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My BABIES are TWO!!!

I can't even believe it! What a long strange trip it's been.... and it's only just begun! (A bunch of cliches, yes, but all so applicable!)
Here is a small sample of our exciting journey thus far......


We wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone has had a wonderful year and I hope that 2009 is everyone's best year yet. -LOVE and PEACE- The LaPlacas

I make a motion.....

.....To postpone Christmas until February.

Anyone second the motion????

**It's not like I've had 11 months and 20-some odd days to prepare for it this year**



I must confess, I don't love the tree I decorated. I like parts of it, actually I love parts of it, but as a whole, I think I screwed it up. I was thinking about it as I tried to fall asleep, but then when I actually did fall asleep, it was only to wake up a few hours later and agonize over it in my mind for hours. I can see in my head what I did wrong and if I could, I would completely start over. Too bad the Festival starts in 31 minutes. Oh well. I hope someone buys it and they can re-do it, if they want to. The hard part about doing a 'Festival' tree is every ornament, garland, etc. etc. on the tree has to be permanently wired on. Last year I did the 'hang it on, then go back and tighten each one on with wire' thing. It was hard, time consuming and I'm sure some were completely missed. So this year I tightened each one as I hung them. It was quicker, but the drawback was that once they were hung, they were staying....forever. That was my first mistake. The …


I just got home from spending 5 fun hours decorating a Christmas tree for the 2008 Festival Of Trees so if you live in my town or surrounding area, PLEASE go see the awesome trees. They are even better than last year! I'm WAY impressed. The proceeds go to the Cathedral Square Homeless Program so it's a really worthwhile cause.

Go visit! It runs from Thursday until Sunday at the Downtown Mall.

Pictures to follow soon!!


OK, I confess.....
My title is a little misleading. This post will contain no talk of spooks or turkey.

But it DOES entail another 'smilebox' slide show of this year's Halloween and a short recounting of Thanksgiving.

Sorry to get anyone's hopes up....

Here's the slide show (Smilebox is my new fave. So cute and easy. And free. FREE!!)

Make a Smilebox slideshow

Thanksgiving is a great time to reflect upon all the things that we can all be 'thankful' for. I don't even think I can list them all. But the the thing I am most grateful for is my family. Without them, I would have nothing. I have a great and oh-so-helpful husband, adorable children (who are healthy!) and a loving extended family that is always there to lend a helping hand or postive reinforcement when I need it. This Thanksgiving was especially hard to be away from my side of the family for some reason, but I know I will see them soon. {Well, sometime in the next year ;) } But I love them all and I a…