Take a flying leap....

'Cause it's leap day! ha!

My first as a mother, making it my children's first, too! (obviously)
I wanted to do something fun for it, but I couldn't figure out anything appropriate. The closest thing was Avery jumping off the couch--head first, of course. I caught her within millimeters of hitting and said to her "I know it's leap day and all, but that's getting a bit rediculous!". And, as if she understood, laughed---as her crazy self always does when she does something crazy. Granted, it's only a foot to fall and it's not like she hasn't done it before! I think she was just a few months old the first time, haha. I'm such a great mother. Oh well...that's life for me.

Speaking of my life, my girls are sick again. We've been so fortunate to make it all winter without illness (sort of..you'll understand if you've read any previous posts). I am currently wrestling Jordyn, who was sound asleep until she coughed and cried herself wide awake. She has hardly slept the past few nights because she's so uncomfortable. (which means I'VE hardly slept as well---but I would stay awake all night if she could just sleep comfortably). Plus she is getting a couple top teeth. Lovely, eh? This round of sickness includes: Fevers of 99-102, horrible cough, wheezing, chest and nasal congestion, runny nose, sneezing, crying, and more crying. I just really don't want to go to the ER for Xrays. So cross your fingers, folks.

Since my last post we have accomplished a few large and small milestones:

~Ashleigh is officially a walker! YAY! (and NOOOOOO!) :)
~Jordyn blew her first kiss---soooo precious I nearly cried. Ok, well she's only done it once so far. We're working on consistancy.
~Ash attempts to blow a kiss by putting one or two fingers in her mouth and pulling them out fast making a "pop" sound. It's so cute, I don't care if she ever does it the other way. Maybe we'll all change to do it like her.
~Avery says "na-na" for banana (or for food in general, really) and "ni-ni" for night night (or to be let out of the gate. we aren't sure which one yet. See, we let her walk to her crib for 'night night time'. I'm pretty sure that's here favorite thing ever). We are in a constant struggle to figure out which one she is saying. She would eat all day every day if she was allowed. We aren't sure where it all goes because she's still so tiny. But her little belly sticks out after she's eaten. It's cute. Anyway, so, we are confused a lot.

~They all can run and give "hugs" and "kisses". Sometimes Jordy will get close then turn around and back up until she's sitting on your lap. It's hilarious. Sometimes she starts from reeeaally far away and I do a "beep, beep, beep, beep" like she's a big truck going in reverse. Hopefully I don't give her a fat complex. Speaking of fat complex, Jordyn had to move up diaper size again to a 5. Guess what costco puts on their size 5 diapers? An elephant! Poor baby. She's already so much bigger than the other two and she wears a size 5/6 shoe. On the bright side, she gets new clothes and the other two can wear what she wore last summer!! HA!

Also, G&G Schow came for a visit this past week. Well, Grandpa came for a day and a half, but had to go home because he was really sick. We were sad he had to leave early, but it was for the best. Glad you are feeling better! Grandma stayed behind with us and we had a great time. Thanks for a wonderful visit, grandma!

I've been having internet issues (and children issues, ha ha) lately, so that's why I've been so behind in my posting. I'm not too far off my normal, really. I think my blog is important and it's one of the few fun things I can do these days, but unfortunately it's waaaaay low on my list. I often start a post and work on it for several days....I just found out you can change the date of your post, but I feel like that would be cheating! HA! I even open and save blank posts, just so I can have it on the day I want stamped on it... I suppose that's sort of the same thing, huh? :) I am slowly working on a new page design, though. It's going...well, slowly! lol. I'm trying to teach myself some new things. It's really fun to me. Not that it's going to be amazing, but it will be something I like, as opposed to picking something out really quickly, as I did when I started this blog almost a year ago. (a year?? crazy! Seems like yesterday and 10 years ago all at once.) So we shall see. I dabble here and there when I can. Hopefully it will work and not screw too many things up :)

Have a fabulous March and look before you leap! {hugs}


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