Teeth, Teeth and more Teeth!

Jordyn has one bottom tooth and one more coming. Avery has two bottom and a top one poking through. Ashleigh's first tooth popped through yesterday and her top two eye teeth are coming in. Weird.

Ash's cough has gotten worse so I took her to the doctor today. He listened to her breathe and she was wheezing and having a "reactive airway" as he put it. So, long and the short of it, asthma. He didn't say if it was permanent or something she'll outgrow. We have to get a little breathing apparatus for her. Shouldn't be too bad. I hope anyway.

The girls turned 9 months adjusted on the 5th which was Monday. I am so happy that they all crawled by then and all pull themselves up. That was kind of a little "marker" I set for the girls. I wanted them to be able to do certain things by then, and by golly! They did! They are so smart and beautiful and getting so big. I just marvel at them and the fact that I was chosen to be their mommy. Even though it seems surreal that I even have kids. I know they are mine, but it's almost like I'm babysitting for someone else. Albeit, 24/7!! :) But it's fun. And they truly are so good. Crazy... but good.


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