed the other hose (praying that my 75 cents paid for use of both the air AND the water, since I had no more quaters, and I cought a break! It did! The bad news was, I probably could have spit with more pressure. Oh well-I had to work with what I had. It was at least thinning the paint down, so that was good. Then, over the lound sound of the water pump, I hear a voice behind me. One of the guys working on the broken car next to me took pity on me and was trying to offer me his sweatshirt to wipe the paint off with. (he must have seen me pathetically wiping globs off with some extra diapers I had in the car. yay for prepared mommies!) lol! I told him that I wouldn't take it, realizing then that this man spoke very little english. He said something like "not need it" and I said ok, feeling horribly guilty that this poor man was going to be out a sweatshirt, thanks to me! But then the surprising thing happened, he took his sweatshirt and started wiping the paint off. Unfortunately, while we were discussing the sweatshirt offer on the table, my hose shut off. Dang it! The man is trying to tell me something, but I can't understand him. He points over to the car wash and is really trying to get me to go over there. In my head, I'm thinking, "heck of a lot of good an exterior car wash is gonna do..." but he is insiting. I think I even asked him "how much?" (like I'm in Tijuana trying to haggle over a pair of earrings!) He looks at me funny, and I continue to pull into the car wash. But when I got closer, I noticed he had a hose in his hand. Light bulb! {this guy must think I'm an idiot...which, at this point, I would have to agree} But he proceeds to hose off and scrub my car down for me, until a car pulls in behind me and my car wash blocking SUV. I run over to him and explain the situation, then hurry in my car to pull through and let him by. I decide I need to get to a detailer, throwing my Lowe's trip COMPLETELY out the window. I pull around to talk to my little friend and he is NO WHERE to be found!! I felt guilty, but I had to leave. Oh I feel terrible about that still. But I know he will be blessed for helping me - a perfect stranger-
with such a horrible mess!

I get back on the freeway, get to the car detailer and now try to explain the disaster to them. Again, everyone that come up to the car, leans down, touches it, and then has some sort of "ohh no..." or "ouch!" kind of response. The nosey man in line, whom I mentioned earlier, tries to make me feel better by saying "At least it's not milk..." Um, thanks. I think I'd rather take milk, which I realize can be horribly hard to get out (especially the smell) but still possible. If this paint dries, my car is ruined!! I would have to replace the seat, carpets, and basically the whole driver's side door!!! Yeah! Wish it WAS milk!!

(very)Long story short(-ish) [ha ha] they were able to get pretty much all of the paint out in two hours (after having to remove and re-attach most of the driver's seat) and $60 bucks later. SO I guess I'm out $85, including the cost of the paint. Dang it! If only the color had been right
in the FIRST PLACE!!!
BIG thank you to Tony's dad who picked me up from the carwash to get home to the girls, and to Tony and Joe who took time out from their busy days to go pick the car up and bring it home all cleaned up! You help, as always, is very much appreciated!


The 2nd Phase

See a couple post-demolition shots here!


I know--post overload!

Just wanted to let you all know that I've posted "The Before's" on the other blog.



10,000 VISITORS?!?!

WOW! Thanks everyone for all the visits! I feel sad I missed my actual 10,000th visit, but blogger was being dumb...again....

Thanks again, one and all!!!

::Two Kinds of STRESS::

I've decided that there are two kinds of stress in life:

1. The "WORRY" stress. This is the 'life and death' kind of stress. The kind that truly scares you.
My pregnancy/kids' births/infancy(toddlerhood, etc etc etc) falls under this category. I can say that that was the most stressful "worry-stress" moment of my life; and I have a feeling that will never go away.


2. The "PRESSURE" stress. This is the stress you feel when needing to complete a certain task or accomplish any kind of goal or something like that.

This is the kind of stress I'm going through now.

I have never had more "pressure-stress" than I have right at this moment.

I came upon this theory in the shower today (I so needed a moment to take a break from everything. The girls were finally asleep. I took about a 20 minute nap and then a long 40 minute, much needed, shower.) I thought for a moment "This is the most stressful moment of my life." Then I stopped and realized that wasn't exactly true and proceeded to come up with the theory that there is more than one kind of stress that we all experience. The stress I felt with the girls was equal to the amount of stress I'm feeling now, but they aren't comparable in any other way--totally different! But nonetheless, both extremely stressful.

