A few things

Today has been really good and not so good.

Avery is rolling all over the place. Instead of crawling, rolling is her main form of transportation. It's so funny. I love to see it. She also just wants to stand instead of sit. They can all roll from tummy to back and have for a while now. Ashleigh can get up on her knees really well and can almost roll over---- but only when no one's watching. The minute we look at her she stops and has this 'guilty' look on her face, like, 'uh oh--they saw me!'. She is the 'undercover developer' (as we call her). One day she will just do something out of the blue. We fully expect to one day say something to her and she will spout out full sentences or something. haha. Jordyn just wants to lay, but she is the longest sitter. She has no interest in walking yet. She is only just 'thinking' about crawling right now.

That was the good part of the day.

So, I have wanted to cook this specific meal since I saw it on Rachel Ray a few months back (i watch the food network at night because it's the only thing NOT showing infomercials after midnight). I have been collecting the ingredients for a while now and finally got all of them today (well, Tony got them). I started the pasta boiling and I started to heat the pan with the EVOO (nod to rachel) for the ground beef. In the meantime I was looking for one specific ingredient and couldn't find it. It turns out that they didn't put it into the bag at the store. Oh well...no biggie. It was just allspice. We can do without. SO I went to put the hamburger in the pan and HOLY MOLY. I guess it got overheated and when I put the beef in, it splattered everywhere, but mostly on my hands and a little on my shin. I instantly started to blister on my knuckles. I am so dumb. But OWWWWWWW it hurt (and still does). This is the first real meal I've cooked since before the girls were born and I was so excited to finally do it. Guess I'm out of practice. I've kept ice on it for most of the night but when I went to pick Avery up of the couch, I rubbed the skin right of one of the big blisters. Crimenies...that hurt. So now I'm all gauzed and taped and every time I go to use my hands, it really hurts.

So that was my day. Fun huh? Tony has the girls all laughing. So at least it's a good ending :)


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