**I {{HEART}} Fall**

It's always been my favorite
time of year.

Every year, I look for new Fall photo opportunities. Everything is so full of vivid color. I love seeing the leaves on the ground and crushing them with my feet when I walk. I love the hint of crispness in the air and the smell reminds me a bit of home---you know, the smell of burning fields? haha! But it's totally true! I just feel so happy and alive! Which is slightly ironic because, in essence, everything is in preparation for winter hibernation. Go figure.

The girls and I went for our first neighborhood walk yesterday. It was in the upper 70's and there was a cool breeze. Perfect for walking! We rolled over some crunchy leaves and it just felt so fall-ish. I love our new neighborhood. Everywhere you look there are tall, mature trees. It just 'feels' nice. Don't get me wrong, our old neighborhood was fantastic and totally quiet! But there weren't many trees and there weren't any parks within walking distance. Here, there is one just a couple of blocks away. We are very excited and I can't wait to take some new fall photos outside. We have a gloriously tall tree in front and a really cool fence next door that has a large tree stump and cool river rocks in front---totally picture perfect! All we need are some pretty fall-en leaves and VOILA! We are just a few weeks away, I think! Fall was the inspiration for the new pictures I took for the Blog header. Do you not just LOVE the header?? OK, I'm biased, but it's my favorite, to date. I can't believe how GROWN-UP and all SUPERMODEL-Y the girls look. Totally gorgeous. I love them (I mean the girls this time...but I love the pictures, too!)

Also, Fall brings our wedding anniversary (September was picked for a reason!) and Tony's birthday. I already did a post about the anniversary but Tony's birthday was Sunday. His family came over and we celebrated with a BBQ, football watching and cupcakes. They were a new creation for me and Tony said they were "one of my best efforts" (which is his highest compliment). They were banana-chocolate chip with a brown butter frosting. If you've never had brown butter frosting, you are totally missing out. It is perfectly Fall-ish to me. So good on everything, but really good on pumpkin things and anything spicey (like cinnamon, not pepper, lol). Try it. You will be in love. Back to the birthday---too bad the Steelers lost. There's always next week. We really need Troy back. Like, REALLY. I hope he heals faster than they expect. The rest of the evening was capped off with a viewing of Footloose the movie. An oldie, but a classic. We sang the songs for the remainder of the day.

I also love Fall fashion. I love the colors, I love sweaters and I love boots. Did I mention I love boots?? Love. I wish they weren't so danged expensive. Someday. Oh and hats. I need to expand my Fall hat collection. Again, someday. I know that is superficial, but it's how I feel!

So get out there and enjoy your Fall weather (and food and fashion). :)


Steph said…
Wow, those cupcakes sound YUMMY!!!

I'm falling in love with fall this year. Normally I'm a winter lover, but something is different this year. Anyway, I love your header! I was going to comment on it earlier, but kept forgetting. So cute! The girls look so grown!
The Good Life said…
Your girls are growing up fast. I am a summer girl but I am starting to enjoy the fall, especially pregnant I am welcoming the cooler air with open arms! Cute header. I need to figure out how to digital scrapbook! Darn cute!
Nat said…
I had noticed how big your girls looked, even before you said anything.

I love fall, too, although yesterday still felt like summer (80-ish degrees outside), and today it's rain/snowing. Grrr. We may not get much of a fall here this year.

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