But, we have checked several things off the list this past week and made so much progress (thanks to sooo many people---you will get proper thanks in an upcoming post :) )

-kitchen, bath and hallway cabinets-- IN!
-re-purposed old cabinets for garage storage
-appliances purchased! (all except for microwave)
-sinks purchased
-faucets, check!
-granite purchased and being fabricated as we speak---er, type
-master bedroom painted
-tony's office painted
-my closet re-structured
-pantry added on in kitchen, drywalled and mudded
-wallpaper prepped for texturing and ready to be primed (loooooong story!)
-several spaces primed and ready for painting
-lighting and outlets added throughout house
-plumber scheduled
-flooring scheduled for the 22nd

SO, a lot! But still SOOO much left to do. And oh-so-little time.

I couldn't have done any of it without help from our families and friends! A most gracious thank you to all who have had a hand in this project. I will repay you with something, I promise!!

I will be posting the before's on the other blog today, hopefully! (cross your fingers....) haha

Blogger Bugs

Sometimes I hate blogger---- it randomly doesn't let me sign in!!

I've been trying for over a week to do a post, and it wouldn't let me! It would just process and process then say "this page cannot be displayed..blah blah". Grr!

But it's working today, finally! I am working on a few posts so check back on both blogs soon for updates with the girls and on the house.

Thanks for everyone who voted in the poll! I think I will post both since that's what the majority suggested. So, thanks again!

Have a great Monday!!



I have had a lot of requests for pictures of our renovation, but I don't know if y'all want me to post "BEFORE'S" and "AFTER'S" when it's all completed, or if you want "real time" progress shots???

Let me know so I can get them posted. They will be on the OTHER BLOG instead of here, just so you are aware!

so, VOTE!

thanks!! :)


...Avoiding on Purpose...

Redundant? Perhaps....

I have been on a blog strike.

I haven't even signed into Google in days. Don't be offended that I haven't been reading your blog posts. I care about you, but....

I think I am in denial....Actually, I know I'm in denial.

My life is in the middle of turning upside down. It will be fine when it actually reaches the "upside down" point, but right now, it's like I'm stuck sideways and all of my "stuff" is just flying around. The worst part is, I don't know when it will normalize again.

The past two (I guess, three) years have been a perpetual state of limbo. I never knew what to expect on any given day---from finding out we were having triplets, to fears of losing them during a rough pregnancy, to fears of losing them after their premature births, to not knowing how I was going to make it through any given day, and, although a lot has changed and my previous fears have subsided, new ones have developed. It's a really hard transition to go from pretty much a solid boring routine with no surprises to COMPLETE CHAOS! I've completely changed as a person. At this point, I just go with the flow and take almost everything that comes at me in stride (almost). :) But it still annoys me....

However, I couldn't be happier with my life. I have the best husband and wonderful, cute children that make it all worth it. But we all have our moments, right?

So, as expected, just as I'm starting to get the hang of 'not-getting-the-hang-of-things', everything changes----again!

As I mentioned previously, we are renovating and remodeling our much needed new home..... slowly but surely. Then I will need to pack up my current house--which, by the way, has been COMPLETELY neglected. (I guess I have just shut down knowing that it will all be sorted through and packed soon enough that I figure there is no point in doing it now...even though it causes much more additional stress at home.) So not having a for sure or even kind of an idea of when we are moving is really, really hard. Especially when everyday I try to keep my children from climbing the walls and getting into things that don't have a "place" and destroying it. For example a cook book that I was reading on the counter today is missing a page of the index and the back cover. I don't understand why they feel the need to completely dismantle EVERYTHING. But I'm getting off track again....

To make things worse, just as I feel I've gotten close to someone, they are leaving. Gosh. I can't even talk about it. I've been rather lonely since I moved here 6 years ago and find it hard to reach out to others. Having my girls and being indoors most of the time with them has not helped, but I definitely blame myself and my own "social anxiety" for my lack of close friends and loneliness. So when this person reached out to me and basically "forced" herself into my life, it was the best thing for me. I needed that push. (I don't mean forced in a negative way---she just wouldn't take a "no, we're fine" for an answer. I couldn't be more grateful) She didn't even know me and yet she offered to come to my house and help me clean. She folded massive piles of baby clothes and even DUSTED, for heaven's sake! {{What am I going to do without you??}} OK. Can't talk about it anymore. I am unable to see what I'm typing through the tears. I love you and I'll miss you. End of that pathetic sob story. :P

So, I have these ebbs and flows of emotions where sometimes I feel so positive about it all and sometimes it's downright depressing. But I'll make it through these events and feelings, just as I did before. Everything happens for a reason. I couldn't believe anything more.


