Whose Idea Was This?!

Yes there are cookies in there somewhere. The girls are really enjoying eating them----minus the whole cookie part.

Ash's masterpiece:
Avery frosting. Looks like there will be no problems, right??
Just keep an eye on the sprinkles bottle in her hand in the following pictures.
Notice here=FULL
A few sprinkles...ok that's probably enough...
Nice green pile...er-cookie, Jord.
Pile of sprinkles growing.....bottle half empty...
Just a few more for good measure.....
And we're done! AND the bottle is empty....awesome.

All that happened in a matter of seconds. They really should make those sprinkle holes a little smaller, doncha think????
I spent the next hour on my hands and knees vacuuming and mopping up 4 MILLION sprinkles. And we had a dozen cookies to sit on our counter for a week untouched and uneaten.
But the girls sure had fun making a mess...as usual...


Nat said…
HAHA! Gotta love it. Yes, it's a big ol' mess at the time, but when they're older it will be fun to look back, right?
One bottle of sprinkles per cookie? Nice!
Yani said…
Wow, they looked like they had a lot of fun!! too cute
Love it!!! Can't wait to make cookies with Landon. He helped me stir some soup in a pot the other day. That is as far as we have gotten! Miss you!

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