Been a bit....

Sorry it's been a while since I last posted. We went out of town for 10 days and I haven't been able to get back into the swing of things--we are still pretty much packed...and it's been a week since we got home. Horrible--I know! But there just hasn't been enough time to get it all done and ALL 5 of us picked up colds---so that didn't help. There was even a pile of laundry on the bed in the babies' room to be put away when we left---so I started out in the hole. Ick. I hate unpacking and I hate putting away laundry. I'm a little obsessive about it too, unfortunately. So it takes me even longer to do it...and I procrastinate even more. See, I like everything to be separated by size. Not weird at all, right? Well, then I like them in order of the rainbow, starting with white, then white with patterns then into pink then red and so on---ROY G. BIV. It's crazy, I understand that. (I even do it in my own closet---except instead of order in size, it's long sleeves then 3/4 sleeves then short and so on--but always in rainbow order.) I like the babies to coordinate so I want them all in the same or coordinating outfits. It truly makes it so much easier when I'm looking for, say, the purple onseies. And if they are all together---viola! You are done! You have to remember, with multiples, you often have 3 (or more) of the same item, so it only makes sense to have them all together... Doesn't it?? I could be crazy, but I need some sense of order in this hectic life where everything is unpredictable. But for now I am buried. And it's a horrible feeling. Seriously, like I'm drowning. My house is in a bit of a mess and I just can't keep up. My husband does a wonderful job helping--especially with the dishes and the laundry. He keeps me somewhat sane--- so thank heavens for him! Someday I will have a clean house. People are always saying, "let me know if I can come help...maybe I can vacuum or dust for you". That is SOOOO nice of them to offer, but I just CANNOT let people dust my house for me. Especially people I know!! Too weird. Plus, that means that I would have to clean everything off so they could even GET to the dust! haha. I just have to accept the fact that for now, I am going to have to live in chaos. At least until the girls can take care of themselves...... :)


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