Seriously Naughty

My girls are sooo bad lately. Who am I kidding. They've always been mischievous; but overly so recently.

Here are a couple pictures of some of the naughty things they've been doing lately. Mind you, this is only a sample. If I tried to capture it all, I'd be taking pictures all day....

Climbing on top of the side table....and usually dancing. Apparently, hilarious.

Our biggest problem as of late, is getting completely undressed in our cribs. I should have censored this photo, but you have to see the whole picture to really get it. I surprised her and the face is priceless. (so is Ashleigh's in the background)

There will be more blog posts to come on this one.....

The girls decided to 'help' mommy organize her magazines...thoughtful, aren't they?
(notice that 'innocent' ashleigh is no where to be seen...she is usually the instigator)

I love the pure joy of naughtiness on their faces. Jordyn is purposely turned away I'm sure to prove her UN-involvement. Uh-hem.

Oh the joys of toddlers. Three at once. Yippy skippy. :)


Nat said…
So naughty, but so cute at the same time! That's what has saved Troy-his cuteness-otherwise he'd be dead! :)
Katy said…
So funny. Someday when your house is darlingly spottless and totally put together, you will miss this mess... I'm sure... I hope... at least for me. I could never do 3 Lucy's. Her new thing is to ask "what a doin' mommy?" I probably answer this question like 100 times a day... no really. You are amazing to handle mischief times 3!
Casey's trio said…
What great pictures!! Your girls are getting so big... I love the naughty stage before they start doing things on purpose!
Ashley A. said…
They are so adorable! Those are great pictures. We had a hard time with Elizabeth taking her clothes off all the time when she was about that age. We finally had to cut the feet off her jammies and turn them around so the zipper was in back. Crazy kids... :)
Alison said…
I love the picture of pure bliss because of their mischief. So when are you all coming for an extended weekend? Isn't there a play in San Francisco or something? The girls are darling. We hope to be in Sacramento over Labor Day, hope to see you soon!
Mandyloo said…
What cute girls! Even though I am sure it is frustrating at times, I bet they are adorable with being mischievous. You must be super mommy to manage all the chaos. I hope that I might be able to visit you soon and see your cute girls in person. I have missed you! Even though we won't be extremely close when I move out there, I will be happy to have some family a little closer than the rest. If you are wondering why I talk like things are for sure, it is because Curt and I have decided that we are getting married. It is just a matter of time! I look forward to hopefully seeing you soon!
Hey Chelsie! Of course I remember you! I always ask Rachelle how you and your girls are doing. I can't believe you have 3 beautiful little sweeties! How amazing! It looks like you sure have your hands full, but I'm sure you wouldn't have it any other way. Isn't motherhood the best thing in Life! I finally feel like I'm doing what I was meant to do! I am glad you came by my blog. It was really great to hear from you. Take care, and keep in touch.
Joshua and Tara said…
I love your blog! How cute! It is neat to be able to see a glimpse into the life of someone with triplets. I love how you have them gated into one area. They really are darling. Keep up the good work, I hear that it just gets easier as they get older!
Isn't this such a fun age? I can't imagine have 3 at the same time. Conner was just as bad but he was just one and I had Kate who would help out a lot. It gets easier around 2 1/2. At least Conner listens more and will help clean up better. Kate at this age got into the peanut butter I wish I got a picture.
Karebear said…
Your girls are so adorable! It is fun to see how much they are growing and changing.

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