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I started this post back in October. Here is what I wrote back then:

"It's almost like someone just flipped a switch. ---Literally--- yesterday my girls were not very verbal and used a series of annoying 'grunts' and 'whines' and all manner of chalkboard-scratching-like noises. But all of the sudden--they are saying words! Not just 'mama' and 'dada' and 'night-night'. Things like 'blanket' (bin-tet or binty), 'box', 'open' (ope-ee), 'stuck' and other seriously cute things, some of which we had no idea they even knew. Jordyn is still quite behind and just doesn't know how to form her words yet, but she does try. Avery's voice is the absolute most adorable little tiny high-pitched pixie voice. Even though she says 'ope-ee' a bazillion times, over and over again, the sound she makes is so cute we just have to laugh. My favorite thing is when they say each others' names. Or rather, *attempt* to say each others names. Oh man. That is so cute. And their names are not that easy to say."

Obviously, things have changed IMMENSELY since then. I wish I would have been able to finish it but I will continue it and update it! They are all talking soooo much. I just love hearing it. Even if some words don't come out--how should I say---PG rated??

Avery has got a bad potty mouth problem, except she doesn't know it. Poor baby. I'm afraid she will have to stay home from church until she can learn to say certain words like "FROG" or "FINGER" or "FATHER". Which are all pretty commonly used words. I'm sure you can just imagine my little two year old running around repeating over and over again "#$%#", "%&%^&", "#$%*&"!!! I promise, we are working on it. Another Avery issue is that many words are the same. Such as: "cracker" and "tractor" are both 'track-too'. Or purple, paper and pillow are all 'pah-poo'. She is so funny. A lot of things she says have an "uh" before it. Like, "uh--dada!", when she sees Tony or when one of us comes back from somewhere, it's "uh--back!". Always said in an exclamatory tone. The other day she tripped and fell on her back and yelled at the top of her lungs "I fall!!" It was so funny that that was her first sentence. Tony asked her if she was ok and she said "NO!" :) It's so fun to hear them actually conversing with us and each other. They are growing up, there is no denying it now! For a long time everything that she couldn't move, including herself when she was in her car seat or highchair, was "Stuck!" We explained to her that when she is in her car seat she is supposed to be stuck. I don't think she gets that yet...

Ashleigh is our "sentence" maker. I put sentence with " " marks because she just puts a long string of nearly all the words she knows together like, "mamadadasissyback". Or she will even make up a string of sounds, then add a 'real' word on the end like "Ahda baba doda, dadda!" She totally knows what she means to's just up to the rest of us to figure it out! She has the funniest personality and the most hilarious, guttural, old man laugh. I need to figure out how to get that on here before she stops doing it because it is something that I need to document. It will seriously brighten your day. I wish I could make it my cell phone ring tone. I have yet to figure that out as well.

Jordyn, as I mentioned before, was a slow talker. I was days away from having her in speech therapy. Honestly. Then, out of the blue, she just began talking! Granted, she has a tough time actually forming her words, but she is trying. It has been so great to hear her funny little lisp-y voice. Her favorite thing to eat is anything adult and non baby-y. Sandwiches have been her favorite thing FOREVER. When she was tiny and not even on solid food yet, she would stare at every bite of a sandwich we would take. One day, when I was sitting down to eat a sandwich (with her, of course) she said "Sammy!!" It was so adorable we just laughed. We never told her to say that. She just came up with it all on her own. She also loves to point out everything she can name and yell it out over and over again until you acknowledge her smartness. "ball!" "ball!" "ball!" We have to say "Yes Jordyn! That's a ball!" before she will stop. It's so funny. And I think she feels so happy to be able to say words now and can't help but practice as often as she can. UPDATE: I forgot to mention that when she drops anything or trips (which happens quite often) she says "Oh Dear!" The other day she was standing on a bucket and began to lean trying to reach something and the bucket tipped and she fell flat on her tummy. Instead of crying or saying "owie" she exclaimed, "Oh DEAR!" Makes me laugh SO hard. I have no idea where she heard that, but she's picked it up and made it a regular part of her speech.

It's interesting that there are some certain words that each of them say differently. For example, Avery says "diaper" like "ah-boo". Asheligh says it like "bah-poo" and Jordyn says it like "bopper". Or, another funny one is "garbage". Jordyn says it like "sah-bay" (like she's french or something, lol). Avery says it like "darby" (which, incidentally, is the name of the girl's camp I went to as a teenager) and Ashleigh says it like "sobby" or dobby" which is kind of a combination of her sister's versions. It just is one of the many ways I receive confirmation that they are, indeed, different people! They may have been born at the same time, but they are surely very unique from each other. And I LOVE that.

But then there are words that one or two of them may have said correctly to begin with, but because one of her sisters couldn't say it, it would be copied with the 'incorrect' version. "Cup" is a prime example of that. Avery and Jordyn both could say it correctly. But Ashleigh could only say "tup" so now they all say "tup". And "cookie" is "tootie" for everyone now.

So, sometimes, they influence each other for good. But most of the time, they influence each other for bad. HAHA! Isn't that kind of a metaphor for life? I think most people are more easily influence to the 'bad' side than the good. But the good influence does happen and that fact makes it seem even more triumphant when it actually does occur. I don't mean that to sound pessimistic. Quite the opposite, really. We all just have to try harder to influence each other in positive ways rather than allowing ourselves to be so easily swayed by negative influences that seem to be all around us. I'll *try* to tell my kids that....wish me luck!! :)


Karebear said…
Wow! They are talking so well. I can't believe they are already 2. What happened to the time?? Your girls are so absolutely adorable! I cannot wait to meet them. Grandma is always so proud to show us the updated pictures you give her. Her and Grandpa go on and on about how amazing you are. I would have to agree :)
Melissa said…
Hi! This is Melissa Wilson. I just came across your blog from friends we have in common. How are you? I can't believe you have triplets! It sounds like you are beyond busy! How fun. I have 3 kids, too, but not all at once. I seriously can't imagine twins, let alone triplets! Anyway, it's fun to hear what you've been up to since high school!
Jan said…
How cute! It's so special having one baby talk that I can scarcely imagine how cool it is to have 3 - all saying things differently. Thanks for the cool post! jan
Nat said…
LOVE IT! I kind of wonder if that's why Troy is such a good talker-he's trying to keep up with his brothers. He can totally count to 10, and sings ABC's fairly well. Crazy.
Ahren said…
What a great post. It was neat to hear about each of your girl's personalities. They sound so adorable.
Kathy said…
Oh wow! That is pretty adorable and how exciting!!! You know, I was admiring that you remember how each one says that particular you know you are amazing? =)
The Hunter's said…
hey! It is kristel rydalch from IF. I just wanted to say hi and congrats on your triplets!! You must be an excellent mom and have lots of patience. Your blog is super cute. I cannot believe you can even keep up with it! It was cute reading about their different personalities! How fun!

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