We've Been Overrun!

Oh Boy.

They've taken over. I knew it would happen...eventually...

Avery and Jordyn, who are expert crawlers now, have discovered there is more to the house than the living room. There's a kitchen, a bathroom, mommy and daddy's room and MANY MANY other bad things to play with. And they couldn't be happier about it. So now, we have a myriad of obstacles blocking off the living room from, well, the rest of the house (two full suitcases, a laundry basket, a big couch cushion, another basket and the single stroller to hold a couple of them in place.) Although, yesterday Avery and Jordyn pulled up on the laundry basket and after drumming on it for a while, worked together to push it, making enough space to escape. Luckily I got that on video. :) So. We ordered a large "play yard" as they call them these days (play pen, previously) and it will be here by the end of next week or earlier. It will be nice to be able to leave them for a moment to, oh, I dunno, go to the bathroom?! LOL It has been a hard couple of weeks with them wanting to move and go places, now that they actually can. And it was cute when I would be in the kitchen and I would look down to see my two little shadows trying to climb up my legs. Once Ashleigh can get it figured out, she will be worse than the other two combined at getting into things, I think. She is getting up on all fours and rocking in place. She puts her hands out to move and falls onto her tummy. It will happen so soon and I am a little scared. Adding one more baby makes a huge difference, believe it or not. But I am so excited for her to make those leaps and advancements.

Speaking of advancements....Jordyn spent the night at Grandma LaPlaca's house Sunday night (while that IS noteworthy, that's not the one I mean) and Avery found it necessary to replace her in our bed. As you know, Ave has done magnificently in the crib since we put her in there a few months ago. Well, she has been really naughty the last week and just screams when we put her in there. Normally she will fuss for a few seconds, then she is out until morning. Lately, we will put her to bed at 8pm or so and she will wake up at 10 and be up until 2 then wake up at 4, then 6 and that makes for a tired mommy and daddy. I just didn't know what her deal was, so when Jordy was gone, she wouldn't leave my side and had to sleep in my bed with me. Then, last night, she went to bed at 8 woke up at 9:30PM went back to bed at 10:30 and slept until 10:45 AM straight. And she has taken two 2-3hour naps today, like normal. Well, tonight, Tony was holding her after her nap and he said, "wait a second...hey! She has a TOOTH!!"

Our little tiny girl has a tooth!!! YAY for Avery!

No wonder she was so upset! She was cutting her first tooth, poor baby! It is just barely above the surface on the bottom left side. I tried taking a picture but they kept turning out blurry. She is also not the most steady subject, to put it mildly. But she seems to feel so much better. I can only assume that Ashy and Jordy are super close, too, because they have been very cranky lately.

Right now I am going to make some rice cereal for Ashleigh's first taste of solid food. Technically, second. We went out to eat at this great Italian place in town with Tony's Aunt and Uncle last week and the sweet owner lady gave the girls a huge bowl of cut up spaghetti noodles. They pretty much just put them in their mouths and spit them back out, but that counts! So now that Ash can sit up unassisted for long periods of time, I think she is ready. I am also giving the other two at least one meal of cereal and a veggie a day, so life is about to get even crazier---not to mention the three extra baths a day (at least)!! Oh boy.
So, as of this moment, that's our news.
Wish me luck!

Congrats to Buff and Rita :) What a beautiful wedding!

Thanks again to Uncle Frank and Aunt Betty for the dolls, dinner and a fun visit! Hope to see you again soon!


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