Happy 2nd b-day, BLOGGY!

I forget that we have the same birthday, my little blog!

I am sorry I neglect you...often....but I will try to be better! I promise!

We've shared laughter, tears and we've even had a fight or two.

But, I LOVE YA, BLOG! Even if I don't always show it....


It's Official!!!

WE'RE MOVING!!!!!!!!

Woohoooo! It's been something we've been working on for six months now, but we are now getting to the point where it's a reality and we can share our secret with everyone! It's been killing me to keep quiet until we were really sure it was happening. :)

We are remodeling a three bedroom house in the same area we are currently living. Actually, it is Tony's childhood home. It will be fun to breath new life into this home and make it 'ours'. Tony will have his own enclosed office, the girls will have a large playroom, I will have my own small craft/sewing area, lots of little perks like a walk-in pantry and most importantly---a backyard for the girls!!!

I've been dreaming of decorating or building a house since I was a little girl. I will say that it is a lot more stressful than I ever expected it to be. I don't want that to sound ungrateful or snotty, because I am so so soooo appreciative for this opportunity. But there is so much more involved than I ever expected. And there is so much pressure to pick THE PERFECT everything. Stuff that is stylish, durable, timeless and the determining factor is price. It HAS to be a good value. We just don't have an unlimited amount of money to put in to this project so that has been the most time consuming part-----the constant and never ending research! Do you people know just how many PAINT COLORS THERE ARE IN THE WORLD???? I knew there were a lot, but seriously?? There is a paint color for every person in the world....if not more.....so not kidding. I stood there in Lowes (and Home Depot) for an hour, just looking at the paint sample cards.....and I picked probably one hundred different colors....from BOTH places! But I think I've narrowed it down to about 20---and somehow, I will probably use all 20! haha.

The kitchen cabinets were ordered last week, we picked out our gorgeous granite counters and today we ordered our flooring!! Oh boy, it's thrilling---but nerve wracking. I just can't wait to get all the work done and move in! Hopefully this summer.

I will go into more detail about the specifics and projects on my other blog, but I wanted to share this news will all of my blogging buddies! Maybe this will explain partly why I've been so stressed lately...like I said, partly....



I'm having a rough one today.

My throat hurts from screaming at my children.

Yes, screaming. Judge away, if you must. I don't care.

I'm sure most of you have more control than I do, but I've reached my breaking point.

I repeatedly told my children to stay away from the blinds and the curtains but they just won't listen. Apparently while I was out of the room trying to get something accomplished, they found a marker under the couch and proceded to draw on the blinds, window, couch, lamp shade, pillows, couch again, their outfits, hands and finally their faces.

I was too enraged to take pictures, and I'm sure I'll regret that.

So much to do and I can't do anything. I'm so frustrated and sick of all of it. I love my children, but I'm going insane.

An honest post from me.


SO out of the loop.....

I've been unable to be on the blog for almost two months and I feel so disconnected from everyone and the world around me! Sadly, this is how I communicate with a lot of people and it's killing me! Not to mention it's probably going to take hours to back-read everyone's blogs! (IF YOU ARE NOT ON MY BLOGROLL TO THE RIGHT---PLEEEEEEAAAAAASE GIVE ME YOUR BLOG ADDRESS!! I AM MISSING A LOT OF BLOGS AND I MISS YOU!!)

Life has been unbelievably crazy and it is only the beginning of the craziness. You probably won't hear from me again for a while, but I'm going to try and post some pics of our recent trip to Utah. (We just got back last night, so give me some time to get reorganized and my pics downloaded) :)
It was so great to see family and friends. Thanks to everyone for helping out and spending time with us. We loved every minute!!



Avery Look-Alikes

So, maybe Avery has a very common look---or I don't know what. But I, and a lot of other people, tend to find or see kids that remind them of her.

Here are two of the best examples.

