***Sickies Update***

Oh man. I got it....whatever it is. I had the audacity to think that somehow 'it' would miss me--even though every single person around me was sick. Stupid. So, I have a moment to blog because I've been banned from doing anything else until I get better. Thank you, dear! :)

We finally buckled down and took all three girls to the doctor yesterday. Doc looked at Ashleigh first since she has been sick the longest. He put the stethoscope up to her chest and said immediately, "She has pneumonia." I knew it. I just knew her breathing and cough sounded worse than 'just a cough' or her normal asthma. Then he looked at Avery and said she had bronchitis and an ear infection. 2 down, one to go. Jordyn was then diagnosed with some lung infection with reactive airway and is on two different inhalers. FANTASTIC.

So now we've got three different medication schedules, added to the other already existing treatments, to keep track of. It really reminds me of when the first came home---we wrote down on a big dry erase board in the nursery when and how much they ate, diaper changes, bowel movements AND medication doses and administration times. I DO NOT miss that. It's only the first day of it again and I missed writing down their last doses. At least it's early enough after diagnosis that I don't have any other days behind me to mess me up entirely. :)

So that's been my existence for the past while.

I've gone through 2.5 (soon to be 3) boxes of tissue in three days and my nose may fall off.
Just giving y'all a heads up so you don't look surprised when you see me nose-less in the future.


April said…
Holy crap honey!
Liam was on a nebulizer for a while this winter due to RSV... fun fun. Can't imagine that x3.... YIKES.
Your in our prayers

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