Merry Almost to ALL!

Sorry I haven't updated in a while. Life has been usual. That, and I didn't know what to post. :S

I swear I was gone just about every night for the past two weeks with church meetings, events, planning for the events, Christmas parties...etc. etc. But now we have a *slight* breather until Christmas---then it's the girls' first birthday! ('slight' meaning I am only busy half the week---on top of cleaning and decorating the house.) :)

I said I wasn't going to do a tree for our home this year after spending hundreds of hours on the Festival tree (which by the way went for approx. $450 to a local music big whig), but I couldn't NOT have a tree for the girls' first Christmas. SO---with our tight funds I bought a 4.5 ft. silver tinsel tree for around $20. I already had a bunch of decorations, so I didn't have to spend any extra money to decorate it, luckily! I finished that up today. I put it on the dining room table and wrapped the big tree skirt I already had around it. Our living room is fenced (for obvious reasons) so I didn't need to put the tree up high, but I did anyway to make the tiny tree seem taller than it actually is. :) I have to say---It turned out absolutely gorgeous! It looks like it's just dripping with diamonds and sparkle. I LOVE IT! It's a new tradition in our family. I hope it will be with us long after the girls are grown!

Speaking of new traditions, we have something special under our tree this year. I made it at a church enrichment night (activity just for women). It's a glass block with lights inside and a ribbon tied around it to look like a gift. It will always be under the tree in the center because it represents Jesus and the gift He was to us and that He is the 'Reason for the Season'. (I stole that idea from my friend Katy--I just fell in love with it!) It's so easy to get wrapped up in all the "extra-curriculars" this time of year and forget why we celebrate in the first place. So, now, everytime we look at the special glass present, we will be reminded of our Savior who was born, lived and died for us. Fabulous, right? :)

I hope everyone has an awesome Christmas! We have gotten to know so many friends, both old and new, and we have had such a great year. I can't wait for everyone to get to know the girls better after RSV season is over. I hate that we have to keep them sequestered for so long, even though I know it is for their own good. The next time people see them they will be so big. Most people haven't even seen them walk yet. But they are so cute and big and I just love every minute (ok, NEARLY every minute) I have with them. :)

Here are the pics of the tree and The Gift underneath.

Do you have any cool traditions? PLEASE tell me! I love to hear what other people do to celebrate. Maybe I'll steal one or two of them, if you let me :D


Matt & Rachel said…
I love your tree! You have amazing talent and now I am thinking I should have hired you for our decorating:-).Have a Merry Christmas and a great 1st B-day with your girls! See you when we get back.

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