One small step for man....

....and FIVE for Jordyn!!!

She took five steps all on her own this evening! That is the most EVER! Yay for Jordy! She is so walking within a month. She waves like a pro too. Now if we could only get her (and the other girls) to understand the word NO. Then we'd be set.

Poor Ashy. She is having a rough night. She has a bad cough, runny nose and I think her teeth are bothering her. She's been crying all night. It is now 1:30 AM and she's just fallen asleep
**i hope**. The big problem is that Jordyn has been awake the entire time too. And now that we are so far past bedtime, there is no tiredness in sight. For her anyway. Fun night and tomorrow for the mommy and daddy. Tony has to take his parents to the airport early tomorrow---of course, right? At least Avery went to bed at 8 and has stayed asleep--so far.

So yeah. No sleep. Again. I am seriously tired.


Mandyloo said…
I don't know how you do it! You must be super mom!!

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