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PawPaw and MawMaw Visit!

I'm a little behind in my posts (yeah, I know. what's new, eh?)

My parents came to visit the first week of November and we had such a fabulous time with them. The girls had been preparing for weeks for their visit. We would count down the days by asking them, "Guess who's coming in (x amount) days?" and they would say "ummmmm.....PawPaw and MawMaw!!!!!!!" (Or as Jordy says, "Sampa and Sammaw" She's getting better...) We did this for probably two weeks until they FINALLY got here! :)

We had LOTS of projects to work on, like making the girls dresses for a friend's cowboy themed birthday party, building our pantry and just making sure we spent tons of time together having fun. On Thursday we went up to Apple Hill for the second time. We went with them two years ago for the first time and just loved it. I hope we can make it a yearly tradition!!

We are so happy whenever our PawPaw and MawMaw get to visit. We hope to see you guys again, soon! …


This blog post is dedicated to my girls, all the doctors and nurses who helped them arrive in this world safely and continue to thrive and to all the other little babies who have been born too soon.

I've already mentioned that today is the "National Prematurity Awareness Day" and the March of Dimes "Fight for Preemies" blog post day in this post.

Here are several photos of my babies when they were in the hospital. I couldn't help but cry as I looked through these photos. Such a happy, sad and scary time. And we were some of the 'lucky' ones.... D-DAY 34 weeks and 2 days (I've had several people ask, so here it is)

Together for the first time since the womb. Avery and Jordyn came home that day, but Ashleigh took a turn for the worse and was in critical condition for two more weeks. Such a bittersweet day.
We are doing well now and have "caught up" in virtually every area. We are so blessed to have been given the best medical care that helped…

Halloween '09-- "PURRRRRR!"

Yes, we were kittens this year. Mostly because I had been stewing over costumes for months without any inspiration. My mother in law bought the girls these cute halloween stripey pants and shirts with two black kitty cats on them and I decided to take the easy way out and paint some whiskers on the girls and call them "kittens". I made some dorky ears out of paper and stuck them to some headbands (of which only one broke that night, surprizingly. And AFTER trick or treating! miracles!) I pinned some black knee-highs (that I bought when the girls were tiny to make headbands---and never did) on their bums for tails.

This is what I consider their first "real" Halloween because before, they were totally oblivious to the costume and didn't really get the whole Halloween thing. This year, they were excited to be kitty cats and say 'trick or treat' and hold out the bags for candy. They get the concept---even if they do call their costumes their "Halloween…