I hate this day

Daylight Savings.

The bane of my existence.

You wouldn't think an hour would make a big difference, but for me it does. It always has. And now that I have children who I am trying to get to be 'normal' sleepers/eaters/whatever-else-ers, it's an even bigger deal. See, babies don't go by clocks. They have internal clocks. They don't know to adjust an hour for crying out loud! So they are pretty much going to go to sleep at their regular time and wake up at their regular time. The thought of going to bed and waking up an hour later than we already do literally makes me want to throw up. And I do not know how to break this cycle. I just don't have the energy. Sleep is so precious that losing that hour is just....oh I just dread it.

Now, I know that if daylight savings is the worst thing to ever happen to me, my life would therefore be perfect and I would never have a reason to complain again.

But I hate it and see no point to it so I decided to mention my feelings on the subject. Agree or disagree?


Eagar Fam said…
Move to AZ. We just do our own thing here! No daylight savings for us! I am trying to get my munchkin on a schedule too, and time changes really screw things up!
April said…
Agreed! At least the sunlight will straighten that out come summer... but unfortunately if that is what fixes it it will be a while and you may end up getting up at 4am in mid summer :P YECH!
Nat said…
Yeah, last night we put the boys down at 9 (so it was like 8), so they woke up at 8, which would be normal, but it was really like 7! After about a week it normals out for us, but until then we're all super tired! However, I do like that it's way lighter way later.

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