What An Amazing Couple Of Days...

Two days ago, JORDYN CRAWLED!!!! And there's no stopping her. We got it on video and once I figure out how to get it on my computer (without it crashing) I will post! :) She also found out she can pull herself up...on the couch, on my leg, the pillow...just about everything! And that's ALL she wants to do. It's so fun!

Then, yesterday, Avery was fussing in the crib after her nap and when I walked in the room, she was STANDING and holding on to the rail. 'Oh crap' I said. Then I ran and grabbed my camera. :) She got on her tummy, reached over to the bumper pad, pulled herself to her knees, reached up to the railing on the crib with one hand, then with the other, and POP! She is up. We are going to need a tent over the top or Avery will go 'splat'. We don't want that.

So, the cribs we ordered back in August won't be here until the end of October!! The END of OCTOBER????!!!! Jeepers. I needed at least one more crib, like, yesterday! I called a few weeks after I ordered them and they said they were on the delivery truck, but that the truck makes a lot of stops and takes a long time, and there was no way of knowing when they'd be here until the driver calls and says "i'm here." Wha?? So I called again yesterday and he told me the october thing. What I don't understand is why in the three times I called previously did they say they had NO idea when they would be here, but all of the sudden we have a time? He told me "yeah, we said it would be 6-10 weeks." Uh, ok...whatever. So we have to borrow a crib for a month so at least Ash or Jordy can get trained in one. Fun times.

Tomorrow is a big day in our house! The girls will be 9 months old (holy cow, really??) and Tony will be turning the big 3-0! How exciting! He is a little depressed about it, but I think it's a marvelous age. He's still a spring chicken!:) So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Tony and to my Babies!

We are headed to Tahoe on friday for a friend's wedding. It's going to be interesting...I don't know how the sleeping arrangment is going to work, but we'll figure it out :) It will be fun, though. Then when we get back Sunday, one of Tony's uncles and his wife will be in town and are coming over for a barbeque. Now I just have to figure out how to get all of us packed and then get the house ready for company in two days...that's including today. Yikes. And I am holding a sleeping baby. Tony is gone on business all day, so I'm not sure how I'm going to do it. Oh well. I guess if the house doesn't look great, it doesn't. What's important is family and spending time together. So I'm trying not to stress. I've got enough of that to deal with as it is! :P

Quick congratulations to a great friend with wonderful news! I am so excited for you!


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