In a rut...

Nothing to blog about. Sorry about the delay. Just haven't been in the mood, I guess. The blog and I have had another birthday. Woo! And we got the girls zoo and fairytale town passes so we have been enjoying the sunny days there. It's been kinda rainy the past little while, but things are supposed to be nice and sunny for a bit. Yay! Finally! I feel so badly for friends and family who have been having snow! In May, people! That stinks.

I want to update the look of the blog. I taught myself some basic HTML editing, and how to do my own backgrounds, but I have forgotten how already. So I will spend some time working on that. I need to switch it all up and maybe THEN I will be inspired. : /

In the meantime, here are a couple recent pictures of the girls taken a couple Sundays ago before church. Enjoy!

Avery channeling her inner Vanna:

Jordyn perfecting the cheesy grin and pose:Goofy Jordy.
Ashy blue eyes.
Typical Ashleigh pose:


Nat said…
I understand the whole "in a rut" thing. I have been, as well. I want to update my blog background, too. We'll see, though. BTW, Ivy has the same dress as Ashleigh!
Katy said…
ya... blog rut here too, sorta more like 'life rut'- you probably know the feeling.
Your girls have changed SO much. They are beautiful.

(kinda like it)
Ashley A. said…
I don't know how you get your girls looking so beautiful every Sunday. It's all I can do slap a clip in my girls' hair and call it good and I don't have 3 3-year-olds!

They are so cute in Primary, by the way. Last Sunday, I was sitting by Avery and she was telling me she didn't know the songs we were singing. Then it was time for prayer and she said, "I know this one!" :)
Your girls are darling. And I am so sorry about your grandpa. Your post made me cry a little, especially the last picture. How precious.

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