Father's Day Continued.....

((Apparently you have to click on 'view full screen' to see the Father's Day thing I did for Tony. Sorry. Don't know what happened.))

I also wanted to pay tribute to my own father. He and my mom were recently here for three weeks or so to help us on the house. Words can't express my gratitude to both of them for their manual labor (yes, watching the girls is manual labor, too...trust me...)

We were able to do SOOO much thanks to my parents. We would have been lost had they not come to help us get the house ready and watch the kids. Every time I go to the "new house" to work, they say "help sampa (grandpa) clean?"---they still think Grandpa is over there, haha. too cute. I just say yes, because they don't get that 'Idaho' is a LOT further away...oh well. When we take them over there for the first time, we might have some explaining to do....lol. We love you guys and can't wait for you to come back soon!

Here is a really cute video of my dad giving the girls "horsey rides". I don't know if anyone else knows what these are, but usually it's done ONE child at a time! It's pretty short. And very cute. (However, the "horsey" will be filing for worker's comp---he nearly didn't make it! hahaaaaa)

Belated Father's Day wishes to my Father in Law as well. We are so grateful for the support you give to Tony and I and for making all of our dreams a reality. We can't thank you enough for all you do for us and the girls---They love their PaPa!

I want to express my gratitude to all of the other "fathers" in my life--my Gramps, uncles, extended family members and friends. You are all such great people and role models. I appreciate everything you have shared with me throughout the years.


HAPPY FATHER'S DAY (a little late) :)


Casey's trio said…
What a cute video! Love their laughter...and grandpa looks like he was having a great time too!!
Kathy said…
How awesome you guys got a little break! Yay! And yes, 3 giggling girls is a wonderful sound! They are adorable!
Aren't fathers great?? The video is so so cute! You need to post them more often! So great to see your girls in that way! I miss you!

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