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Background: December 27th, 2006 I gave birth to triplet girls---Ashleigh Noelle-4lbs1oz, Jordyn Alessa-4lbs13oz and Avery Bella-3lbs5oz. Someday I will post a "catch-up" blog on how my pregnancy, the delivery and the first few months went, but for now I will just mention a little something wonderful that happened yesterday.

Up until yesterday, the girls have refused to acknowledge each other face to face. Of course, they hear each other, so once one cries, the others join in--but that's it as far as knowing the others even exist-if you can call it that. So yesterday after feeding the babies, Jordyn was propped up on the couch and Ashleigh was on my lap---both being very smiley and cute. I decided to turn Ash towards Jordyn just to see what would happen. I said to Jordyn, "This is your sister, Ashleigh." Jordyn looked at her and Ashleigh just stared back. Then Jordy busted out this huge smile and Ashleigh half grinned back! I was so excited! I called over to my husband, Tony, and we watched two of our three angels communicate for the first time. Jordyn continued to smile and then, to our astonishment, started to 'talk' to Ashleigh. Jordyn has started to talk in a series of sweet gurgles, oohs and ahhs. She was just jabbering on and on and Ash was just looking at her. Then Jordyn looked at me as if she were saying, "What's wrong with that girl? She won't talk to me!" Then she looked back at her and smiled again. It was the sweetest, most amazing moment. I cried because I just knew that they recognized each other and it marked the moment they truly became sisters and best friends for life. I can't wait for more moments like these to come.


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