New Tricks

So Avery woke up from her nap one day and I could hear her on the moniter playing and giggling as usual. I never run and get them when they wake up because I want them to be comfortable in their crib and enjoy having their alone time. That doesn't happen very often around here. :) So I hear her start to cry a little and went in to get her. When I reach to pick her up, I feel that she is SOAKED! I mean head-to-toe-soaked. I looked down at the mattress while holding her far away from me and notice the sheet is completely drenched. I am thinking to myself, "She never wets this much, especially after just a nap....weird". So I hurry her to the front room and start to change her. As I un-snap her pj's and notice only one side of her diaper is still attached!! She must have somehow reached through the gaps in the snaps of her pajamas and un-stuck one side of her diaper. Who knows how long it had been like this. Apparently a while, since she had wet everything in sight, free-willy-nilly. So I start to change her (stop reading here if you are slightly squeemish about bodily functions and etc..........) and as I start to get her feet out of the little footie part, I notice there is a heavy lump in the bottom. "Oh no...", I thought. So I peer into the tiny foot compartment and notice a small little Avery foot impressioned poop. yuck. It must have fallen from her open diaper (or something else!), down her leg and under her foot. Who knows how long she had been walking around on it before I got her. (she often does laps back and forth in her crib) SO GROSS. So I threw her into the bath, get her dressed, change her sheet, Tony started the laundry and I kind of forget about the whole thing. WELL...the next day I went to go get her in the morning and she was kind of wet, but nothing really unusual. She doesn't usually wet, but I figured because she had slept for so long that she just overflowed. Ashleigh does that every nap and every night. I have to change her outfit EVERYTIME. Anyway. So I start to unzip her and notice (seriously stop here if you don't want to know the rest of the ickyness) her suit is all brown in the crotch area. I am thinking blowout city, right? Wrong. She had completely undone her diaper on both sides, except instead of a neat poop like last time (relatively speaking), she had decided to have massive runny's. Yeah. Everywhere. Squished all the way up to her neck in back and down to her tippie toes. The worst part is I was alone and had two other children trying to grab at the poopy diaper and outfit. Can you imagine three poop covered children smearing the ickys all over your house??? I was. And I was screaming. So I wrap the diaper up in the outfit and set it inside the bathroom sink while carrying Avery upside down by one foot with one hand and then filling her tub with the other hand. I was able to get it taken care of but Avery was relegated to zip-only pj's......until she figured out later that day how to unzip herself!!! Seriously, where is she coming up with these things??!!! She is hilarious but soooo much trouble. We banned her from zip front and snap front pajamas so now we have only snap back ones. Those are hard to find, let me tell ya. After a while of wearing just those, we put her back in zippers and she hasn't unzipped herself....yet....Cross your fingers.
Still, you gotta love this face!!

Jordyn is my girly-girl. She loves shoes, loves carrying around purses, is facinated with chapstick/lipgloss and she loves to get dressed and try on clothes. I painted her toe nails (not an easy feat, I must add) and she couldn't stop staring at and touching her toes. She watches me do my make-up and wants to see me at all times. She is a mini-me in several ways (including some of the undesirable ways, but that's another story). If we happen to have any laundry out, she will find it and try to put it on. She especially loves to wear mommy's, er,'s something that I wear on my top half. It's hilarious. I don't know if the shoulder straps make it easy for her to put on, or what. But she just puts it on like a beauty queen's sash and struts back and forth showing it off. I figure a picture of that would be a little crass, so I found this picture of jordyn wearing one of my tank tops like a cape. She really did it all by herself. She's so funny.

It's a bird! No, it's a plane! No! It's..


Ashleigh figured out a way to get a black eye last week. Well, it wasn't her fault at all actually. She had just woken up and her other sisters were already awake. I sat down on the floor to change her and she was screaming and rolling and trying her hardest to get away. Yeah. We are at THAT stage right now. So I finally get her on her back again and get the new diaper on when Avery decides to stroll by with her full cup of milk. We got these new 'big girl cups' that have a straw instead of a nipple or a sippy. The refused to drink from sippies and would have used a bottle until 7th grade if I would let them. :) So these new cups have that gel insulation on the insides. You know, you put it in the fridge before you fill it and it keeps your drink cold for longer? Well, they have that and heavy rubber bottoms. So Avery walks right by Ashleigh's head while she's getting changed and drops her cup right on Ashleigh's eye. She layed frozen for a moment and then let out the BIGGEST scream/cry I've ever heard her do, and that's saying something! I have to admit, I wasn't really paying any attention to that whole situation because I was trying to strap a diaper on her squirmy body. So I didn't see it, but I HEARD it. Instantly her eye turned black and red and blue. Poor baby. All the pictures I got were a little blurry, but here are some of the best and most pathetic looking ones, all taken on different days and stages in the healing process.

Here she is: Ashleigh "Prize-fighter" LaPlaca!!


Matt & Rachel said…
Too funny! We had some free and breezy children like Avery. For awhile we pinned a diaper pin to the top zipper of their zip pjs and that seemed to "secure"them in. I love how Jordyn is idolizing you and "girl" things. Good job on paint job with sqirmy 1 yr olds! Poor Ashleigh:( I can just picture the whole scene (maybe b/c it is all familiar). Who knew "big girl" cups could be weapons:)
Nat said…
Ah, gotta love the poop thing. Jakob always blew out for some reason. And a while ago when all my boys were sick Troy kept having the poop clear down his legs thing. For a while Brock would take off his diaper, but we never had any reallly big messes.

We've also had plenty of black eyes at our house. But the dressing up thing...the boys like to wear their Halloween costumes every day still, and it's April!
April said…
Wow, what up with the poop! lol Seriously, seams like a lot of people are having children poop issues. :D Missy My is potty training... she has the pee thing down but not the nasties... and Melissa (Bailey) little girl had fun times with poopness recently too.... is it the weather???? :D

PS your girls are WAY cute!

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