Veni, Vidi, Vici!

I came, I saw, I conquered!

Well, I'm working on the conquering part.

We all need to toot our own horns occasionally, so I am going to take a brief moment to do so.

I know that whenever I get anything done, it makes me motivated to something else. Do you feel that way too? It's like the momentum takes over and you just start rolling! I usually roll right into a brick wall (i.e. children, etc.) And we, as parents, don't get the praise we should sometimes because it's just expected we do 'stuff'. Well, I have pretty much just made sure no one died in the past 15.5 months and the effects on my house are very evident. I like to be neat and organized. I hate clutter. Well, I've been living in massive amounts of clutter and it's just overwhelming and depressing, but it's not like I'm ignoring it on purpose. I make a small dent and it gets covered up 2 seconds later. Can I tell you how sick I am of filling the toy bin to just have the girls think I did it just so they could come empty it??? I just have to breath and deal because that's what babies do. *Sigh*

So this is what I've been able to do over that last few days, weeks, and months:

1. I cleaned out my pantry cupboards. Man, it's amazing how much more room you can have when you organize!! I do not want to keep buying cans of something, thinking we are out, then finding three more deep in the recesses of the cupboard....

2. I planted some heirloom tomatoes and an herb garden with such things as basil, oregano, parsley, mint, chives and some other ones but I can't remember which. Now all I need to do is remember to water them..... :S

3. Tony and I have had our own 'biggest loser' competition----minus the trainers and the 8 hour work-outs. He has lost 60 pounds and I've lost 35. Boys can always lose weight easier. Drives me crazy.

4. I got rid of all the girls too-small clothes and packed them away. (for who knows what reason....all I know is that if we have another girl, she will never have to wear the same thing twice! Well, technically she might wear the same outfit three times, but not the same EXACT piece of clothing!) :)

5. I organized all their clothes and have them in different piles to hang up. Now I just need to find a time when someone isn't sleeping in the room to hang them up....small detail.

6. I filed and painted my fingers and toes. I know that sounds stupid and trivial, but I haven't had a chance to do that since the girls have been born. My nails have been really awful---uneven, broken and just not well taken care of. So Tony watched the girls while I took a long shower and had some 'me' time. Granted, all of my fingernail polish has chipped off by now. Don't you hate that? But at least I got to do it once and have it look nice for a day!

None of these things are important in the grand scheme of things, but I truly believe that it's all connected. If you are failing in one part, you can't truly succeed in another. I've got a long way to go, but I'm getting there.

Thank you to my husband, my in-law's, friends and family for encouragement and especially my Heavenly Father who allowed me the time and capacity to accomplish these, even if small, tasks. It truly buoys you up and helps motivate you to get more done. I for sure need that.

And pats on the backs of all the moms (and dads and grandparents, etc.) who do even the smallest things like change diapers, wash bottles and take showers!!! They might be expected things, but it's still not easy sometimes. So good job to you!!!!


April said…
AMEN. And fingernails DO matter! If you are able to treat yourself to taking care of something that only makes a difference to you... it can make all the differance. You have to take time to pamper YOU every once in a while. If yours not in a good state of mind, nobody is happy! :D
Matt & Rachel said…
You are an amazing mom and friend. All that you've accomplished really takes months and you've completed it in the blink of an eye. It is nice to enjoy an organized home, even if it only lasts an hour:)
Nat said…
YAY Chels! Sometimes getting the small things done is all you need to do. I'm the same way. The other day I think I told Pete that I cleaned all three bathrooms about a hundred times, because it was such an accomplishment for me! I marvel you can handle the three all at the same age! You rule! Oh, and if I get a million dollars, I'd totally get you and every other mom I know a massage every week, because we all deserve it!
Eagar Fam said…
I'm impressed that you got all of that done! Way to go! And amazing amount of weight loss! That's awesome, you guys!

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