I've jinxed us....

Why did I have to say it??

We spent 4 hours last night in the ER with Avery----the only one I said HADN'T made a trip back to the hospital since the girls were born. Well, now all three have done it. I guess she felt left out or something....you know, 'the other two had mommy and daddy time'---so why shouldn't she? sheesh.

She started having this weird crying/grunting/breathing thing, a fever and had a whole bunch of mucous in her nose, mouth and she threw up a huge amount. There was so much that she wouldn't eat or anything. She was doing this inconsolably for about 45 minutes. Sunday she was ok, just a fever (along with the other two). Then, yesterday she had two big spells so we called the doctor to see what we should do. By the time we heard back, it was after office hours. He scheduled an appointment for this morning, but said that if she did it again to take her to the ER. Well, she did and we went. They took x-rays and they were clear, but she had rapid breathing (about 75 breaths per minute--normal is 40-50). They gave her a breathing treatment with albuterol (spell?) and it cleared her airway but she was still breathing rapidly. They didn't seem too concerned, though. Then when we were ready to leave, she spit up more mucous and I noticed there were some tiny streaks of blood in it. I showed the doc and he swabbed it to see if there was blood in it (I totally see CSI and wonder if the swab will turn purple when dripped with that chemical). He came back and said it didn't change colors but to keep an eye open for more. Huh...ok...thanks. They sent us home with a home nebulizer (spell?) in case she had any more spells and said it was just a respiratory virus. (The same thing they told us about Ashleigh when we took her 11 days ago and also the baby that was behind the curtain next to us---hmmm. suspect).

Well, we took her in to the appointment at the docs office this morning anyway. We took Jordyn too because she still had a fever. (Higher than what normally comes along with teething). He looked at both and said "They have 'hand, foot and mouth'." Oh great. I guess it's a common childhood illness that causes a fever, a rash and lesions on the throat that you usually only get once in your life. How did the ER doctor NOT see the sores on Avery's throat? Whatever. Our doc said that Ashleigh probably had it too and that they were all going to get worse before getting better. The only thing we can do it medicate them for fever and pain and make sure they get liquids. This is on top of teething. Joy of all joys. Why does everything have to happen all at once?? Oh well...hopefully it will be gone by next Monday like the doc said. That would be nice. I'm just glad Tony's mom retired on Friday so she can be here to help with my extra-needy babies. I haven't slept more than a couple hours a night in about a week. I'm so tired. Actually, fatigued is the word. Thankfully, I was able to lay down with Jordyn once and Avery once today for a total of about an hour and a half. It has made a huge difference. Now I hope I can just get a shower in..haha. funny.

On a brighter note, I am working on getting their 4th of July photos taken...however, getting three babies to smile and be cute and happy when they have fevers and sore throats is not an easy task. But, I have the rest of today to try...wish me luck!!


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