Finally Posting :S

Sorry I'm behind. Story of our lives :)

For some reason my computer is wiggin' and on top of that I couldn't sign in to the blogger and the girls didn't allow me extra time to figure it out. I think I've got it working for the time being...

Okay, so: Last week on the 17th the girls had their 6 month check-ups and shots. Woo hoo. I LOVE when they get their shots. Soooo NOT. We get there, have to wait forever to get into the exam room and then the doc sends in two med students to do the entire exam (one taking notes) and then, an hour and a half later, the doc comes in and does HIS exam and THEN they finally got their shots. I'm sure you can imagine how happy they were at that point. (not to mention how happy I was). We got home from our 10AM appointment after noon and, of course, it takes days for them to recover from the shot's after-effects. Fevers, gas, canky's and all sorts of not fun stuff. Just two days ago Jordyn started feeling better. She's still not all that great. She is soooo restless at night and just cries and wants to eat constantly. So for that reason we have started SOLIDS!

Yes, that's right! Jordyn, our chunker baby, has started eating real food. Well, as real as runny rice mush can be. :) We gave it to her for the first time last night. She absolutely loved it and didn't want to stop. And is was smeared all over her face. (i will post the picture soon..i haven't had a chanc to download it). I wanted to wait until they were 6 months old from their due date (which was feb 5th---because their little systems are younger than their current age) but she just seemed ready. The doctor told us to start feeding them if we wanted, but, get this....he says "Oh yes, you can start feeding them breakfast, lunch, dinner, juice and 2 snacks a day, on top of the milk you are already giving them". Oh really, can I?? You want to come help me do it? Jeepers. I am just going to take it slowly and do things when I think they are ready. For instance, Jordyn is just eating rice cereal for dinner and sometimes, like today, she will have it for lunch too. I will probably start the other two on it next week. Then maybe the following week I will add some veggies and juice. I plan on making my own food so I guess I'd better get going on that! Don't misunderstand, I am way excited that they can eat, but I am a little hesitant about the extra work it will be for me. Selfish I know. But I am excited and it will be fun. Well, I've got a tired and hungry Jordyn in my arms so we're off to bed now.


Angela said…
I love reading about the girls. I am constantly in AWE! I can't believe how much this must be a 24/7 job for you, literally. I only have two kids, 3 1/2 years apart mind you, and some days I don't know how I'll get through it! You and Tony are amazing. One of these days I'll get to meet the girls in person. In the meantime, keep posting in all your free time. ;)
Ang in NY

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