That Last Title Sounds Totally Bratty----

So I would just like to explain...

I normally kill everything (including the herb garden I planted at the same time as the tomatoes.)

I'm actually amazed that none of my children have died while in my care...

So, it is astonishing to me that I actually have a garden with alive and edible things!!

I didn't mean it to come accross like I was the best thing since.... fertilizer or something. My thumb is so black. So...that's it. It just bothered me everytime I saw it.

Thanks for listening :D (or reading, rather)

Update: I must give credit where credit is due, and the probable reason why my plants are still alive is because my husband waters them no less than 80% of the time. (I do remind him from time to time, but for the most part, he is right on top of it.) So, truly, HE is the one with live, edible tomatoes. He doesn't even like them (that's putting it nicely) but he knows I do and that's super nice. Everything in my life is a big collaboration with someone, somehow. I was wrong in not mentioning it specifically! So THANK YOU, DEAR! :)


Nat said…
You didn't sound braggy-or bratty- at all! I could tell that you were so happy with your garden's progress. And like I said, if I could even get my grass to stay alive I might attempt a garden, but I think I would kill everything in it, too.
Katy said…
you are a dork. Have I said that before? You worry as much as me... so I guess I can't say much. Ty also does the watering (Go tony!) Some day watering will be on the list but as for now, it is too far down on the list for me to actually accomplish. You would think it would be above blogging, yet her I sit typing with the plants in my peripheral standing in dry dirt. Oh well, ty will be home in 3 hours (they can wait until then!)

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