She finally got it out!

Two days ago, when I was changing her, Jordyn finally let out a real giggle!

They've all had moments where you go, "I think that was a laugh!", but they are so brief that you have to kind of convince yourself that's what it was. For example, when we were giving Ashleigh a bath the other day, she made a sound like a nervous laugh, but she wasn't really smiling. It was really cute, though.

Anyways, I went to pull the shirt over Jordyn's head and she just let out this giggle with a big gummy grin! I called Tony in to hear and I pretended to pull the shirt over her head again and she did it again! Yay! A new trick! We did this repeatedly until she no longer did it. :) It was so cute and so exciting to get real laughs, finally! Up until this point they all have been trying so hard to get their laughs out that they get hiccups EVERY time! I feel so bad for them. They are in cute moods and are so close to laughing then they get hiccups and get all mad. So now we will wait for the others to do a "real" laugh. I can't wait!

Jordyn learned another new trick this week! She rolled from her tummy to her back! They've all done it before, but they were on soft surfaces that were slighting angled so gravity would kind of do most of the work. But this time she was on a perfectly flat surface! I checked on her and she was on her tummy, then I went back in a few minutes later and she was on her back! Good job Jordyn!

I love all of the new little things they do each day. When we put them together, they interact more and more. It's so fun and rewarding to see them smile, talk and laugh with each other. What a fun job being a mom!

(smiley pictures from top are Jordyn then Ashleigh -with her first pony tail- then Avery)


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