1. There is a painting called "Snow Angels" by Robert Duncan and the little girl in the painting looks a lot like Avery. My sister and dad told me about it. See for yourself:

2. There was a web video circulating about 18 months ago, which was then turned into a commercial, that so many people have said reminded them of Avery (besides the fact that the child is a boy, but Avery had boy hair for a long time when she was a tiny baby). The laugh and everything was dead on. Eerily so. I'm sure you've seen it, but it's really cute, so watch it again. I DARE YOU to try not to laugh. I remember the first time seeing it (pretty sure on Ellen?) and thinking "wow--that is AVERY!" But it wasn't...obviously... :)

(I tried to post the video here, but I'm not smart enough...sorry.)


Weekend Fun

This was a fun weekend, aside from the colds we all have. Avery and Jordyn and Tony seem to be on the mend. Poor Ashleigh, who always gets the worst of it, and myself seem to be in the thick of the sickness. Yippie.
Saturday Tony had a black tie awards banquet for his work that we attended. It was fun to get all dolled up. Stressful to find appropriate clothing and such, but still very fun. I look forward to several of these types of events in the coming years. You can read more about my adventures in clothing and accessories for the night here.
Then Sunday was the Super Bowl. Tony is a huge fan of the Steelers. His dad was born and raised in the Pittsburgh area, so it's in the blood I think. We went over to the LaPlaca's house in the afternoon for food and the game. The girls were a bit mellower than usual because they were sick, and that was fine with me (and everyone else!) It was a fun time. We are glad that the Steelers are the champs again! Here are some pics of the day:
Big head. Tiny feet.
A face only a mother could love......


Ashy crashing the party...

Ashy and Momma in our Steelers black and gold!


I Made a Boo-Boo....

Hi Everyone!

In my haste to update the blog, I forgot to copy and paste my BlogRoll before that widget was deleted. Yikes!!

So here's your chance!

If you want to be super cool and awesome, give me your blog address and I'll add you to my NEW, AMAZING BlogRoll!! :)

Just kidding. You are all super cool anyway.

::but I want to blog-stalk you:: heeheehee

So leave it in the comments section or on the new ChatBox. (Or do both! I'm anxious to see how this ChatBox thing works!)

I know I could just go to the blogs I somehow remember, look at their lists, copy those blogs down, add them to my list and blah blah blah. But why go to all that trouble when you guys could do the work for me?? ; )

Thanks for helping me correct my mistake!

Have a great day!



New Year=New Blog

(Even though 2009 is not so new anymore. Where did January go? Can anyone tell me???)

The girls are another year older and it's about time to update the blog background and header. I've been working on this for a year off and on, but just haven't gotten it right--until now! SO---I'm unveiling the "new" blog! Although, don't get your heart set on anything fantastic. I am just really slow. :/

I've decided to try and update the header with more recent pics as the year goes on...maybe with the change of seasons. No promises, because blogging has to take a back seat to my crazy life more often than not. But I'm gonna try!

I've also started a personal blog "I'm No Expert" so please check that whenever you feel you have the time! It will be my crafty (or not so crafty-depending on the situation), creative and other miscellaneous postings blog. (I will still post about our kids and our family on this blog but everything else will be on the other one. Clear as mud, right?)

I don't know how I'm going to keep TWO blogs updated when I haven't been able to keep up with ONE, but I'm going to make it a goal! Let me know what you think! I'm excited for this fresh new start in a brand new year!


Chatty Kathys

I started this post back in October. Here is what I wrote back then:

"It's almost like someone just flipped a switch. ---Literally--- yesterday my girls were not very verbal and used a series of annoying 'grunts' and 'whines' and all manner of chalkboard-scratching-like noises. But all of the sudden--they are saying words! Not just 'mama' and 'dada' and 'night-night'. Things like 'blanket' (bin-tet or binty), 'box', 'open' (ope-ee), 'stuck' and other seriously cute things, some of which we had no idea they even knew. Jordyn is still quite behind and just doesn't know how to form her words yet, but she does try. Avery's voice is the absolute most adorable little tiny high-pitched pixie voice. Even though she says 'ope-ee' a bazillion times, over and over again, the sound she makes is so cute we just have to laugh. My favorite thing is when they say each others' names. Or rather, *attempt* to say each others names. Oh man. That is so cute. And their names are not that easy to say."

Obviously, things have changed IMMENSELY since then. I wish I would have been able to finish it but I will continue it and update it! They are all talking soooo much. I just love hearing it. Even if some words don't come out--how should I say---PG rated??

