From MY garden!!!

Holy moly! I grew heirloom tomatoes! I mentioned a long time ago that I actually planted some and now I am seeing the fruits of my labor---pun intended! And they are soooo delicous! My pots are growing above my head and are pretty much out of control. I don't know what I'm doing, but there are tomatoes growing on them so I must be doing something right.

I've had two big ones and two cherry tomatoes, plus these three:

I made really good bruschetta one day and yesterday I made the best guacamole (even if I do say so myself) using a green zebra tomato! And, lucky me, my husband hates avacados. :D I ate it all yesterday with the best chip-match. I just grabbed them in the store because I thought they'd go well with guac. And boy, do they! Here's a pic:So, if you need chips to go with your guac, these are awesome!! (if you are reading this, Kettle Brand Chips, please send me some more!!) :D


Nat said…
I am VERY impressed! I can't even keep our grass alive! :(
Ashley said…
I LOVE guacamole and this post made me hungry. :) Those tomatoes are impressive!
Katie said…
yummmmmmmmm......i love garden tomatoes.

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