Post Turkey Day AND 11 months tomorrow!

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving! We did! We are beyond grateful for our millions (and counting!) of blessings.

Jordyn and Avery had their first thanksgiving feast! They had turkey, sweet potatoes and apple sauce! I pureed the turkey myself! :) I was going to do the potatoes too, but I never got a chance to go to the store to get them. Oh well, it still worked. Jordyn LOVED it, which is good, because she is the pickier eater of the two. She loves veggies but doesn't really eat more than 2 bites of the fruits. Avery liked the taste of it, but she didn't like the texture and gagged a little on it. She kept wanting more, but once she had a bite she would make this horrible face. It was so funny. We are still working on getting Ashleigh to not gag and throw up when she eats pureed veggies or cereal. We are making some progress, though.

However, yesterday, Ashleigh said "mama"! To me! On command! It was so great. She is the first to say it on command, referring to me specifically. They are so smart. They "talk" to each other now a lot, too. And by talking, I mean screaming. If they hear one on the monitor, or when they first see each other after naps, they scream as if to say "oh hi!!" or "yay! my sister!". It is so awesome to see. They chase each other and giggle. And sometimes they push each other and beat each other up, but I'm sure they are curious and just want to play. :) It's truly amazing. Jordyn is becoming an independent walker. Avery is too, but really more of a runner. She walks just like she crawls---super fast! Her feet get ahead of her and she eats it HARD. But once she gets it, she will be outta here.

I am so proud of my girls and I'm proud of how Tony and I are doing. I think that we are pretty darn good parents. And we love our kids more than life. What more could a person ask for?

Ashleigh in her 'Sgiving outfit

Jordyn bein' a Turkey

(my camera battery died so no picture of Avery but she's on video)


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