Avery has got a bad potty mouth problem, except she doesn't know it. Poor baby. I'm afraid she will have to stay home from church until she can learn to say certain words like "FROG" or "FINGER" or "FATHER". Which are all pretty commonly used words. I'm sure you can just imagine my little two year old running around repeating over and over again "#$%#", "%&%^&", "#$%*&"!!! I promise, we are working on it. Another Avery issue is that many words are the same. Such as: "cracker" and "tractor" are both 'track-too'. Or purple, paper and pillow are all 'pah-poo'. She is so funny. A lot of things she says have an "uh" before it. Like, "uh--dada!", when she sees Tony or when one of us comes back from somewhere, it's "uh--back!". Always said in an exclamatory tone. The other day she tripped and fell on her back and yelled at the top of her lungs "I fall!!" It was so funny that that was her first sentence. Tony asked her if she was ok and she said "NO!" :) It's so fun to hear them actually conversing with us and each other. They are growing up, there is no denying it now! For a long time everything that she couldn't move, including herself when she was in her car seat or highchair, was "Stuck!" We explained to her that when she is in her car seat she is supposed to be stuck. I don't think she gets that yet...

Ashleigh is our "sentence" maker. I put sentence with " " marks because she just puts a long string of nearly all the words she knows together like, "mamadadasissyback". Or she will even make up a string of sounds, then add a 'real' word on the end like "Ahda baba doda, dadda!" She totally knows what she means to say....it's just up to the rest of us to figure it out! She has the funniest personality and the most hilarious, guttural, old man laugh. I need to figure out how to get that on here before she stops doing it because it is something that I need to document. It will seriously brighten your day. I wish I could make it my cell phone ring tone. I have yet to figure that out as well.

Jordyn, as I mentioned before, was a slow talker. I was days away from having her in speech therapy. Honestly. Then, out of the blue, she just began talking! Granted, she has a tough time actually forming her words, but she is trying. It has been so great to hear her funny little lisp-y voice. Her favorite thing to eat is anything adult and non baby-y. Sandwiches have been her favorite thing FOREVER. When she was tiny and not even on solid food yet, she would stare at every bite of a sandwich we would take. One day, when I was sitting down to eat a sandwich (with her, of course) she said "Sammy!!" It was so adorable we just laughed. We never told her to say that. She just came up with it all on her own. She also loves to point out everything she can name and yell it out over and over again until you acknowledge her smartness. "ball!" "ball!" "ball!" We have to say "Yes Jordyn! That's a ball!" before she will stop. It's so funny. And I think she feels so happy to be able to say words now and can't help but practice as often as she can. UPDATE: I forgot to mention that when she drops anything or trips (which happens quite often) she says "Oh Dear!" The other day she was standing on a bucket and began to lean trying to reach something and the bucket tipped and she fell flat on her tummy. Instead of crying or saying "owie" she exclaimed, "Oh DEAR!" Makes me laugh SO hard. I have no idea where she heard that, but she's picked it up and made it a regular part of her speech.

It's interesting that there are some certain words that each of them say differently. For example, Avery says "diaper" like "ah-boo". Asheligh says it like "bah-poo" and Jordyn says it like "bopper". Or, another funny one is "garbage". Jordyn says it like "sah-bay" (like she's french or something, lol). Avery says it like "darby" (which, incidentally, is the name of the girl's camp I went to as a teenager) and Ashleigh says it like "sobby" or dobby" which is kind of a combination of her sister's versions. It just is one of the many ways I receive confirmation that they are, indeed, different people! They may have been born at the same time, but they are surely very unique from each other. And I LOVE that.

But then there are words that one or two of them may have said correctly to begin with, but because one of her sisters couldn't say it, it would be copied with the 'incorrect' version. "Cup" is a prime example of that. Avery and Jordyn both could say it correctly. But Ashleigh could only say "tup" so now they all say "tup". And "cookie" is "tootie" for everyone now.

So, sometimes, they influence each other for good. But most of the time, they influence each other for bad. HAHA! Isn't that kind of a metaphor for life? I think most people are more easily influence to the 'bad' side than the good. But the good influence does happen and that fact makes it seem even more triumphant when it actually does occur. I don't mean that to sound pessimistic. Quite the opposite, really. We all just have to try harder to influence each other in positive ways rather than allowing ourselves to be so easily swayed by negative influences that seem to be all around us. I'll *try* to tell my kids that....wish me luck!! :)