So two out of three....

....have made trips back to the hospital...this month!! We came back from our Utah trip (sick, if you recall,) and we took Ashleigh for a doc's check-up the next day. She wasn't gaining weight so we had to start giving her a high calorie formula to supplement the breastmilk. Anyway, she had gained a pound in two weeks so that was good. Well, the next day we had to take Jordy in because she had been having a fever off and on for several days and just didn't seem like herself. The doc looked at her and said she had a double ear infection and possible strep throat. Poor baby. He gave us some antibiotic and we went home. Later that night Jordyn started wheezing, turning pale and getting sort of lethargic. It really scared me so we called the on call doc and he said to take her to the ER. So we hurried over. She had a really high fever but her breathing had returned to normal (of course). Don't get me wrong, that's a good thing. But it's like when your car makes a funny noise so you take it in to get checked, then it doesn't make the funny noise again, and they look at you like you made it up. That's how I felt. They wanted us to get x-rays of her chest anyway, just in case. I was the designated holder since Tony held Ashleigh when she had pneumonia back in March. Drat. I watched that one and it didn't look fun. So instead of sitting on the bike seat in a tube and holding her arms over her head like Ashleigh, I had to hold her flat on a table with her arms over her head in one hand and her thighs in the other. She is screaming and wriggling and I have small hands as it is. If she moves, they have to do it again. So I'm sure I'm bruising her, but I just want to get it over with. We did it in one try and it turned out that she had "possible pneumonia" in one corner of her lung. Add that to the list of other things she had already, poor little girl. She took her AB for 10 days and seemed to heal pretty quickly, luckily.
This past week, Ashleigh's cough (that she has had since the past pneumonia) seemed to be getting worse and she has been really congested. Then on Thursday she messed her diaper and I had to give her a bath (again) but I noticed she was really working on getting air. Her ribcage was concaving and her lips were a little purple. So, again, we called the doc and he said to take her to the ER. We had the same doc and nurse too, so they got to see another one of the triplets. Once again, she was fine when we got there. . .They even took x-rays and they turned out normal. (Tony got to hold her this time--back in the tube thing). The doc said it may be a viral respiratory infection. She seems to be doing fine, thankfully. Unfortunately, she will always be extra sensitive to lung issues since she was on the respirator in the NICU.

Today we all seem to be doing relatively well---thank heavens!!!

We hope the ER doesn't get to meet Avery or see any of us again. :)


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