Wow..Where'd September go?

It's almost half over for cryin' out loud!! Holy molys. The babies will be 9 months old in 2 weeks. I actually have to start thinking about their first birthdays. So crazy.
We celebrated our 4th anniversary yesterday and it feels like longer--But in a good way :) We are going to dinner and a show "jersey boys" next week and Tony is surprising me with some trip or something in the coming months, but he won't tell me when or where. Should be fun...I'm hard to surprise and so far, he has done a good job!

Avery is rocking on all fours so she should be full on crawling any moment. She does this thing where she sneaks over to the wicker garbage can, tips it over and crawls in, and proceeds to empty the entire contents onto the floor. Then she pulls up onto the bottom of the side table where Tony leaves the paper he's already read before putting it in the recycle bin and she pulls the papers off. We say her name several times for her to stop and she ignores the first couple, then will look at us and smile, pretend she is going in the opposite direction until she thinks we've forgotten, and climbs back up. She just laughs every time we tell her no, then we laugh and she thinks it's a game. Oh she is going to be trouble. Ashleigh has picked up on the garbage can game now, too. She is even sneakier. She so stealth about everything-- One minute she will be on the other side of the room playing with her toys and in a blink she is in the garbage can. She is complete mischief. Jordyn has learned how to push herself backwards from her tummy into the splits and pushes her body up with her arms to sit up. So funny. She can also balance on all fours for a moment then falls over, but if we put a magazine or some other forbidden paper object she would probably crawl. LOL. I would not be surprised if she pops a tooth at any moment. This teething thing seems to last FOREVER. Where are the teeth, already!? Jeepers. Avery's favorite thing to say is "DA-DA-DA-DA". It's so cute and she sounds like a toddler when she talks. She makes all sorts of cute grown up sounds. It's scary and sad at the same time too. She is still a great crib sleeper, even after the sickness setbacks. Speaking of which, the two more cribs we ordered should be here this or next week. I don't know where I'm going to put them, but it's time. Ashleigh needs to sleep through the night and Jordy needs a safe place to sleep. Our bed just isn't cutting it. She fell out the other day and it was just horrible. She recovered ok without any real damage (hopefully we can say the same thing in 10 years) but I may not recover if it happens again.

All is going great so far. I've got a tired and grumpy jordy on my lap so I'd better feed her and put her down for a nap (even if it's just her usual 30 minutes---it will help)


Mandyloo said…
Chelsey, it is your long lost cousin Mandy. I saw your mom at the reunion and she gave us your blog site. Your girls are beautiful. You must be mighty mom! Who would have thought triplets! How exciting. I'm sure there is never a dull moment in the life of a mother of three baby girls! I'm really glad that you have this site. I have you address and have meant to send you a letter, but life just seems to get so crazy. I'm going to leave my email address with you and I would love to hear from you!

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