Lost in the shuffle.....

No, I'm not talking about my lack of blogging....wait....maybe I am.....yeah, I guess technically I am...

I have failed to mention that Tony and I celebrated our 6th Wedding Anniversary on the 12th this month and our 5th Eternal Anniversary on the 11th. We weren't able to go out (YET! Unless you count going to the grocery store with the girls...which sadly, is a fun 'outing' for us) but Tony did bring home some lovely things for me and our new house (and most were on clearance! I LOVE that he saved some money, too!!!!)

-a clothes steamer with attachments for cleaning! Awesome!

-a toaster

-a couple silicone trivets and kitchen towels by MARTHA

-a couple sauce pans

-'The Princess Bride' movie on BluRay-which he hates but knows I love.
("Anybody wanna peanut??")

-some gorgeous red roses

-And a TO DIE FOR chocolate cake---I think it was called "Chocolate Kiss". It had layers of chocolate cake filled with strawberry glaze, strawberry cream frosting, topped with chocolate ganache and chocolate covered strawberries. Oh-MAH-Gosh. SOOO delish. It could be a new tradition! :D

Thank you HONEY for being a very supportive and hardworking husband and father. I don't deserve you!
I love you.


eugene said…
Congratulation and many many more wedding annivesary to come..

Steph said…
Wow!!! 6 and 5 years? Congrats!!!

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