Much Anticipated Bloggy Awards!

I won!

(See sticker to the right>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>)

And now I get to do my own nominations!

So here's the lowdown (I plagiarized Nats words because they are so perfectly written):

1. The winners (whomever I nominate) get to put this same little sticker thingy on their blog. It's like the cool club or something.
2. Link back to me, because it's all about internet traffic and about getting more visits to your own blog and to other's. A giving tree of sorts.
3. Nominate 5 other blogs. (This part is going to be hard for me because there are so many stinking good ones out there that I read.)
4. Link up to said awesome blogs.
5. Leave a message on those blogs so they can get all flustered and butterfly-y and blush-y like I did when Nat left a comment saying she nominated me.

And the nominees are: (((drum roll.....)))

1. Katy- Everyone I know 'oohs' and 'ahhs' over her blog and all the "stuff" she creates on there and how great of a photographer and writer she is---including myself! She's also a great friend on top of that. So that is why I am nominating her.

2. Nat- She nominated me and she's received a Bloggy already, but I love reading her posts. She makes me laugh so hard. Her kids are adorable and they get into mischief all the time. Love her.

3. Lianna- A good friend I've known for over 12 years. We've recently reconnected and I've loved reading about her cute family on her blog. She has blown through obstacles with a smile and a positive attitude. She is such an inspiration to me and everyone she knows!

4. Casey- She's another triplet mommy who somehow finds the time to post several times a week, if not every day. She is someone who can understand exactly what I am experiencing and that is such a comfort! Plus, her cute girls crack me up.

5. Gen- She is a quad mommy---need I say more??? I've never actually met her in 'real life' but we belong to the same HOM (high order multiples) group, as does Casey. Her kids are adorable and she seems so kind and optimistic! I hope to meet her some day soon...

Please don't be upset if you are not included on this list. I enjoy everyone's blogs, from simple to extravagent. I love you all and you all deserve awards for being great friends and people who inspire me to be a better person!


I Finally Did It!

This is going to come out entirely wrong, but I promise I will explain what I mean.

I finally showered on my own!!

That truly is the most accurate and succinct way of putting it.

Now before your mind starts processing...WHAT I MEAN IS... Yesterday, for the FIRST time since the girls were born, I didn't have to have another person in my house to be with my children while I showered!! WOO HOO!! (technically, I tried it once before, but the girls were all strapped in their little seats in the bathroom with me and I had to have the sliding shower door open so they could see me. They screamed the entire time. I was lucky to get the shampoo rinsed out of my hair that day. I swore that I would NEVER do that again.) I've always had to make plans in advance for when I wanted to shower. Either I had to work around my husbands unpredictable schedule or arrange for my mother in law to come over or something. And a lot of the time felt I had to 'hurry' so everyone could get back to what they needed to do.

But today I got them all to sleep and I thought I would give it a shot.

Jordyn was asleep on the couch.

Ashleigh and Avery were asleep in the crib.

I was alone!!


I know you are probably thinking, 'doesn't that happen every day?' No. It is only by a few miracles that all three of them sleep at once, for the same duration, at any given point in the day. Even if they all fall asleep at the same time, usually Jordyn will wake up and cry for me or need me there with her long before the other two wake.

I sprinted into the shower, occasionally opening the door to listen for screams. But I didn't necessarily rush because I didn't want to ruin the chance that I just *might* have a leisurely shower free from children. I heard nothing but the sweet sounds of silence! I got out of the shower and put my ear up to the monitor to see if I could even hear the rustling sound of their feet on the mattress. All was quiet! I peered around the corner to see if Jordyn was still asleep. She had shifted positions, but was still sound asleep. Yippie! I had to text Tony to tell him my news! He replied, "Atta girl". I was so ecstatic. So I decide to push my luck a little further....

I proceeded to give myself a mini-facial, I painted my finger nails, did a hair treatment and then I finally heard a noise behind me. In bounded Jordyn. Happy and awake. And I was truly happy to see her! I even painted her toe nails for being such a good sleeper.

I know this probably all sounds so minuscule to you, but to me, I feel like I've won a war! Or a battle. Is that too negative? OK, maybe I feel like I've won a gold medal! =}



I'm tuckered...

