So Precious

I was taking pictures for a new listing the other day and saw this little humming bird nest near the front door. I had to take a picture and post it because its darned close to the cutest thing ever. There is no frame of reference to show the size, but the entire nest itself is close to the size of a silver dollar (which, do they even make anymore?) and the two little eggs inside were like the size of two perfect, tiny, white jelly beans. Precious.


I have never seen a hummingbird nest before. It's so tiny!
Wow, so cool! And yes, they do still make silver dollars. My husband is big into coins. :)
Ahren said…
Oh that is so neat.
Jordyn Parry said…
Awesome! I love finding fun things like that. And I love love the pictures of you, the girlies and your grandpa. So precious, I want to meet them :)
Johnson Family said…
That is cute. We have a nest in every hanging basket. Every time I go out the door a bird tries to dive bomb me. Not to mention the birds here are little but sing very very loudly, you almost think they are in the house.
You have a very good eye! Miss you!!

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