Hi Everyone

We are all doing so great here. Hope you are well!

Ashleigh slept ALL NIGHT last night!! Yippee!! She went to bed at 11PM and woke up for a bottle at 8:50AM. I am so proud of her! She is so addicted to her bottle I never thought she would make it an entire night without one--but she did it! I hope this is a start of a new trend!

We have been training Avery to sleep in the crib and she is doing amazingly well! We can put her in there once we notice her starting to get tired, and she falls asleep on her own. I give her a pacifier and a book or some toy and stand there for a bit then I sneak away once she starts being unable to keep her head up. It's great! We did, however, have to buy one of those little sensor mats for the crib because she likes to sleep on her face...and I mean FLAT on her face. Tony and I couldn't sleep at night with the fear that she wouldn't be able to breathe...so for our peace of mind the mat will sound an alarm if it doesn't detect the slightest movement for 20 seconds. It's working great so far! She is also getting really good at her sitting. She also slept from 10PM to 7AM last night. Yay for Avery!

Jordyn is doing so well with her sitting. She can sit for as long as she wants to and even longer than she wants to sometimes, LOL (laugh-out-loud). She will just start to cry and won't just lay down (i.e. fall over). She is still pretty stubborn about rolling. She is able to do it, but only when she wants to. Also, I put my hand under her belly and she got up on all fours, moved forward a little bit then pushed up onto her toes and tried to walk that way. It was really cute. So hopefully she will decide she wants to put the effort into crawling. She can be a bit lazy when it comes to 'working'. :) She'd much rather eat--all day and night if she could.

Tony and I are doing great, too. We are going out tomorrow night for our weekly 'dinner and a show' date. I so look forward to it. We are seeing 'Jekyll and Hyde'. I've never seen it, but I've heard some of the music from it (thanks to Donny) and it is so pretty. We have standing reservation at a restaurant near the theater so it makes it fun and easy.

Overall, it's been an awesome day! Now I'm off to make one of my favorite dinners---stuffed bell peppers. Yummy!


Lostcheerio said…
Awww, what a sweet picture of those three little cute pink biscuits all snuggled up in their baby pajamas. Congratulations on the sleeping through the night. :)

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