Seriously? A MONTH???

I honestly do not believe that it's been an entire month since we've moved in. Yet, it feels like a millennia (mostly at night). I don't want to jinx it, but just in the last week, the girls have been sleeping through the night, even with colds! They REALLY have had a hard time adjusting to their new house and beds and room. I'm sure it's so scary to have nearly everything you find familiar taken from you. Poor babies. But I figured the '21 day habit' rule would apply, and it's pretty much held true! It's been so nice to get a solid 7 hours of sleep each night. Although, I've been sick too so I have been waking up stuffy and coughing a little, but I'll take it over lying on the hard floor in their room just praying that their eyes will close and they won't pop their little heads up to make sure I haven't left the room!!! :/

But the girls have been overjoyed to have their own space to stretch out in and explore. I can already see growth in their motor skills and even their interactions have improved. We have also tried potty training for a couple weeks now and they are hot and cold. Some days we have 8 or 9 'stars' per child on the 'Potty Time' chart, and then there are days when there are none. Sometimes I can't get them to sit on it no matter WHAT I try. But I'm not going to force it because I don't want it to become a punishment. We had ONE good morning in 'big girl underwear' until one of them decided to NOT use the potty---which was 5 feet away. They immediately went back into diapers. Probably not the smartest idea, but I just couldn't handle it that day. I will try again in a couple days when I can just commit to doing just that (ha ha, right?) No really, we are just going to stay home for three days and I will be following them around 24/7. Sounds fun, right??? I wish I had the money to just hire someone to do it for me!! (I sound like one of those 'Real Housewives' people now....shame on me!) Ugh. I dread. But it's necessary. We already bough 30 pairs of underwear (we can discuss the usage of the word 'pair' when referring to underwear and pants another day----makes NO sense to me AT ALL....)

We are no where near being unpacked. As we speak, Tony is still packing boxes and boxes of 'stuff' that we still have at the other house. We have to get everything out by tomorrow because it is being painted and then next Tuesday there is new carpet coming in. I just am so overwhelmed because we can't find time to get it all done. It's so daunting. I'm not good at balancing all the demands I have---kids, husband, two houses, church callings and other volunteer positions....when will I ever figure it out??? We just barely brought things like dishes, measuring cups/spoons, and mixing bowls over last week (Thanks to my mom and sister, Shaunie! A post to come about their visit coming soon!) Our poor garbage man with our over-flowing cans of paper products!! Good thing we also have recycling pick-up here!
I've really tried to get into the habit of having the girls help clean up their playroom before naps and nighttime every day. We've done well so far, but the past couple of days I just can't seem to get it together. I'm letting the stress of it all get to me again. But I will gather myself up and start again tomorrow. At least that's my goal, anyway!

One thing I've learned is that hard surface floors are a lot more work than carpet. Not only do you have to remove the debris by sweeping or vacuuming, but then you have to mop it. And our floor has a matte finish to it so every droplet or toe-print is visible! Annoying! Not only do I, first, vacuum it, but next, I steam mop it to sanitize and THEN I have to mop it with a special 'polish' cleaner. Just to do the main living areas takes me an hour! Uh, yeah...I have that kind of time...NOT! Needless to say I went from doing that everyday to every other day (or, to be more honest, I have decided to lower my standards a bit and live with the never-ending foot prints and droplets. I can only stand so much 'driving-me-crazy-ness' that I have to let some things go. shh. don't tell...)

But all in all, it's so wonderful. And someday it will be all put together and decorated.

I dream of that day.

Just don't ask when that might be..........


Katy said…
wish I could drive out with my girls and help you for a few days. Maybe I will ponder it... when our house is done.
Thanks for an update, btw... I am SO glad they are sleeping through the night... and honestly the potty training thing, in my opinion is exactly what you said, you have to be miserable and on top of it for like a week- a month or else you are randomly dedicated here and there and it takes like 6 months. I would rather go through 1, you?

I have dark laminate floors and I second your annoyance. Seriously?! I do it about twice a week and just sweep each day...I can't just be mopping all the time (plus drying! because it shows the water marks)

Have you started your festival tree yet?
You book yourself tight chels-

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