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Much Anticipated Bloggy Awards!

I won!

(See sticker to the right>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>)

And now I get to do my own nominations!

So here's the lowdown (I plagiarized Nats words because they are so perfectly written):

1. The winners (whomever I nominate) get to put this same little sticker thingy on their blog. It's like the cool club or something.
2. Link back to me, because it's all about internet traffic and about getting more visits to your own blog and to other's. A giving tree of sorts.
3. Nominate 5 other blogs. (This part is going to be hard for me because there are so many stinking good ones out there that I read.)
4. Link up to said awesome blogs.
5. Leave a message on those blogs so they can get all flustered and butterfly-y and blush-y like I did when Nat left a comment saying she nominated me.

And the nominees are: (((drum roll.....)))

1. Katy- Everyone I know 'oohs' and 'ahhs' over her blog and all the "stuff" she creates o…

I Finally Did It!

This is going to come out entirely wrong, but I promise I will explain what I mean.

I finally showered on my own!!

That truly is the most accurate and succinct way of putting it.

Now before your mind starts processing...WHAT I MEAN IS... Yesterday, for the FIRST time since the girls were born, I didn't have to have another person in my house to be with my children while I showered!! WOO HOO!! (technically, I tried it once before, but the girls were all strapped in their little seats in the bathroom with me and I had to have the sliding shower door open so they could see me. They screamed the entire time. I was lucky to get the shampoo rinsed out of my hair that day. I swore that I would NEVER do that again.) I've always had to make plans in advance for when I wanted to shower. Either I had to work around my husbands unpredictable schedule or arrange for my mother in law to come over or something. And a lot of the time felt I had to 'hurry' so everyone could get back to wh…

I'm tuckered...

I can't seem to wake up today! I feel like this little girl:

I hate when our schedule gets off. I use the word 'schedule' loosely, because it changes every day. But sometimes it happens on purpose and sometimes not. OK, most of the time not. But yesterday I had a 'girly' doc appointment and my doc had never seen the girls. She was the one who first told me there were three in my tummy when I was 8 weeks along. I hadn't seen her since, so I wanted her to meet the crazies. Unfortunately, when I called back in May, they only opening she had was in October at 12:15---smack dab in the middle of naptime. So I decided that we would just have one nap instead of the usual two--which we do sometimes in emergency situations. At the docs office, they were just OK. Not outstanding, but OK. We only had one juice cup spill all over the carpet in the waiting room. And their books only hit one person three times. Jordyn had a separation anxiety temper-tantrum, but other than tha…