Target Trip

We had a good time at the 'ol target. We loaded up the car with our three car seats and threw the stroller in the back. It barely fits. Here's a pic of the girls in it on our first walk.

Just imagine circus music playing in the background---doot doot do-di-do-do doot doot doo dum---- 'cause that's what we are: a sideshow. Everyone feels the need to gawk and stoop down and touch. Ick. I just want to yell 'don't touch!!' but I restrain myself. I will never get why complete strangers think it's ok to touch you or your babies. It's the same when you are pregnant. People you don't even know come up to you and touch your stomach like it's public property. I feel like reaching over and slapping their hand away! But again, I don't. However, I do feel I have every right to. :) So, as you can see, we found really cute pink and black car seats. I just love them! Anyways, the sideshow rolled on through Target, of course having to stop every two seconds to say "yes...triplets!!" One girl even came over and looked inside each car seat and counted "One, two...three! Three babies!" No kiddin'??! Did she think we were just pushing around this huge stroller with empty car seats? I do not get it. And I kid you not, every other person asks, "boys or girls?"


Are you kidding? Yes, I dress my boys in pink and put them in pink car seats. Hello?!?!? One Target employee even said, as positive as could be, "Oh! All Boys!!" At least another employee elbowed her and said "no, they're girls ". I just smile and nod. Oh well. I guess I just have to get used to it--- 'cause it's never going to change.

But, truth be told, I wouldn't have it any other way. I love my girls!!


Amy ~ said…
Just found your blog!

I must say I had to laugh and I relate (a bit) as mom of fraternal twins (5 years old B/G) whenever we went out my husband and I would lovingly refer to ourselves as the "freak show" everyone gawked at us, touched our children, wondered if it was two boys (of course my daughter was usually all in pink ;) ) etc..

One time when in a nearby mall hearing the chatter of people around, and seeing them staring at us, my Dh and I overheard two ladies debating whether or not they were twins, and one says to the other..."no they can't be they have different color eyes" LOL people are so funny!

And of course because I had one set of twins that absolutely made my oldest two daughters twins... EVERYONE asked "are they twins too?". My oldest two daughters are 2 1/2 years apart and much different in size hehe.

Thanks for the giggle today!
Hi, i'm from the Feb 07 playgroup and had to stop by and see the girls. So precious. I love the car seat. And yes i feel as you do about complete strangers touching, its drives me nuts.


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