I am sitting here in absolute amazement. Where did the time go? Seriously....WHERE DID IT GO??? I really can't believe that it's been a half a year already. So much has happened and yet it feels like time stood still. Will the next six months go just as fast? Man...it's crazy but wonderful. I just look at my girls and wonder...where did my tiny babies go? We were so focused on them just gaining weight that I almost couldn't enjoy the miracle of their "little-ness". I was pulled in so many directions from getting them home from the hospital to providing food for them to keeping up with everything else that goes along with being a first time mother (or just a mother in general) that I couldn't enjoy the "now". I missed out on a lot of things--- a lot of "could-a', would-a', should-a's". I had so much help, but there are just some things you can't have help with. But, I did what I could and what was best for my girls at the time. I have totally enjoyed every minute and just savor everything and every second I have with them.

Jordyn sat by herself for about 30 seconds today. I almost cried. It was so cute. She kind of wobbled around in a circle and rested a little on her hands, but she did it. Granted she was on the changing table cushion, so it was probably a little easier, but it was the longest she's done it, yet. It's so fun but it's so hard to stop yourself from thinking "I can't wait until they (crawl, walk, talk) etc." It's wonderful and necessary to push them to do new things and develop new skills, but I have to remember to enjoy the stage they are in. SO that's my goal (at least one of them, ha ha).
Speaking of stages....we are teething! Whoopie. Jordyn and I have spent many of the last few nights awake and on the couch in the front room. Poor little honey. She has been so uncomfortable and restless. She chews on just about everything she can get her gums on, drools incessantly and she has been having a lot of tummy issues. Avery is grumpy, running a slight fever and refuses to sleep until she finally passes out and sleeps for five hours (she'd probably sleep longer if Jordyn's yelps didn't wake her up). Ashleigh hasn't yet developed many symptoms except extra drooling and chewing. It will be nice to have them do it in shifts instead of all at once. :)

We weighed the girls yesterday and Jordyn is 16lbs., Avery is 13lbs. and Ashleigh is 12lbs12oz. They are all gaining equally packing on a half a pound each since the last weigh in. Avery has more than quadrupled her birth weight and Jordyn is very close! Ashleigh is getting there fast since she has gained an amazing 4.5+ lbs in about 5 weeks or so. That's an entire Jordyn at her birth! It's just amazing. Tony and I commented yesterday that our little babies are starting to look like little girls! It's exciting and sad at the same time. But it's all good! Here's the proof:


meegan said…
I just read all of your blog for the first time, and I am speechless. Three babies, and you're tackling it like a champ! I really can't think of anyone better to be blessed three adorable girls! I love reading your blog, and will now be a regular blog-stalker!
Much love!
Anonymous said…
Chels and T-

Thanks so much for directing me to the girls' blog! I still can't believe that I haven't met them in person, but they're SO beautiful!!! Be proud of yourselves and keep on keeping on!

Love, Kara
Anonymous said…
You guys are so amazing. What beautiful and lucky little girls. You are so wonderfully positive. We can all learn a lot from you guys. Good luck with everything. Just know you are loved.

David, Becky and Alexis Baker
Anonymous said…
Hi Chels,
Thanks for informing me about the girls' blog. You are truly amazing..three babies and you still manage to put together a "blog" so detailed and wonderfully informed of the many memories to cherish. The LaPlaca baby girls (and momma too of course) are absolutely beautiful! You and Tony have received your true blessing...what more could you ask for. They are precious!! Can't wait to actually see them in person. Your the best ~ Take care. Your friend, Mikko

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