I can't seem to wake up today! I feel like this little girl:

I hate when our schedule gets off. I use the word 'schedule' loosely, because it changes every day. But sometimes it happens on purpose and sometimes not. OK, most of the time not. But yesterday I had a 'girly' doc appointment and my doc had never seen the girls. She was the one who first told me there were three in my tummy when I was 8 weeks along. I hadn't seen her since, so I wanted her to meet the crazies. Unfortunately, when I called back in May, they only opening she had was in October at 12:15---smack dab in the middle of naptime. So I decided that we would just have one nap instead of the usual two--which we do sometimes in emergency situations. At the docs office, they were just OK. Not outstanding, but OK. We only had one juice cup spill all over the carpet in the waiting room. And their books only hit one person three times. Jordyn had a separation anxiety temper-tantrum, but other than that, they were OK. So my doc came out and met them, I had my appointment and we went home. They were all in bed by 2-ish and slept until 4-ish. Just perfect, right?

Well, Tony had a softball game that night and wouldn't be home before the girls would go to bed (since 1 nap=early bedtime). I started getting them ready to go to sleep---brush teeth, change diapers, say prayers and give night-night hugs and kisses and Ash and Ave went down in their crib. Yes, I said crib. Remember this? Well, I'd had it with the whole climb in and out thing so I came up with a solution:

Welcome to 'Giant Crib Land'

(I hooked them together and stuffed a down comforter in between mattress gaps. It still smashes down [even with two pillows under it] so if you can think of something firmer that will fit in a 6 inch or less space, let me know.)

Well, this idea works pretty well, but they do play a little more. At least I'm not worried about them 'visiting' each other and hurting themselves...as much.

Anyways, back to the story. So I get them in their crib around 8:20. A little later than I wanted, but when I'm alone, the process takes a little longer. I hear them talking and giggling, but this usually happens for a while then they settle down. Now I could focus on getting Jordyn to sleep. Yes we have issues with that, but it's what we have to deal with. So I'm trying to calm her down and get her to sleep but she is just not having it. Which is weird because she only had one nap and usually they go to bed pretty quickly when they are exhausted. It's now 9:45 and the other two girls have JUST gone silent and Jordyn is still wide awake wanting to color and do all manner of non-sleepy-time things. Grr. Tony gets home and sees she's still awake. I continue to try until Tony finally goes to bed just before midnight, leaving me with a still very awake Jordy. I finally get her to sleep at 1AM. Meanwhile, I'm laying awake thinking of 'stuff'--the many numerous thoughts that plague me when I have nothing else going on and if I get to 'thinking' when I lay down at night, I will do so for hours. So, unfortunately, I did. I finally drifted off around 2AM and awake to a wailing sound coming from the girls room at 3AM. This is not unusual because Ashleigh has, what I assume to be, night terrors. She will cry this loud, piercing cry about 4 times then be silent again. Well, this time she wasn't stopping. And it was getting hysterical. So I sneak away from Jordy {{praying}} she won't wake up, because if she did, there would be NO sleep that night. I tip toe into the girls room hoping not to wake Avery (she is used to the Ashy screams so she sleeps through it). When I peek in, I see Ashleigh standing directly over Avery screaming at the top of her lungs. Avery pops up to see me. So I hurry and get Tony so we can each hold one and try calming them down. We go into their room, pick them up, assess that there isn't really anything wrong, and put them down. Ashleigh protested a little, but calmed down. For about a half an hour. Then she cried again. This time only a couple times then she went back to sleep. Thank our lucky stars that Avery went back to sleep and Jordyn never woke up. So back to bed for me (again, laying there for about an hour). Finally I'm sleeping. Jordyn isn't bothering me and all in all, the rest of this night shouldn't be that bad. Then at 6:30 the street scrapers come by. Most of you don't know what that is. Let me try and explain. Here in Cali, people put their lawn clippings and weeds and whatever other garden excesses they have out in the street. Then a big loud truck comes by and scoops up the piles with big metal pinchers, and then, like a bulldozer, the pinchers raise up and dump their loads into the back. Now, Imagine what big metal scrapers sound like on asphalt. Ahh, yes. At 6:30AM. Lovely. So I'm awake. I finally get back to sleep when Avery decides she's not tired anymore and wants company from Ashleigh so she cries and cries to try and wake her up around 8AM. I cover my ears and hope to make it to 9. Ash wakes up and they both want out. Luckily Tony went and got them on his way out the door. They play loudly inside the gate while Jordy and I get 20 more minutes of 'sleep'. Finally, they wake Jordy up with their loud banging of every one of their loudest toys and I have to get up. Ugh.


Naps for all, today!