And so the cycle continues...

Just when things were going so smoothly, we get another set-back.

The girls are sick...again. Do all kids get sick this often, or is it just mine?? I took Ash to the doc yesterday and he said she just has a cold. Ave is starting to sneeze and get a runny nose and she had a low grade fever yesterday. Jordy is teething --making her just grumpy and restless all the time so if she gets it, it's not going to be fun.
We invited two couples over to watch a game today and both of them have babies (one of them is just under two months old) so I had to call them a let them know that the girls were sick. I would only want someone to do the same for us. Their husbands may still come, but they may not. bummer. It's in their best interest, though--we've gone to see people with sick children
(but were unaware until too late) and regretted not leaving because we were selfish or didn't want to offend people by saying "bye bye". Then the girls got sick and things are never good when that happens.

Hopefully this will pass quickly. It doesn't seem too bad {knock on wood}.

Avery is *this* close to crawling. She gets up on all fours, then collapses. She has, however, learned the 'military-style' tummy crawl. It's so cute. The other two will probably figure it out any day now.

Our house is getting smaller..LOL

Have a safe and happy Labor Day everyone!!


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